First strike: Tomorrow the world (Order)

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“Don’t tread on me” has taken a new meaning. Today, it means don’t accuse the government of anything evil or you’ll pay for it.

Gaining momentum, the investigation into who knew what before 9/11 was effectively quelled by several swift moves from our leaders. First, the President told graduates at West Point that America would take the initiative by taking the battle to terrorists wherever they might be. Then he announced an overhaul and reorganization of government under “homeland security” as the scaffolding for a potential police state.

From Russia, John Ashcroft told us about a Chicago derelict arrested more than a month ago creating fear of a “dirty bomb” because this American citizen had talked about it. No evidence of any such device mind you, but enough trips to the wrong parts of the world to classify him as public enemy number one or two, or somewhere in our list of terrorists and countries that harbor terrorists. It was certainly enough to get everybody worrying about their own neighborhoods.

All in all, it has left many of us wondering if our “lives were changed forever” by the events of 9/11 or what has happened in the last couple of weeks.

Once known for never starting wars, only finishing them, the land of the free and the home of the brave our President has now decided to strike first and ask questions later. Under the banner of “if you’re not with us, you’re against us” this should be enough to make everyone but China quake and submit to our will. After all, who has more “weapons of mass destruction,” is constantly inventing more, and has demonstrated the willingness to use them? Cries of nuke ’em have always been frequent in this predominantly Christian country.

If other, older nations of the world, previously labeled us an upstart cowboy nation they’ve certainly got proof of it now. Quick draw is replacing diplomacy and reason.

Having immediately and successfully turned what was in all probability a direct attack on the New World Order’s headquarters for international banking, military planning, and leadership in the District of Corruption, spinsters have the whole nation worrying about public gatherings, sports events, symbols of success, casinos, fast food franchises, pedophile priests, kidnapped children, mothers that kill their children, druggies, school shootings, corporate shenanigans, a falling stock market and our enviable “way of life” instead of the true target of the “evil doers.”

It’s even possible that our elected officials feel as much fear of their own citizens as they do from outside terrorists. And you’ve got to admit some of the scattered factions in this country are pretty frightening. Hence, the need for more law and order and the dissolution of prohibitions against the government—the Bill of Rights.

And all of this is happening at a time when the government dickers with an absolutely meaningless national debt limit and feels it must plague our children with another three-quarters of a trillion in debt. And why? Just ask any of them and they’ll tell you—because it’s the responsible thing to do.

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