Chandra Levy disappearance/cover-up: Luray, Virginia… Key in Condit/Levy case

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The “Luray, Virginia-connection” to the Condit/Levy case, as detailed by this writer at, continues to be underreported in the Establishment media, but has begun to sprout legs. In a recent satirical article for National Review Online, Lucianne Goldberg, among a list of 10 questions Connie Chung will never ask Gary Condit, listed this, at number 6:

“What is there to do in Luray, Virginia after sundown?”

And, if nothing more than to rub the noses of D.C. police and FBI in their own pathetic investigation of Chandra Levy’s disappearance and Gary Condit’s role in it, I will continue to do the sleuth-work that others are being paid well to do, but–for reasons that most likely have to do with wholesale blackmail at the Congressional level (the rumored “sex parties”) and Condit’s position on three Intelligence committees and subcommittees (think: Robert Hanssen)–no one has gotten around to yet.

In sum: On May 17, at or just after midnight (making it, then, technically the 18th), Gary Condit returned stewardess/mistress Anne Marie Smith’s phone message to one of his “girlie lines”; Condit’s response call to Ms. Smith–apparent on her cellular phone’s caller ID, and as reported initially by Fox News’ Rita Cosby, and which has been verified by FBI–came from a McDonald’s pay phone, in Luray, Virginia, a town of 4,400, some 80 miles away from his D.C. office and Adams-Morgan area apartment, and very popular with bikers, some of them being of the 1%er variety. The independent coin operator who owns the pay phone at the Luray, VA, McDonald’s is Central Telephone Co. of Virginia, a subsidiary of Central Telephone Company, then Centel Corporation, finally of Sprint. Central Telephone Co. of Virginia, ironically, is based in Chicago.

Via responses to my EtherZone/Luray articles, and having undertaken to interview persons from Luray, Virginia and who frequent the Luray area on motorcycles, I have discovered the following:

–May 17 in Luray, Virginia was a cold, foggy, drizzy, nasty day. There were several car accidents and at least one multi-vehicle pile-up on the roads in and surrounding Luray on that day. It was a day, said everyone I talked to of this regard, that a U.S. Congressman would not have been driving a motorcycle, especially at the midnight hour.

From two sources, who have requested anonymity:

–“Stopped in the McD’s for a cup of coffee. Talked to the manager on duty and he said they had had a couple of phone calls but, as far as he knew, no press or media folks had been by. He did show me a security camera that is in the ceiling of the store. He said the store owner had viewed all the tapes for the dates in question and they all came up negative. I looked at the monitor and it was hard for me to see how anyone could determine anything about someone using the pay phone outside the store.”

–“I just got back from a 3 week vacation in a cabin in Luray on the river. Right on Page Valley Road which is the main road to the river cabins. Page Valley comes off of 211. While there, about 3 weeks ago, i heard the news that there was suspicion that Levy’s body was somewhere in the area. The next morning I left the cabin to do laundry and when i returned to the cabin, state police were stopping every car that turned onto Page Valley Road. They stopped me and the 3 cars that were in front of me. I wonder if that had something to do with the search??? BTW, my cell phone didn’t work the entire time, neither did my husbands, although my friends did. So the fact that a pay phone was used is not all together out of the question or suspect.”

FBI special agent Bradley J. Garrett, who has taken over the Levy case–and who was also a lead investigator in the Vincent Foster “suicide” and another death involving a D.C. intern, the Georgetown-Starbucks triple homicide involving Mary Caitlin Mahoney–must ask of Condit and his longtime D.C. aide/driver Mark Dayton, as the Congressman is known rarely to drive a car, and with May 17/18 having been unsuitable days for motorcycle riding, the following questions:

1) (Of Mr. Dayton) Were you with Gary Condit at any time on May 17 or 18 in Luray, Virginia?

1b) (Of Mr. Condit) Were you with Michael Dayton at any time on May 17 or 18 in Luray, Virginia?

2) What was the purpose of your being there?

3) From the time that you left Washington D.C., to the time that you returned to D.C. on those dates, what did you do?; moment-by-moment, and be specific.

4) Did you encounter Chandra Levy’s corpse during this visit? (Of Mr. Dayton) Did you assist Mr. Condit in any efforts to relocated her corpse, using a 3rd-party?

5) (Of Mr. Condit) When you said to Anne Marie Smith, during that phone call from Luray, that you “had some business to take care of,” what was the exact nature of that “business.”

6) Did you make any other telephone calls during this day in question, after leaving Washington D.C. and before returning to D.C. from Luray? Did you receive any calls during that same period, on either yours or Mr. Dayton’s cellular phones?

With these questions before him and before his aide Michael Dayton, strategic decisions will need to be made:

a) to lie and commit perjury outright

b) to tell the truth and, in the process, perhaps leading investigators to Chandra Levy’s remains

c) to assert the 5th amendment right against self-incrimination

But if special agent Bradley J. Garrett does not put these questions before Gary Condit and his trusted aide, Michael Dayton, he will be guilty of obstruction of justice and of complicity in the murder of Chandra Levy, and will prove what many already strongly suspect: That We The People have lost control utterly of our federal agencies, and that he, as per the Vince Foster “investigation,” is Mr. Fix-It. 

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