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A business school in our town sponsors a monthly luncheon that features some interesting speakers. A couple of months ago Dr. Chuck Baldwin came from the Panhandle with a fine message.

This month the featured guest was a candidate for Governor.

We were joined at our table by the younger brother of our State Representative. With him was his twelve year old son, a fine looking youngster who attends a private Christian school.

With a few short years in Tallahassee our State Representative has become an influential force in the legislature. His brother told us that the family had lived in Florida for several generations and that they had followed in their Baptist Minister father’s footsteps by being active in the same church. He spoke of the great respect he has for his older brother and how he helps and supports him in his political endeavors.

The audience was Republican with some Catholic pro-lifers, some Protestant Bush supporters, and a few secular political types.

The candidate for Governor spoke of his Catholic Faith and claimed that of the five candidates currently running he is the only one that is not a lawyer. However, he quickly added that his wife is a lawyer, a graduate of Wheaton College, and a Baptist. Someone in the audience asked him how he determined right and wrong. He mumbled something about the Ten Commandments and being a Christian and then said that each secularist had to determine right and wrong individually. He attends a Catholic Church while his wife and son attend a Baptist Church.

Following his talk and the questions, the local State Representative rose and endorsed him. He said the reason he was offering his support so soon was because of the candidate’s Baptist wife and son – the jest was not without an element of truth.

At our table I mentioned that there was an imminent vote coming up on CAFTA. I spoke of world government and its inexorable progress regardless of the party in power. I mentioned the fact that President Bush supported the United Nations and world government and asked if our table mate supported them as well. He replied that he did not know anything about the United Nations or world government but would always support Christian candidates.

Tragically, the response would probably have been much the same regardless of whom in the meeting responded. Leading Republicans including the numerous Christians who support them seem oblivious to the treasonous selling out of our Nation.

Governor Jeb Bush was spoken of with great respect. Many Christian Republican leaders believe the Bush’s are Christians and will treat their responsibilities with integrity. They refuse to understand the implications of Jeb Bush’s support for the Empire building policies of the New American Century or of President Bush’s polytheistic support for alien religions, world government, homosexuality, and several other abominations.

I mentioned that my own preference would be any heathen that would obey the laws of the land as opposed to Christians who do not. Discussing such matters in Republican circles is considered impolite and even blasphemous.

Some of the responsibility for this vapid response to America’s social deterioration can be laid at the doorstep of the Christian religion as it is practiced by Baptists and other Dispensationalists. For many, it is their perverse belief that the deterioration of our society is a necessary precedent to the Second Coming of Christ and they gleefully accept further abominations while steadily supporting the Zionist rapacity in the Middle East. Since The Law is no longer functional, evil has ceased and they are in the untenable position of supporting what God hates in order to fulfill their own aberrant theology.

Dispensationalists support a varying number of dispensations. Some combine for a total of six and others believe in the entire nine. Currently, they contend, we are in the Sixth Dispensation.

1. The Edenic Dispensation – (or Age of Innocence) from creation to the fall of man.

2. The Antediluvian Dispensation – (or Age of Conscience) from the fall to the flood.

3. The Postdiluvian Dispensation – (or Age of Human/Civil Government) from the flood to Abraham.

4. The Patriarchal Dispensation – (or Age of Promise) from Abraham to Moses.

5. The Legal Dispensation – (or Age of Law) from the Exodus to the Cross.

6. The Ecclesiastical Dispensation – (or Age of Grace/ Church Age) from the Cross to the Rapture.

7. The Judgment Dispensation – from the Tribulation to the Judgment of the Nations. (Matt 25:31-46)

8. The Messianic Dispensation – (or Kingdom Age/ Age of Righteousness) from the Judgment of the Nations to the White Throne Judgment to the creation of the new heaven and new earth.

9. The Fullness of Times (or Eternity Future) from the creation of the new heaven and new earth onward into eternity.

They seem to ignore God’s dispersion of the Jews concurrent with their rejection of His Son. They also fail to consider Christ’s angry condemnation of the Pharisees instead concentrating on the pre-Christian promises that God would restore His Chosen People. This disregard for Christian orthodoxy allows the arrogant creation of a duality in God’s treatment of Jews and Gentiles with Christian Gentiles being forced to follow secular Jews.

Leading Dispensationalist Charles Ryrie defends this contemporary heresy by pointing out the fallibility of all humanity including Martin Luther and John Calvin who set the foundations for Protestant theology. “Of course, the ultimate test of the truth of any doctrine is whether it is in accord with biblical revelation. The fact that the church taught something in the first century does not make it true, and, likewise, if the church did not teach something until the twentieth century, it is not necessarily false.” This palpable truism does not, however, address the issue of the anarchy that has overtaken American Christianity. Failing to consider the thoughtful determinations of history is a blatant hubris that has rendered Protestant Christianity useless in the fight for freedom and righteousness.

Ironically, many Dispensationalists are functionally schizophrenic; they work to hold society to their foggy concept of “Christian Principles” while cheering its deterioration as a necessary pre-requisite to the Second Coming of Christ.

Dispensationalism actually runs counter to God’s own mandates. It allows Jewish Pharisees condemned by Christ Himself, to remain in positions contrary to God’s ordained Diaspora and supports them while they have failed to repent for the behavior that initiated it.

The State of Israel is living on land transferred to their control by secular sources and has even expanded from the original grant. It is a secular state that while living in sin portends the theft of the land is the will of god. This manmade State has resulted in nearly sixty years of constant warfare and bears great responsible for drawing America into its current War in Iraq. There will be no peace in Jerusalem until there is justice and there will be no justice without repentance. Zionism in it present form is an abomination to God and if its American tentacles succeed in enslaving the world the blame must be partially shouldered by heretical American Christians!

The current Bush Administration would not have been elected to two terms if American Christians had voted for Biblical righteousness instead of the Republican NeoCon Zionist agenda. When a righteous candidate like Michael Peroutka is mentioned, Bush supporters will quickly respond that a third party candidate cannot be elected. That statement is self fulfilling. Obviously a third party candidate cannot be elected if the majority of the electorate chooses to continue to follow the failed pragmatic policy of voting for the lesser of two evils. Pragmatism is death to righteousness. It is impossible to maintain a Democratic Republic when voters support evil candidates, even the lesser of two evils.

Our elected representatives just passed another un-Constitutional egalitarian piece of legislation called CAFTA. It is another nail in the totalitarian coffin of humanistic world government promoted and endorsed by politicians supported by Dispensationalists like our State Representative and his equally likeable brother. These treasonous, perfidious programs have by-partisan support and are maintained by both major political parties.

Americans continue to support and re-elect a group of mendacious politicians who have sworn an oath to support our Constitution and who regularly ignore that oath with impunity. Part of the problem involves the Zionist agenda of an elite group of powerful Jews who own and control the entire American Media. The media has huge influence on public opinion and public opinion has great control over Democracies. It is this control that impels elite support for Democracies as opposed to legally controlled Republics. This is apparent in the anachronistic role our Constitution plays in contemporary America.

Politicians know that media control of the constituency is more dangerous than the current opinions of the constituency itself and this translates into great power vested in our controlled media. The other factor is party loyalty. Party leaders, puppets to the clandestine cabal, support the party agenda and political power is dealt to those who fall in line.

The result of all this is that American voters get manipulated by the media and ignored by their elected representatives.

With the neo-heresy of humanism running rampant over our land and even in our churches, it is high time American Christians brought some cohesion back into their religion. Primary in His desire for His people is obedience to His Laws. Humanists are busy debauching America with pagan laws and if Christians continue to ignore God’s Laws our beloved Nation will continue to deteriorate under Satan’s own legal structure.

Grace without obedience is a cop-out. American Christians must hear evil, see evil, and call it evil in accordance with God’s own righteous legal system!

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