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Willow creek (Part IV): An earthly kindom

Published 17y ago -

It becomes increasingly difficult for well-meaning Christians who support the church growth movement to taste the poison in the candy they consume after having acquired such a sweet tooth for it through habitual exposure and indulgence. It has been my experien... More »

It’s not about Y2K: An old virus revisited

Published 17y ago -

Editor’s Note: This article was written by Paul on December 11, 1998. In light of recent events, Paul thought it might be a timely message once again. The article first appeared on USA Journal Online. The young minister dreaded the duty before him. He wa... More »

Bitter reflections: Identifying the enemy

Published 17y ago -

I absolutely loathe liberalism, as I know most of you do. It is a deceptive, self-serving and destructive ideology. What’s more, it is a fashionable front for communists and socialists alike, but my friends, the devil is not a democrat any more than God is a r... More »

The march is on!: Beware of the quack

Published 17y ago -

When I saw our “lame-duck” president trying to contain himself before the cameras at that press conference last week immediately following the would-be election where he almost burst into laughter over the Florida fiasco I knew right then that the ... More »

A house of heresy: Using the Lord’s name in vain

Published 17y ago -

On September 2nd the New York Times reported the following: “Aaron Sorkin, the executive producer of “The West Wing” on NBC, says he hopes to break a longstanding network taboo this coming television season: he wants a character to curse in a... More »

Willow Creek (Part II): Socializing the church

Published 17y ago -

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; and they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.” (II Timot... More »

Stem cell research: It’s not about saving lives

Published 17y ago -

Liberals do seem to have an innate ability to make the simplest of life’s issues amazingly complex. That’s the built-in hazard of rejecting absolutes. It is their stubborn and cowardly way of avoiding the consequences of rebelling against divine au... More »

Sodomizing society: It’s not funny anymore

Published 17y ago -

I ran across a recent FoxNews.com article about a California company marketing female lingerie to heterosexual men and was once again struck by how this “conservative” news service continually feeds perversion and promiscuity to its customers for r... More »

Catch the vision!: Out of the comfort zone

Published 17y ago -

“And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works: Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.” (Hebrews 10:24-2... More »