AIPAC: Still spying, still tax-exempt and ACLU to the rescue

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Perhaps you will recall that the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, also known as the “Jewish lobby,” was exposed once again in yet another revelation concerning an ongoing FBI investigation, which should have been tantamount to a blockbuster headline news event. It was virtually suppressed by our friends in the big media. The event was almost completely crushed by the Zionist-owned and operated corporate mainstream establishment “press.” The initial and timely reports documenting this second incident relating to AIPAC spying were conspicuously posted in the real press: the Internet.

It is once again necessary to examine the extensive power and control AIPAC demonstrates in order to put matters in their proper perspective. Fortune magazine once listed AIPAC as the second most powerful lobby, right behind that of the millions and millions of Americans who belong to the American Association of Retired Persons and the National Rifle Association. These two huge lobbies are virtually ineffectual when compared to the unbelievable and massive power of AIPAC. It is therefore the position of this writer that AIPAC is, and has been for a very long time, the most powerful lobby on Earth!

What AIPAC lacks in strength as regards their paltry membership of only 60,000, not even enough members to fill an average NFL professional football stadium, it more than magnifies in unbelievable power due to its knack of applying the right political pressure at both the right time and the right place to astonishingly control all of American government. They follow this proven uncanny capability with lots and lots of cash for “our” representatives in Washington.

The recent Israeli spy activities involving Pentagon analyst Larry Franklin and AIPAC is a case in point. Generalizations are usually dangerous, so writing off the entire FBI, or for that matter, the CIA, is inviting, yet wrong. Not that either are necessary, or even constitutionally sanctioned; the intent here is to accept them only because they exist, not because they are in any way or form justified.

These alphabet agencies represent the most frightening aspect of Big Brother government, and are seen as such even the more due to their control by the politically appointed perfumed princes at the top who run them. Merit is not the basis for such appointments – it hardly ever is. It is political cronyism and patronage that establishes the leadership in such bureaucracies. Certain elements, usually at the lower “grunt” level desk analyst and agent echelon, operate at times in somewhat of a vacuum and are almost immune to the enforced deliberate incompetence from the top.

This lower level dedication on the part of some of the rank-and-file in these agencies explains why there are at times glitches and anomalies that buck the normal trend of political malfeasance. The Larry Franklin spy scandal is being covered up by the Bush administration in precisely the same fashion as that of the Johnson administration when it covered up Israel’s attack on the U.S.S. Liberty. The attack was initiated by the Israeli Air Force and Navy, which attempted to sink the vessel because our Navy spy ship’s crew caught and recorded the Israeli military murdering captive Egyptian POWs. The U.S.S. Liberty lost 34 crew members.

It may be recalled that the Franklin investigation was blown open by our Zionist mainstream press much to the chagrin of the FBI investigators who would have preferred continuing secrecy to complete a more in-depth investigation upon which to develop and present a much stronger case for federal prosecutors. It appears as though the press obtained information about the story from a sole source without corroboration from the FBI. Perhaps it is this that angered the FBI because the press releases effectively compromised the investigation. And if our Zionist press blew the lid off the investigation at the first hint of wrongdoing, then why are they avoiding and virtually spiking the story now?

To be sure, the best sources of information as to the latest development in the investigation are the Israeli newspapers Ha’aretz and The Jerusalem Post. The Associated Press also carried a watered-down account, which was briefly and inconspicuously carried on Ha’aretz’s Nathan Guttman in his article, “FBI raids AIPAC offices once again,” offers: “For the second time in 13 weeks, FBI agents raided the pro-Israel American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) offices yesterday [December 1st] searching for information against Larry Franklin, an analyst at the Middle East desk of the Pentagon.”

Guttman continues: “Franklin is suspected of obtaining classified material from internal Bush administration discussions of policy on Iran and Iraq, and transmitting it to AIPAC staffers.” The article points out, “The investigation into Franklin’s activities has been going on secretly for a year. [Steven] Rosen and another AIPAC employee, Keith Weissman, an Iran expert, have been the focus of U.S. media attention as Franklin’s alleged contacts. According to media reports, the FBI is investigating the possibility that AIPAC employees passed on the information to the Israeli Embassy. Classified information on Iran transmitted at this point could ostensibly have given Israel an opportunity to influence the administration’s decision-making process, because Israel would allegedly have been aware of the considerations guiding policy- makers.”

Contrasting this observation, commentary originating at CounterPunch and carried on Prison Planet, entitled “The EU, US, Israel and Iran: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and the ‘Mullahs,’” dated December 4th, begins with the comments made by Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom to the UN General Assembly on September 23, 2004: “The international community now realizes that Iran – with missiles that can reach London, Paris, Berlin and southern Russia – does not only pose a threat to the security of Israel, but to the security and stability of the whole world. Indeed, Iran has replaced Saddam Hussein as the world’s number one exporter of terror, hate and instability.” This is the same propaganda hyped by Israel and Bush to involve US in the totally unnecessary war in Iraq. That war is costing US dearly, and was undertaken only because of pressure from Israel and AIPAC, and the resultant obedience of Bush.

Reporter Janine Zacharia, writing for The Jerusalem Post, has written a series of articles concerning the ongoing events involving Franklin, the FBI and AIPAC. In her December 2nd article, “Four AIPAC directors subpoenaed,” she names the AIPAC officials targeted by the FBI: “The four subpoenaed officials are Executive Director Howard Kohr, Managing Director Richard Fishman, Communications Director Renee Rothstein, and Research Director Rafi Danziger, a source familiar with the investigation told The Jerusalem Post Wednesday night.”

Zacharia continues: “The four AIPAC officials are slated to appear before the grand jury in late December in the Eastern District of Virginia, the source [said]. What precisely the FBI is investigating has been muddled since initial reports in late August and early September that investigators were investigating whether a mid-level Pentagon official, Larry Franklin, passed information from a secret administration planning document on Iran to the lobby. Since September, FBI officials have continued to quietly monitor AIPAC officials and have questioned Pentagon officials besides Franklin as part of its investigation.”

In a December 5th follow-up article by Zacharia in the Post entitled, “‘Post’ exclusive: How the FBI set up AIPAC,” Zacharia reports: “AIPAC, the powerhouse pro-Israel lobby currently embroiled in allegations of spying for Israel, was set up by the FBI, The Jerusalem Post has learned.” Offering that when Pentagon analyst Franklin realized the FBI had determined that he had passed top secret Bush administration documents to AIPAC lobbyists who transferred documents and information to the Israeli Embassy in Washington, Franklin decided to cooperate with the FBI and helped to set up the AIPAC go-betweens. The article goes on: “Franklin, an Iran expert, was already under investigation by the FBI for allegedly passing classified information to AIPAC when, the Post‘s sources say, FBI counterintelligence agents approached him to play a central role in the setup operation this past summer.”

This second revelation concerning the AIPAC affair was first exposed on December 1st. On December 2nd, the Jewish-Communist American Civil Liberties Union announced in a “press release,” their “findings” in a coincidental “investigation,” aggressively posted throughout the Internet and the mainstream media as well. And of course, it was to have been construed as totally “independent and coincidental” to the news concerning the latest development in the AIPAC spy scandal.

It seems the ACLU, the premier Jewish-Communist organization that has abolished Christmas from America and replaced it with “Happy Holidays!” has determined that the FBI has been targeting “religious groups.” Of course, the ACLU targeting the overwhelming majority of Christians in America is viewed by them as totally acceptable!

The Reuters news release carried on reports: “The American Civil Liberties Union on Thursday accused the FBI and local police of spying on political and faith-based groups and formally asked the government for information about such FBI surveillance. In Freedom of Information Act requests filed in 10 states and Washington, D.C., the ACLU sought information about the FBI’s use of Joint Terrorism Task Forces and local police for what it called political surveillance. It pointed to some documented examples of task forces’ involvement in the investigation of environmental activists and anti-war protesters.”

Clearly, this was one group of organized Jews [a rabbi’s description to me] protecting yet another. This announcement coming on the heels of the FBI’s continuing investigation of AIPAC motivated the ACLU to smear the FBI to take the heat off the AIPAC investigation. Now combine that well-coordinated orchestration of news events with the fact that the entire American mainstream media is controlled by Zionists and Jews sympathetic to Israel, and suddenly it becomes crystal clear how AIPAC magnifies its power to control virtually all levels of American government. And this is how the ACLU easily abolishes the religion of the majority, and teams with the anti-Defamation League [ADL] to smear opponents with the epitaph “anti-Semitism.”

Back in September, about a week or so after the first revelations involving AIPAC spying in order to provide intelligence to Israel to enable Mossad or another Israeli agency to manipulate the United States into a new war involving Iran, Zogby International conducted an opinion poll asking the question: “Should AIPAC Register as the Agent of a Foreign Government?” Can there be any modicum of remaining doubt that AIPAC represents the interests of Israel, and only those of Israel? What have we gained by launching our illegal, unjust, unnecessary war against Saddam and Iraq? How have we benefited? And now Israel is dictating to Bush and the Congress that we must illegally and without provocation also attack Iran? Oh, the results of the poll? Canvassing 1,004 voting Americans, 61 percent of Americans agree that AIPAC is the agent of a foreign government, and 12 percent disagree. Is Congress listening?

At the very least, the tax-exempt free ride of this lobbying organization representing a foreign state, one that has always proved extremely harmful to our own interests, should be made to pay taxes just like the NRA!


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