A golden opportunity for libertarians: It’s now or probably never!

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Republicans that voted for George W. Bush, real Republicans that is, should not only be horrified at the unconstitutional atrocities perpetrated by this administration, but also by the blown opportunity that would have put our nation back on the right track of its objectives of individual freedom and as the pinnacle of international justice among nations. It is difficult for any political realist to imagine our nation ever being right about anything ever again.

The astonishing and disappointing failure of the Bush administration in less than three short years, highlighted by spending exceeding that of big government LBJ, the warmongering and unconstitutional invasions of other sovereign lands, the police state mentality of Attorney General John Ashcroft and his freedom-crushing Department of Justice and its Patriot Act, all serve to motivate observant, thinking Americans to act upon the dire need to replace George Bush with someone else.

We learn that Bush’s foreign policy is formulated upon oil acquisition as well as the insurance of Israel’s nuclear monopoly in the Middle East. We learn that a secret Bush panel plotted the overthrow of Saddam before 9-11 to ensure Israel’s military supremacy thereby alienating one billion Muslims. This has promoted a worldwide hatred of the Bush administration as well as revitalized an international outbreak of anti-Semitism attributed to the Zionist state and its most dangerous protector.

The Bush administration has asserted its authority over all Mankind via lies, falsehoods and statist propaganda when it has deigned to assert itself at all. On the other hand, Bush failed to discipline grossly negligent and arrogant bureaucrats and immersed his entire administration in secrecy citing national security. It can easily be advanced, that the Bush administration is the most incompetent and mission-deficient American government in history, save that of the first Republican administration 144 years ago.

The blind loyalty of a Rush Limbaugh to a political party not even remotely resembling the aspirations of republicanism is sickening. Bush and the Republican Party have done what Limbaugh always criticized Democrats for – stealing the other party’s platform. Now the Republican Party has stolen the Democratic Party platform and expanded the big government agenda many more times than Democrats ever dared to imagine! And Limbaugh’s okay with that?

Not only is he okay with that, but also gloats, “The Democratic Party will be out of contention for about 25 years.” And he’s okay with that too?! What about the principle of competition he’s always preaching about? What about the “bankruptcy of ideas” he always directs at Democrats? If Democrats are so ideologically bankrupt, then why did Limbaugh’s Republicans not only steal this bankruptcy but also amplify it? If ever there was a greater example of the exact similarity of the two mainstream parties, I am hard-pressed to think of any!

A third party is needed, not only to offer a real alternative to the Democrat-Republican Party monopoly of ideological bankruptcy, but to also preclude the possible armed rebellion that may become necessary to put our nation back on the right track if we cannot do so peaceably. And the strongest possible third party contender is the Libertarian Party. Green, Constitution, America First and the like, just won’t cut it – they will never recruit a standard bearer of note to attract a sufficient following to make a difference. This is the greatest opportunity for the Libertarian Party in memory.

Libertarians tout their uniqueness as being the “party of principle.” Sure there are internal differences, just as there are in the two mainstream parties. And yes, in all likelihood, Libertarians will not succeed in electing a president of their choosing. But if principle is principal, then their challenge alone will start to make the two mainstreamers re-evaluate their anti-American policies and demeanor, and that would be a significant contribution to the nation and the peace. The Republicans are seriously flawed, and Democrats are totally divided, mainly between McCauliffe-Clinton versus Gore-Dean, and as regards the many presidential contenders.

The silent majority, mainstream America, “the heartland,” does not support the secrecy and connivance of the Bush administration. Nor does mainstream America support meddling in the affairs of other nations. Nor do we support gun control. Nor do we support expensive government programs in the near term shrouded by “tax cuts” that will have to be paid for by future generations. In our free and independent society, a society rapidly losing these priceless attributes, we need what is most relevant to US. We need a choice! How about it Jesse Ventura and Ron Paul?

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