1860’S vs. Iraq?: Let’s go back

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Let’s go back to the 1860s when America was fighting a war; north vs south. We had a Constitution and the south felt that they had the right to decide for themselves how to run their states. They wanted their freedoms to own slaves. This was legal at the time and many northern citizens also were slave owners. The south wanted out of the union and the war was on!

Just for my example, let’s supposed a large nation such as England or Russia decided they had to step in and stop the slaughter in America and brought in troops to settle in several areas of the east coast to stop the war between the states. In their entering this action they themselves killed many Americans of both sides of the conflict.

There is no doubt in my mind that the citizens of the rest of the territories would have armed themselves to remove the foreign invaders and send them back to where ever they came from. Americans do not take to foreign invasion!

Jump to Iraq in 2003 only this time it was the USA who invaded a country where one horrible man named Saddam treated his enemies like slaves and when American troops invaded his country and took him down, the insurgents of Iraq gathered terrorists from other lands and began to kill American soldiers along with the Iraqi’s who supported them.

We are foreign invaders of a nation that has 25 million residents and who should have been able to take back Baghdad at any time but there is an attitude problem in Iraq and these people are not able to stand up for anything they believe in. Too many factions of Islam, no leadership and an attitude of “we play the cards we are dealt.” They would rather die under Saddam than under Uncle Sam.

What is unforgivable is the lack of interest by our own American government to recognize that we are invaders and we are being killed for our invasion. Our own government plays down the number of deaths our own troops are facing. Our President has taken to ignoring any demonstration against his invasion in Iraq and sadly the American people are becoming apathetic to the situation and believe we are fighting terrorism. When do the invaders become the terrorists?

How much longer can the Americans here accept these actions in Iraq that puts us as the enemy and an army of potential invaders that smacks of the Roman Empire throwing their weight on a peaceful world?

When will we learn to elect men of integrity, intelligence, honor and leadership instead of this religious fervor we seem to be in at this time. In electing a man who has no qualities of American leadership; his only answer to the problems of the world is to start another killing crusade to destroy his supposed enemies.

I think all Americans now realize Iraq did not attack us on 911 and the only reason we attacked Iraq was to show the world that Bush was no push over. He could have taken out OBL but there was a connection there that none of us will know in his lifetime so we went into Iraq instead. He showed his bravery to get into this war but does he have the balls to get us out?

We have an election in 2006 and it will be our only chance to change the House of Representatives to force our troops out of Iraq and keep us out of the Middle East even if it means we all ride our bicycles instead of our gas eating cars. We need to stop the reputation that America is an invading country and the world had better beware!

We need some hardcore leaders in Washington D.C. and we need to question every single man and woman who runs for any level of authority. The current batch is selling our freedoms out for pork programs to get themselves reelected. They are breaking our backs to come up with taxes to pay for their reelection sellouts. It is apathy in the voting booth that allows these hypocrites to stay in power.

This is not a partisan problem but a problem of the voters following their clergy instead of their knowledge of the freedoms of America. We should have learned a hard lesson under the Bush Administrations to take back the power of the government out of the hands of men who are not concerned with freedom and liberty but only for their own personal power grab.

It seems to be a problem with the interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. I know the Constitution was written as a guide to protecting the citizens of America from the government. The Bill of Rights was not written to give more power to the government but lists the restrictions on the government itself. We must never allow the President, Congress or Supreme Court to allow it to be used to control the actions of the citizens of America.


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