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What women want: Who cares? (Part IV)

Published 17y ago -

Part III of this series ended with, “In any event, based solely on my feedback to date, I would be hard pressed to make any general conclusions other than this: many men today simply don’t care what women want. Parts I and II may have appeared to lay the... More »

What women want: Who cares? (Part VIII)

Published 17y ago -

Image courtesy of Tax Credits under CC BY 2.0. I keep getting requests for these articles, so here’s the next installment. More Sleep Marina Pisano writes, “Young women need it. Middle-age women crave it. Older women have a dim recollection of it. Nearly... More »

Welcome to Amerika!: Tell the truth, go to prison

Published 17y ago -

Summertime: when living is easy, sunshine is plentiful, and pink lemonade disappears as if by magic. Your lawn needs cutting, the garage is a mess, and your truck is filthy, but a novel is calling your name. The hammock in the backyard sucks you in. Suddenly, ... More »

What women want: Who cares? (Part V)

Published 18y ago -

While we are all waiting for Gulf War II to start I thought I would take a few moments to pound out the next part in this series. This piece is a snapshot of selected news items of what some women currently want, courtesy of Google’s news search engine. Brazil... More »

Let the beatings begin!: Miranda a mirage?

Published 18y ago -

If Bush administration lawyers get their way Miranda will soon be a mirage. The Supreme Court accepted the Martinez case that challenges the 1966 Miranda ruling. David G. Savage writes, “…Oxnard police assert that the Miranda ruling does not include a ‘c... More »

What women want: Who cares? (Part VI)

Published 18y ago -

Here’s the next installment for all of you diehard readers who can’t get enough of this ridiculous topic. Every time I pound out one of these pieces my mailbox fills up, but the vast majority of readers who write back agree with my observations, no matter what... More »

And justice for all: Well, not exactly

Published 19y ago -

Once upon a time courts evenly applied the rule of law, or so I’ve been told. Some people even used to take kidnapping seriously. The feds passed the Mann Act years ago making it a federal offense to transport a minor interstate for any sexual activity. That p... More »

What women want: Who cares? (Part II)

Published 19y ago -

My original piece was very popular with readers. I snagged dozens of email replies, the vast majority of them were complimentary, many were enthusiastic, and several went well beyond that. In general, men simply loved it, women over 40 thought it was hilarious... More »

Gulf war blowback: John Allen Muhammad

Published 19y ago -

As the circus comes to town with several jurisdictions salivating over prosecuting the accused D.C. “snipers” many pundits are now backpedaling away from their oh-so-wrong shooter profiles. A week ago they were all “experts” sought out ... More »