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Show BioHide BioAlan Caruba, a veteran business and science writer, is the founder of The National Anxiety Center, a clearinghouse for information about scare campaigns designed to influence public opinion and policy. He is a regular contributor to Ether Zone.The Center maintains an Internet site at www.anxietycenter.com.

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Enough! Israelis… Come live with us!

Published 19y ago -

“But suicide bombings will continue and when we strike them in depth, they’ll certainly think of the consequences of their actions. There will be no retreat from suicide bombings.” Jamal Abdel Salem, a Hamas political leader, quoted in an Ass... More »

Genetically modified foods: Ending famine forever

Published 20y ago -

One of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, along with Disease and War, is Famine. For the relatively short history of man on earth, famine has killed millions and continues to do so today. We who routinely wander the aisles of the modern supermarket, deciding... More »

Islam: The endless Jihad evil in the name of Allah

Published 20y ago -

“The terrorists’ directive commands them to kill Christians and Jews, to kill all Americans and make no distinctions among military and civilians, including women and children.” So said President Bush in his September 20th address to Congress... More »