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The end of woman: Thanks to feminism

Published 8y ago -

I have been attending a small vegetarian cooking class. The teacher is a woman aged 70 who could pass for 55. There is another female classmate, a French Canadian retired teacher in her 60’s who is also quite vivacious. Normally I don’t notice wome... More »

Oh, but that’s silly? Oh, think again!

Published 8y ago -

If you laughed at earlier theorizing that advertising is not harmless, but a painless all-purpose conversion tactic, some rethinking might not come amiss. Advertising began with rudimentary efforts to let people know where to find necessities of goods and serv... More »

When teachers aren’t smarter than a fifth-grader

Published 8y ago -

When I’ve written about our listing mis-education system, my focus has mainly been on rampant political correctness, on how students learn few of the right things partially because of emphasis on teaching the wrong things. Yet there’s another problem: in some ... More »