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The Gods of war: Blessed little Caesar’s

Published 16y ago -

War. The definitive expression of human immaturity and failure. Blessed are the gods of war in the Bush administration who cloak their murderous intent with sanctimonious rhetoric, and who are perpetually in opposition to truth and justice on every turn. Bless... More »


Published 16y ago -

Image courtesy of Kenneth under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. One of the major underlying reasons for the invasion of Iraq by the United States was in the defense of the American dollar. The Iraqi government did the unthinkable two years ago and began to sell what little o... More »

Suicide bomber and deception: Lies, for chains and death

Published 16y ago -

The recent suicide bombings in Saudi Arabia and Morocco is clearly showing that president Bush’s war on terror is a complete failure and that this so called war on terror was and always has been a play in virtual reality. When is America going to wake up and s... More »

Neocon reckoning: In full pusillanimous retreat

Published 16y ago -

Image courtesy of The Bush Center under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. Are we to gloat? Are we to smile in satisfaction at the exposition playing out in Washington? The feeding frenzy by political wilder beasts presently circling in for the proverbial kill at exposed neocon... More »

Where are the wmd’s?: In Iran and Syria of course

Published 16y ago -

My last article caused many of you to write that I was coming on a bit too strong in my criticisms of the oligarchy and its head honcho boy George. So, I did what any honest writer would do when criticized by his or her readers, I sat back, sipped some hot cof... More »

Behind the bushes: Patriotic blues

Published 16y ago -

How many times does one have to explain to a neoconservative or their fogged up supporters that the government in Washington is not what America is all about? When will these perverted minds be able to comprehend that the shining light on the hill, America, wa... More »

What’s this life for: Your sacrifice

Published 16y ago -

Trust us; say the masters of iniquity, be good patriotic citizens, say the purveyor’s of deception, make your sacrifice for the red white and blue homeland, because a grateful nation will honor that sacrifice that you make for freedom, baseball and the latest ... More »

The road to Damascus: You’re next

Published 16y ago -

One cannot help but to witness the biblical implications in the invasion of Iraq and the war parties ultimate desire for more conquest. Paul’s journey on the road to Damascus turned out to have serious implications for himself and for the future of Christianit... More »

Mad men across the desert walking dead

Published 16y ago -

Image courtesy of Tadek Kurpaski under CC BY 2.0. Dead men walking, that is what our troops in Iraq have become not to mention the Iraqi natives. Slow poison death in the heat of the Iraqi desert, where dust particles are in the plenty which just happens to be... More »

Wars and rumors of wars: A brave old world

Published 17y ago -

Many had hoped as humanity left the millennium into the dawning of the new that somehow things would be different in the world. The world had just finished the most lethal and brutal century of warfare that mankind had ever experienced. Our enlightened elites ... More »

Political christianity and America: A lesson from history

Published 17y ago -

If history is to serve mankind in any positive way, we must collectively endeavor to learn from it, especially from past mistakes in socio-political behavior. There is a dangerous development within this countries political landscape concerning the convergence... More »