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Show BioHide BioGretchen Glass is a mathematician, systems analyst, computer programmer, and a mother and grandmother, who loves our Country. She believes that our fragile Republic is in serious trouble and that the treasonous activities of the Clinton Administration must be exposed and stopped. Gretchen recently visited the ‘Conservative Ring’ where she was "overwhelmed by the great talent and good people involved in this mission". She firmly believes that if all these people can work together, the message will be heard. Her contribution is to present undisputed facts and to connect the dots to provide the ‘American People’ with something they cannot easily dismiss. Her effort continues… Gretchen Glass is a free lance political writer and can be reached at [email protected]

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Presidential Treason 102

Published 19y ago -

The delegation of power through Executive Order #12919 and Presidential Decision Directives #62 and #63 A sequel to Presidential Treason 101. The stage is set. It’s time to connect more dots. . . Section 1. Introduction – Reviewing the President’s ‘accom... More »