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Show BioHide BioDave Franklin is a writer for the American Reformation Project and USA Daily . He works in telecommunications and has over ten years of experience as a technology consultant for government agencies, including the Department of State and the Joint Staff. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone. Dave Franklin can be reached at:[email protected]

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Virtual big brother: The E-Gestapo is coming

Published 15y ago -

If “www-dot-anybody” can hold elected officials accountable, it has to be unsettling for the elite. But there’s no worry for craven power-grubbing leaches in DC, since Internet taxation will be their new e-Gestapo in the information age. As t... More »

No excuse: The race card defense

Published 15y ago -

Image courtesy of Joel Henner under CC BY 2.0. WARNING: Please carefully read the following safety instructions. These are critically important and the management is not responsible for any damage caused by failure to comply. If you get high on drugs, then bal... More »

Save the Californians: Fire governor Gray Davis

Published 15y ago -

California to Gray Davis, “You’re fired!” So we should hope. There are times when the incapable need to be removed. Trimming-of-the-fat can make an office stronger by pushing out those who weren’t really suited for the job in the first ... More »

The settled law doctrine: Roe V. Wade

Published 16y ago -

Few GOP candidates can afford to alienate pro-life voters, since that base of support is needed to win elections.  If the Bushes had campaigned on a “pro-choice” position, neither would have been elected.  The same holds for most of the Republicans... More »

Good cop, bad cop: Being sold down the river

Published 16y ago -

Do you get the sense that politicians have been lying to you? It’s a good bet that if Zogby, Gallup, or CNN/Time would run a poll with this question, the answer would be close to 100% saying “yes”. Yet voters seem so afraid someone could cook... More »