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Thank you for this war: We damn near muffed it

Published 15y ago -

  Image courtesy of Expert Infantry under CC BY 2.0. There are two things I like to see more than anything else in the world— movies with the Three Stooges, and the flow of human blood. How do I know it’s human blood? That’s a dumb quest... More »

Rumsfeld’s war against the United States Army

Published 15y ago -

Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore under CC BY-SA 2.0. When he first ran for President in 2000, then-Governor George W. Bush promised members of the armed forces that “help is on the way.” With that promise he appeared to acknowledge that the Clinton ... More »

The making of a myth: The creation of a lie

Published 15y ago -

A couple of weeks after the 2000 presidential election I was talking to a nurse in my doctor’s office. The nurse, a  very bright young black lady told me that her vote had not been counted. I ask her how she knew that. “Oh, I know,” she said ... More »

Iraq war stretching US army to breaking point

Published 15y ago -

During his farewell speech back in June, the outgoing Chief of Staff of the US Army, General Eric Shinseki, prudently urged US policymakers to “Beware the 12-division strategy for a 10-division Army.” To be sure, General Shinseki bears great respon... More »

Bush talks but says nothing: What is he hiding?

Published 15y ago -

Image courtesy of The U.S. Army under CC BY 2.0 The time for “trust me” is over. The time for “tell us” has arrived. Ask yourself, why, with war in Iraq, and attacks on Iran and Syria looming, has Bush been conspicuously silent about th... More »