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The reason why governments fail: No consent = Forced assent

Published 16y ago -

Most arguments in support of the established order assumes that laws and their enforcement can achieve a stable and orderly society. This notion fundamentally lies on a shifting foundation. Any society exists within a culture that alters and varies with the cu... More »

Shame of America: In trying times

Published 16y ago -

Recently, I reprinted on my own website an article written by Tony Parsons and published by The Daily Mirror – a British publication – on September 11, 2002. The title of that article is, Shame On You America-Hating Liberals. It always amazes me to... More »

Save the Californians: Fire governor Gray Davis

Published 16y ago -

California to Gray Davis, “You’re fired!” So we should hope. There are times when the incapable need to be removed. Trimming-of-the-fat can make an office stronger by pushing out those who weren’t really suited for the job in the first ... More »