Won’t get fooled again: Step one in fixing problem: Identifying it

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Just in the case the Demoncrats do win back the House (and/or Senate, and/or White House in two years) let all of the truly conservative (as I am) go on the record here and now.  Real Conservatives are about the Constitution, morals (not merely “values”) and issues- not people, not personalities.  We don’t want to be abused by Clinton or Bush, by Republican or Democrat.

DON’T the rest of you later come whining to us about:

  • Unchecked spending (destroying families and incentive and freedom)
  • Unchecked taxation, because Bush and crew are still taxing us, but we’re partying on our children’s- and grandchildren’s- and their children’s- money instead of our own,
  • Those who get in the way of those who would run the government honestly because Bush does that as well as Clinton did it; both with lying, conservative, rhetoric
  • Murdered unborn babies (they’re still being murdered- even now- right now- with a reputed Christian Republican President, with a Republican House and Republican Senate)
  • unConstitutional programs, Departments, Agencies, actions…(too numerous to know where to start listing them)
  • Your fear that Eschelon or Carnivore or the latest incarnation of citizen monitoring is in the hands of government,

…UNTIL you figure out that current President George W. Bush and crew, his cronies, are not conservative and are not even honest.  They disregard the Constitution, supporting Bush-McCain-DarthFeingold, the Brady Ban, and are flat-out bad for America.  They are, frankly, bad for the world because a strong America- morally strong and justified America- is GOOD FOR THE WORLD.  The fact that there are out there those seemingly- and actually- worse than Bush and crew is not justification for their actions.

AFTER you’ve figured that out, let us THEN work together to rid ourselves of the true plague upon our nation- the Republican and Democrat schemers, the liars, those who would purposely and purposefully take advantage of others’ ignorance and/or weakness while abrogating our rights, our Constitution.  I speak of only a small number of them when I point out those who would continue the Federal Reserve System (which is doing its part to destroy America in more ways than can even be counted).  I speak of the Department of Education (which is doing its part in destroying America while denying, actually denying our children a decent and moral education).  Any Department that is not Constitutionally authorized is somehow damaging America if only to demonstrate that our Constitution is so much toilet paper to those who run our government and that the people should also have no conscience with regard to abusing the Constitution themselves by, among other things, taking money from other Americans for their own fiscal benefit.

When you are determined to know, understand, love and honor the Constitution, let us hear no more from you that Conservatives who vote only for Conservatives are somehow at fault that our nation is in serious decline.  To love truth and justice and, frankly, serve the greater purposes of mankind generally, Conservatives, actual Constitution-understanding and Constitution-loving Conservatives are good for America, good for American ideals and, frankly, good for the world.  Conservative who vote for the ‘lesser of two evils” vote for evil and, frankly, how would you determine the lesser if you don’t recognize evil to start with?

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