Wherever there’s a liberal: A fool without redeeming social value

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Written By Dorothy Anne Seese

There’s an elite “victim class” decrying the evils of capitalism while working in the United States, eating its food, driving its vehicles, enjoying its varying climates and using the appliances, computers and conveniences created by capitalism.  Or in the alternative, there is an elite “victim class” living off the earnings of those who do participate in the capitalist society, flaunting their welfare check as a badge of merit for being an elite victim.

There is an enviro-nut who wants to bring down this evil system to preserve flat-winged snails from human encroachment, return to a paradise they’ve never been to, and gut the industries whose products they enjoy (to the hilt).

There is a liberal campus, an institution of Higher Marxism that reads the First Amendment to include freedom of speech only for left-wingers, other Marxists, nuts, greenies and crusaders against the capitalist society that is feeding them.

There is a war against the Christian church, morality, ethics (other than situational ethics), a shrine to Carl Sagen, a standard illuminati ridicule of faith and prayer, and exaltation of the religion of atheism.

There is a press for globalism, of forcing wealthy industrial countries to “feed the poor” by sending money to banana republics where corrupt dictators and bureaucrats steal the money and jet to Paris while their constituents die of malnutrition and disease.

There is a lament, a dirge, a decades-long funeral service for Planet Earth because those anti-environmental capitalists insist on drilling for oil and gas, mining coal or building nuclear facilities to provide the energy that runs the nation and provides a home for the anti-capitalists.  (Notice, they threaten to leave, but they never do.   They should be forced to sign a contract to leave and it should be fully enforced.)

There is a windmill-mind that whirls around windmill energy, wind or no wind, climate or no climate, who would advocate generating solar energy on Puget Sound.

There is some woman like Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, or Hillary Clinton leading the victim pack like lemmings to the sea, exalting a feminist movement that has long since turned into a haven for a few old bats who need a fourth face lift.

There is a Hollywood that creates slush and calls it art, or expositions in various cities and in various galleries that would make a French socialist blush.

There is a lot of (non-tobacco) smoke but no fire, just the stench of burning trash talk.  Also the smell of burning marijuana, the politically correct alternative to nasty old dangerous tobacco, because tobacco is bad for the health of people who might live too long anyway.

There is an anti-gun rally in the offing, in the planning stages, or in progress, and a fifty minute speech against the NRA conveniently in hand, just in case the occasion arises.

There is a friend of that great successor to Genghis Khan, China … ready, willing and hoping to be able to sell or give them more of the United States’ military and defense secrets.  There is a friend of Russia, making sure U.S. dollars find their way to “aid” the neo-communist regime that is surfacing rapidly.

There is a rabble-rousing “celebrity” who could do more good helping his/her people through community service and organizing self-help facilities than making noises to start a race war to divide the nation and cause more senseless bloodshed.

There is an abortion advocate for those who are unwanted and a euthanasia advocate for those who dare live too long to be useful to society.

There is an enemy of Israel, a friend of Palestinians, Hamas and Hezbollah.

There is an enemy of individual property rights and an advocate of big government takeovers to protect the people from themselves, the critters from the people, and the earth from the critters.

There is an enemy of a strong U.S. defense system, an advocate of open door policy to all the enemies who would bring down the United States.

There is a history revisionist who makes the Declaration of Independence sound evil, and the Communist Manifesto sound like the decree of the almighty universe (it can’t be divinely inspired, since most of them don’t believe in an Almighty Creator.)

There is a fool, a fool indeed!  A fool without any redeeming social value.

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