Uncle Sam wants you gay: Your children too

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Written By Henry Makow

I’ve said this before but it’s more true than ever. A satanic cult (Illuminism) is undermining our family identity to render us isolated, childless, sex-obsessed, dysfunctional, and docile.

I am referring to the Masonic Rothschild-Rockefeller cult-cartel which runs Europe and America and is behind Communism and Feminism. Destroying marriage and family was a plank of the Communist Manifesto (1848) and now is part of their satanic NWO. (See quotations at end.)

We don’t recognize that society is being re-engineered gay because we think of homosexuality in terms of same-sex attraction. If we define it as inability to bond with a member of the opposite sex for purposes of procreation, the gay trend is clear.

The American marriage rate has dropped almost 50% since 1970. Thirty seven percent of American children do not live with both biological parents, the highest percentage among Western nations, compared to 9% in 1965. The same percentage of children (37%) were born out of wedlock in 2005 compared to 8% in 1965.

Since 1960, the number of married couples with children has been cut in half, and now consists of only one-in-four households.

“The United States has the weakest families in the Western world because we have the highest divorce rate and the highest rate of solo parenting,” says Rutgers Sociology Professor David Popenoe.

A defining characteristic of homosexuality is sexual promiscuity. Since media induced “sexual liberation,” society has become obsessed with sex and all human relations have been degraded. (See my “Playboy and the (Homo) Sexual Revolution.”)

Now the educational system is actually promoting sex to children. In Winnipeg where I live, a father complained this week that a public health teacher told his 12-year-old daughter’s class to have sex at age 13. They were taught about flavored condoms and shown graphic pictures that appalled the child.

This action exposes the public school system for what it has become: an instrument of indoctrination and corruption (and child abuse.) With 13-year-olds told to have sex, is it any wonder they are inviting adult predators to their homes? (See “NBC Dateline: To Catch a Predator”) How long will it be before pedophilia is legalized?

A strong marriage is the foundation of a family. Girls today will reach marital age feeling used and abused, and possibly already will have a child. Compare this to 50-years-ago when sex was consecrated for marriage and family.

Schools are actually teaching children to adopt the gay lifestyle and experiment with gay sex. Courts are upholding the right of schools to debauch children over their parents’ objections.

Marriage has been redefined to include gays despite the fact that only ten percent avail themselves of the privilege. Let’s say that generously four percent of the population is gay. (Ten percent of that is .4% )

To extend “equal rights” to .4% of the population, they redefined the most sacred institution of 96%. Apparently “human rights” and “hate” are applied selectively in the NWO.

Gays and straights are not identical. Their marriages are also very different. So why have an identical marital status? Tolerance and equal “human rights” are a ruse to extend homosexual gender confusion to heterosexual society and destroy marriage.

Gay activists admit as much: “A [strategy] might be to fight for same sex marriage and its benefits, and then, once granted, redefine the institution completely, to demand the right to marry not as a way of adhering to society’s moral codes but rather to debunk a myth and radically alter an archaic institution.”Michelangelo Signorile, “Bridal Wave,” OUT Magazine, December/January 1994, p.161

The other structural change is to allow gay couples to adopt heterosexual children. Heterosexual children need heterosexual role models. To raise them in a gay environment is child abuse. When these children are adults, I hope they sue governments for millions .

The ultimate goal is to redefine the family so potentially it could include government minders raising test tube babies in group homes. The agenda is to destroy all “forces of collective strength,” in the words of “The Protocols of Zion.” That includes the family, as well as nation, religion and race.

As I have said before, I am in favor of a separate and equal marital institution for homosexuals if that’s what they want. I have nothing against gays who lead responsible private lives. My beef is with the Rockefeller-funded activists who use homosexuality to sabotage society in advance of totalitarian government.

These activists admit they want to change the “hetero-normative” nature of society. Is 96% of society going to march to the beat of 4%, like it did in the USSR?

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