Tying the knot of our own noose: Somebody wake me when this is over!

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Written By David Brownlow

A friend of mine recently shed his corporate handcuffs, sold everything he owns, and moved to a small island in the Caribbean. His parting words as he left were, “Man, I am so outta here!”

There are mornings when I wake up wondering how much more of this I can take. Between watching our burgeoning police state expand at an exponential rate, to having my oldest son getting his butt shot off in some Iraqi hellhole – it is tempting to think of packing this all in and hightailing off to some remote corner of the world. 

However, as much as I would rather be lounging on some white sandy beach with my lovely wife, I feel compelled to stay here and fight this one out. This happened on our watch, and we cannot leave this mess for our kids to clean up.

The enormity of the challenge we face can seem overwhelming at times. An already difficult task has been made next to impossible with the sad revelation that instead of the praying Christian we thought we elected in 2000, our President has turned out to be a liar and a murderer, like his father the devil. That will probably sound a little (ok, a lot) harsh to some, but it is too late in the game to pussyfoot around the truth any longer, so I am just going to say it like it is.

If George Bush were the only one attempting to stampede our nation over a cliff, we’d have a chance of putting up some real opposition. But unfortunately, most of those who rule alongside him seem to share his diabolical death wish. Not a good sign.

The enemies of freedom have pulled off an amazing feat by convincing the American people that there are two opposing political parties – when in fact, we are living under one party rule. To hide that reality from the people, they keep us so busy chasing after the symptoms, (and our tails!) that few are even able to identify the disease that infects our nation – which is that a gang of bloodthirsty criminals have seized control of our government.

Fighting the symptoms without treating the disease will eventually kill the patient.

The Symptoms of a Dying Republic:

  • Since the beginning of the Republican Revolution of 1994, 15,000,000 American children have been murdered in the abortion holocaust, with the death toll increasing at the rate of 3,400 dead babies every single day – while “pro-life” Republicans never lifted a finger to stop it – phony partial birth abortion bans not withstanding. May God have mercy on us.
  • Lawlessness pervades from every level of our federal government, which is looking more like a criminal enterprise than anything even remotely resembling a legitimate government. Anyone attempting to resist the latest governmental whim will quickly find themselves confronted by a heavily armed, increasingly belligerent federal police force that has ballooned to nearly 100,000 strong.
  • As if thuggery at the federal level was not enough, the phony “war on drugs” and the “war on terror” have morphed our local police forces into paramilitary fighting units armed with; helicopters, armored vehicles, SWAT teams, snipers, machine guns, grenades, body armor, infrared detectors, command and control systems, and electronic surveillance,along with what is often a seriously bad attitude – all of which is made available as a force multiplier to the feds, without question, whenever they really want to knock some heads.
  • Illegal federal spending has skyrocketed across the board, with nearly 85 cents of every dollar stolen from us going to fund literally thousands of unconstitutional programs. As our wealth is drained away from us, our national debt continues to explode – to upwards of 60 trillion dollars when all the unfunded liabilities are added in. This spiraling debt is a time bomb just waiting to go off.
  • The staged attacks of nine eleven spawned the avalanche of lies that were used to justify our invasion of Iraq, a country that never threatened to harm us. As our military is being transformed (rather poorly) into an imperialist fighting force, deployed in 142 of the worlds 192 countries, we have left 160,000 of our finest soldiers stranded in a deadly quagmire – their only apparent mission is to avoid getting killed as the generals force them to wander aimlessly around a vast Iraqi shooting gallery. 
  • Silly little slogans designed to pacify the weak-minded have replaced any real dialog with those who rule us. “We must support our troops” and “It is better to fight them over there rather than over here” are two of the classics. Many still cling to the notion that Iraq was involved in 9/11. Call it “mission accomplished” for a government education system that continues to churn out an annual crop of fearful, obedient servants.
  • The military industrial complex, aided by the 100,000 or so contractors and mercenaries they have in Iraq, is cashing in on the half a trillion dollars we have spent raining carnage down on the Iraqi people.
  • Another convenient outcome of nine eleven – for the enemies of freedom – is the major assault that is being aggressively waged against the Constitution, resulting in illegal wiretaps, email snooping, airport strip searches, along with a huge increase in federal spying into just about every facet of our lives. The NSA/CIA/FBI domestic spy ring is completely out of control, posing a far greater threat to our freedom than any wandering band of desert Bedouins could ever hope to.
  • The unprecedented increase in domestic spying – or more correctly, domestic treason – was accompanied by the loss of our right to habeas corpus – which means we can be arrested without being charged, and hauled off to a secret prison – possibly one located in a country that has even less aversion to torturing prisoners than we do. For anyone classified as an “enemy combatant,” there is no right to counsel, and no right to a trial. Secret evidence and forced confessions may be used against those imprisoned. To that end, there are enough indecipherable new laws and restrictions such that any one of us could be caught up in the “Fatherland Security” net without ever knowing what we did wrong – which is exactly the intent.
  • Lies and propaganda pour out of nearly every talking head in Washington, which is spoon fed to us 24 hours a day by a compliant media – with shows like Fox “News” bearing a stronger resemblance to Pravda, the former Soviet Union’s propaganda arm, than anything like real news reporting.
  • A private banking cartel, called The Federal Reserve, created nearly 5,000,000,000,000 (that’s five trillion!) Federal Reserve Notes – out of thin air – since January 2000.This desperate attempt to prop up the failing American empire was in reality a five trillion dollar hidden tax. The counterfeiters got rich, while we got ripped off. Unbelievable.
  • After just a few months in power, the Democrats have already proven they are just as useless as the Republicans. (Like we ever had any doubt!) Our political system has degraded to such a sorry condition that we are left with the equivalent of two competing crime families running our government, each side vying for the right to grab a bigger slice of the plunder. As part of the scam, they masquerade as a two party political system. A Hillariod administration is looming just over the horizon.
  • Corporate robber barons often take home tens of millions a year in salary, while our government encourages them to move their family wage jobs to countries that will provide the equivalent of slave labor. The biggest losers in this cozy little deal are the American people, along with our manufacturing base, which has been left in ruins.
  • We continue to burn Middle Eastern oil at an unsustainable rate, ensuring that we will be bogged down there for decades to come. This, while Detroit is building cars that get fewer miles per gallon than a Model T got one hundred years ago. The solution? The federal government is handing out incentives to pull corn out of the food chain for use as an ethanol feedstock – which is produced at a net energy loss!  Brilliant, just brilliant.
  • Exxon/Mobil, with $40 billion in profits last year, comes out the big winner in all this confusion – which is probably why they, and the rest of their corporate cohorts, continue to bribe nearly every congressman who skulks the halls of Congress.

This battle is no longer about defending our freedoms, it is about winning it back.
Anyone with even half a brain can see that a moral and economic tsunami is barreling toward our shores, yet God’s people sit in their government incorporated, 501C bribed, Caesar worshipping churches – where conniving shepherds teach that Romans 13 commands them to bow down before, and swear allegiance to, the gang of violent criminals who have seized control of our government. Clearly, trying to serve two masters has been a disaster for those who claim to be followers of Christ.

I often wonder if it will be God’s own people who will be the most enthusiastic supporters of the antichrist if he will only spout off enough godblessamericas.

While we were cowering beneath our covers, hiding from the Islamic bogymen they told us was lurking under every bed, we let our real enemies overrun our camp undetected – and they have completely trashed the place. Our freedoms and our way of life are just a false flag attack away from being completely annihilated. 

The hour is late, very late. But if we are willing to repent before God for the sins of our nation – for the warfare and the murders – and regain the spirit of independence and self-sacrifice upon which this country was founded, there may still be time to pull this one out of the fire.

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