Truth tellers in America’s pulpit: Are there any?

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To Pastor Chuck Baldwin:

Many of us greatly appreciate your writing. I would exhort you to speak out even more completely than found in the recent commentaries, GET TOUGH WITH G.W. BUSH OR APOLOGIZE TO BILL CLINTON and SIGNS OF AN EMERGING POLICE STATE.

Knowledge of facts and events of the character described in the above two pieces requires conclusions, even if it is just your opinion. The public knowledge of the acts perpetrated by GWBush cry out for their criminal naming, not just backhanded humor directed at WJClintoon.

Alone – the illegal, willingly fraudulent war in Iraq is undeniably mass murder and war crimes, which has been commenced by someone who professes to follow Jesus. The integrity of His Holy Name demands greater defense and full rebuke of such an actor. There is no one of serious credentials stating those crucial conclusions the public needs to hear. You are a well-known pastor, respected commentator and 2004 Vice Presidential candidate. Those roles give considerable weight to your voice. A refrain of hard truths must come now from America’s pulpit, since the national politicians are corrupt.

As our contractual agent and representative, GWBush acts on our behalf. He has committed heinous crimes and constitutional treason. The Congress and other federal officers do nothing to right these crimes. The responsibility fully rests with the citizens to at least speak boldly and without pause. If silent, we are not citizens but self-muzzled slaves.

I do pray that the fear of losing an IRS tax exemption as a 501c3 State-Church Corporation has not stilled your voice. It is a noose and not a benefit.

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