The truth hurts: Feeling the pain

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Written By Resa LaRu Kirkland

Well well well.

The past 24 hours have been very exciting in my house. I’ve received another death threat!

For those of you who might feel concerned, don’t be. Death threats are business as usual for those who write about the enemies of Americas. I have received more “Your head will be on a pike to allah” Islam-type death threats than I can count, not to mention those pacifist hippies, who will mess you up if you don’t write about how peaceful and loving they are. (For you illiterate lefties, that was sarcasm, and beautifully done, too.)

For those of you celebrating this recent development, let me fill you in on the juicy details.

This most recent stroll into the world of a bad mob movie all started with my article interviewing an Israeli immigrant working in Arizona. You’ll need to read it to know what’s going on, but the gist of the matter is, the businesses he fingered are angry with him, and among Israelis, the pressure to tow the line is enormous. Unlike the Israeli military types, who top the list of the greatest warriors on earth, he is now running like a little girl runs from a bee, girly scream, wet underwear and all.

He not only turned his wrath on me, but on another member of the WARCHICK team he had approached about doing the article in the first place. That is a WARCHICK first. Usually only I get the “I’m gonna git you sucka!” threats.

The only reason this is at all worrisome this time is that the subject of that article also happens to have a brother who was just arrested with a member of a huge mob family by the name of Rozenstein. Yes, in spite of what seems to be a news blackout on this story that surfaced only 3 days ago, WARCHICK sources have confirmed his brother, Naom Levy, apparently made some really bad choices and cast his lot with some really bad people. So now my source—remember now, HE approached a member of the WARCHICK team and requested the interview—is taking out his anger on the only people he knows NOT involved in crime. Makes a lot of sense, I suppose, to the idiotic, the desperate, and the illicit.

Now I’m only slightly amused by all of this, not really worried about myself, but I am concerned for the WARCHICK team member who lives in Arizona. He asked me to write something about what is going on, and it’s a good idea. Given that just today Rozenstein was given bail, it might not hurt to get this out to as many people as possible, although I sincerely doubt that my tiny outfit is even on their radar, let alone their hit list. But then, as has been clearly demonstrated, we aren’t dealing with very stable people, and most of those involved are here illegally. After all, this is America; only legal citizens have to obey the law.

Team WARCHICK has already contacted Homeland Security ICE—Immigration Customs Enforcement—and are waiting for them to interview us. Incredibly, we contacted them at the request of this outraged man and his employer. I know, I know, don’t try to figure this one out with logic. Hopefully, Homeland Security will actually do something about this and ENFORCE the laws before anything real happens.

Oooooh! I am on pins and needles! Stay tuned…

7 pm April 11, 2006 update:

Thanks for staying tuned. There’s already news to report. Take a deep breath.

OK, the threatened member of the WARCHICK team called one of our contacts at Homeland Security ICE, only to be told that they don’t deal with illegal immigrants—you figure that one out—unless they are handed over to them by the local authorities, ie, police. So he called his local police, in his case, the City of Mesa Police Department.

They dispatched one Officer T. Clevenger, badge number 15-045. He got out of the car, hand on weapon, circling our team member, asking him what he wanted and why he had called. He began telling him the whole story involving our schizophrenic source, but all Officer Clevenger would do is repeatedly ask him for the name of his “case worker”—whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean—and stood within killing length. In frustration he called the HS agent who had referred him to local authorities, telling him of the bizarre scene unfolding before him and asking him to explain things to Officer Freakshow. At this point, the officer was loudly telling our source that the local police don’t deal with illegal immigrants—which is NOT true—and that he would have to contact the INS—Immigration and Naturalization Service. After being informed that the INS hadn’t existed for five years—it is now ICE—and being asked to talk to the agent on the phone for verification, Officer delivered this classic line:

“I don’t deal with the Feds…now what’s the name of your case worker?”

Frustrated, my source told the HS agent that Officer refused to speak to him. The outraged agent promised to call the proper department at Mesa PD and set things right. In the meantime, nothing was done about the threat against himself or anyone else on the WARCHICK team. For the record, the WARCHICK team member referenced in this article is a white, native-born American, with 20 years journalistic experience in some of the most dangerous places on earth. He was treated like a criminal. The actual illegal immigrants involved in this story—the ones who threatened us, which is against the law, too—are happily off the hook. Officer Clevenger clearly attempted to intimidate a witness in a criminal case, and he’ll get off the hook too. The only ones on the hook, my friends, are the real American non-criminals. That’s you and me…unless you’re in law enforcement.

Keep the faith, bros, and in all things courage.


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