The racists are on!: Hypocrisy of the left

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Written By Roderick T. Beaman

chess-865715_1280The California campaign is getting into high gear. With it, of course, is the inevitable examination of Arnold. With his suspect Austrian accent and lineage, it is also inevitable that his entire background is placed under a microscope. Thus we are now informed that, (Gasp!) his FATHER was a member of The Austrian Nazi Party (That’s Nazi as in the contraction for National SOCIALIST Party. Notice the media always uses the contraction. Socialist is, after all, what the Democratic Party is all about and FDR was, at heart, a National Socialist so you know they don’t want to publicize that.) Also, Arnold’s campaign adviser, Pete Wilson, doesn’t like the current immigration levels. (So, we ALL know what that means, now, don’t we? Never mind that a lot of immigrants want to limit further immigration.)

Now Arnold isn’t exactly my idea of a perfect candidate but, if I were forced to choose between him and any Democrat, I would probably vote for him even though I am no longer a Republican. I’ve abandoned them as never truly doing anything for the cause of liberty. When he says that taxes aren’t too high but spending is, I have cause for great concern. Government spending is always too high. Arnold’s parentage is an accident of birth. If it’s fair for the Left to hold Arnold accountable for his father’s views, then Joseph McCarthy was completely justified in his examination of people who were registered communists.

Now, we have the specter of California Democrats’ next great hope, Cruz Bustamante, the current lieutenant governor. As Michelle Malkin points out, he has been a member of a racist Hispanic organization. The media remain unconcerned. (Oh, that’s right. He’s on the correct side.)

The issue of paternity may be becoming a pattern with the Left. Mel Gibson is seeing his father’s viewpoints examined as part of the campaign against his coming movie, ‘The Passion’. All’s fair as long as you are among the enlightened. Here, once again, the hypocrisy of the Left is on display but it gets even more interesting when it comes to the Kennedys.

No businessman in American history had as vile a record as Joseph P. Kennedy, patriarch of the Massachusetts political dynasty. A bootlegger, he had deep ties to organized crime yet none of his children or grandchildren have been even questioned about it. Also, he was suspected of being an anti-Semite and that has never been an issue.

The origins of the family fortune are even more appalling. He got his big start as a financier. He played up his Irish name among Boston’s Irish poor and would grant a mortgage to some working class stiff. If the guy fell in payments, he would foreclose in a heartbeat. He was among the most aggressive financiers of the time at foreclosures. With no equity laws, the homeowner lost everything that he had put into his house and Kennedy took everything. He did that to hundreds of Boston workers who hated the Kennedys as a result, yet they have gotten a free pass on this. Not John, Robert, Ted, Patrick or any of the them has been called upon to renounce at least this part of the family’s ill-gotten fortune. Don’t wait for them to be, either.

The final example is a personal one and involves Mississippi Congressman Bennie Thompson.

Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty opened health centers across the country for the poor and indigent. The very first was Delta Health Center in Mound Bayou, Mississippi. It had a satellite clinic in Greenville, about forty miles away. At both clinics, almost all of the personnel and patients are black. Shortly after I began work at the satellite, the Center had a thirtieth anniversary celebration with accompanying hoopla. Among the featured speakers was none other than The Most Honorable Muckamuck and Esteemed Panjandrum, Congressman Bennie Thompson. Among Thompson’s comments was the following gem. “It’s important that we get health care from people who look like us.”

Cong. Thompson evidently failed to notice that in the very back of the hall, the pharmacist and I (I’m a physician), who were both white, were sitting with the other personnel, all black, from the Greenville clinic. We were a close group and a number of them squirmed slightly in obvious embarrassment. Mr. Thompson mustn’t care too much about the feelings of white professionals.

This comment went unreported in any medium. Present were many television cameras and reporters. Imagine the uproar if a white congressman said the same thing to an overwhelmingly white audience.

I have never witnessed a more blatantly racist statement by anyone let alone an American congressman. David Duke would hesitate to say anything like that.

Cong. Thompson, you owe me and the white pharmacist an apology as well as an apology to every professional in this country who is trying to render quality medical care to every patient, irrespective of race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or any of the other buzz groups that you and the rest of your Leftist ilk want to pander to. But I don’t expect one nor do I expect the media to subject your comments to the same scrutiny that they did your fellow Mississippian, Trent Lott.
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