The green “establishment”: The wannabe rulers of the world

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For the past three years, The Earth Times has published an issue in which it identifies those people who are the leading Greens in the world. These are the one hundred people who develop, lead and fund the programs for a New World Order based on Socialism masquerading as environmentalism.

Here are the names of the Americans among them:

Carol Bellamy, the Executive Director of Unicef.

Susan Vail Berresford, President of the Ford Foundation.

Brent Blackwelder, President, Friends of the Earth.

Charlotte Bunch, Executive Director, Center for Women’s Global Leadership.

Lincoln C. Chen, Sr. VP, the Rockefeller Foundation.

Sarah Clark, Dir. of Population Programs, Packard Foundation.

Eileen Claussen, Executive Director, Pew Center on Global Climate Change.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Senator from New York.

William J. Clinton, former U.S. President.

Amy Coen, President of Population Actions International.

Peggy Curlin, Founder and head of CEDPA.

Barbara Crossette, Bureau Chief, UN, for The New York Times.

Robin Chandler Duke, Chair, Population Action International.

Mohamed T. El-Ashry, Chairman, CEO of the Global Environment Facility.

Daniel C. Esty, Director, Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy.

Jonathan F. Fanton, President, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

Werner Fornos, President, the Population Institute.

William H. Gates III, Chairman of Microsoft Corporation.

Leslie H. Gelb, President, Council on Foreign Relations.

Adrienne Germain, President, International Women’s Health Coalition.

Vartan Gregorian, President, Carnegie Corporation of New York.

Pamela Hartigan, Managing Director, Schwab Foundation (Geneva).

Teresa Heinz, Chairwoman, Howard Heinz Endowments.

David Ignatius, Executive Editor, International Herald Tribune.

Thomas Kessinger, General Manager, Aga Khan Trust for Culture (Geneva).

Theodore W. Kheel, Chairman, Earth Pledge Foundation.

Jonathan Lash, President, World Resources Institute.

William H. Luers, Chairman, United Nations Association of USA.

Dan M, Martin, Director, Ecosystem and Conservation, MacArthur Foundation.

Jessica Tuchman Mathews, President, Carnegie Endowment for Interntl Peace.

Charles McClean, Director of Communications, World Economic Forum.

Thomas W. Merrick, Sr. Population Advisor, World Bank.

Richard H. Murray, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (corp. government issues).

J.P. Myers, Director, W. Alton Jones Foundation.

Aryeh Neier, President, Open Society Institute.

Victor Rabinowitch, Sr. VP, John and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

Shazia Rafi, Secretary General, Parliamentarians for Global Action.

Steven L. Rattner, Founder, Quadrangle Group, Chair, NYC’s Channel 13.

Rebecca Rimel, Executive Director, Pew Charitable Trusts.

Patricia L. Rosenfield, Program Chair, Carnegie Corporation of New York.

Jack Rosenthal, President, New York Times Company Foundation.

Susan E. Sechler, Director, Global Programs, Rockefeller Foundation.

Sally Shelton-Colby, Dep. Secretary General, Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development.

Gillian Martin Sorensen, UN Asst. Secretary General, External Affairs.

Patricia Q. Stonesifer, Co-Chair & President, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Joanna D. Underwood, President, INFORM.

Mark Valentine, Director, Cross-Cutting Initiatives, Packard Foundation.

Mitchel B. Wallerstein, MacArthur Foundation.

Maureen White, US Representative to Unicef.

James D. Wolfensohn, President of the World Bank.

Fully half of the environmental “establishment” is composed of Americans.

Most control enormous amounts of money through their positions with various foundations. Many concentrate on “population” issues, i.e., ways to reduce the human beings interfering with a “sustainable” earth.

Others come from The New York Times and The Washington Post, newspapers whose reporting on environmental issues and the United Nations is utter propaganda. Nearly half of these influential Greens are women. And, then, of course, there are the Clintons, possibly the two most corrupt people to have ever occupied the White House.

If you wonder why the Greens have been so successful in spreading their lies, it is because some of the most influential foundations, all built on Capitalist enterprises, are funding a vast range of programs by the equally vast matrix of Green groups, large and small.

Many of these people are dedicated to ending the sovereignty of the United States of America in favor of a world government run by the United Nations. Most do not look upon humanity as the greatest resource of the Earth, but rather the greatest threat to its survival.

The stated goals of their organizations are noble sounding. The reality of their funding and their programs is something else, something very dark and dangerous.

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