The Evil Within Clinton’s Communist Cadre

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Written By Barbara Stanley

“A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly against the city. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victim, and he wears their face and their garments and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared. The traitor is the plague.”

Marcus Tullius Cicero– from speech to the Roman Senate.

For more years than one can imagine, the cabal of communists in academia have been plotting and planning the complete destruction of the United States. Morton Halperin has just popped up in the news in regards to a missing laptop at the State Department ( or two, or three, or, as is always the case with this administration, likely more), so we take this timely opportunity to reveal his past, present and future.Bill Clinton-President, Strobe Talbot-Deputy Secretary of State, Morton Halperin- State Director of Policy Planning, were all welcomed into the Soviet Union (when nobody else could get in) back during Clinton’s Oxford days, and squired around by the KGB. Not exactly my idea of a vacation break from studies–the Soviet Union in the dead of winter. So here begins the sordid story of the destruction of this country by one of it’s most popular and hated presidents and his evil anti-American cadre.

facts (and these Leftists sure love to talk in public, so arrogant in their own power, and the internet cannot be shredded!) you will agree with me that the United States government is rife with traitors.Morton H. Halperin was born on June 13, 1933 in Brooklyn, New York, son of Lillian Neubart and Harry Halperin. He married Ina Weinstein. He is an alumnus of Columbia University(B.A., 1958) and Yale University(M.A., 1959; Ph.D., 1961). He is the author of Limited War in the Nuclear Age(1963) and China and the Bomb(1965). He is co-author of Strategy and Arms Control(1961).

From 1961-1966, Halperin was at Harvard University in the Center for International Affairs as instructor(1961-1963), research associate (1961-1966) and assistant professor (1964-1966) of government. From 1966-1969: the Department of Defense as a special assistant on planning to the assistant secretary of defense for internal security affairs(1966-1967) and deputy assistant secretary of defense on policy planning and arms control(1967-1969). In 1969: senior assistant to Henry A. Kissinger, the President’s assistant for national security affairs. Since 1970: senior fellow at Brookings Institution, Council on Foreign Relations(CFR).

He has been a consultant to some of the more prestigious think factories: RAND Corporation(1960-1966), Hudson Institute(1961-1966), and the Institute for Defense Analyses(1961-1966). From 1961 until 1965, he was a consultant to the National Security Council, but he resigned the position in 1970 in protest against the president’s decision to move American troops into Cambodia and to increase bombing raids against anti-aircraft installations in North Vietnam.

Since 1961, Halperin has been one of the most prolific pleaders for disarmament and a policy of “limited” warfare, and has graduated into one of the most virulent anti-American voices out there. Frank Gaffney, at the Center for Security Policy has collected Halperin’s own words, and in part, Morton wants a level playing field, with all opponents armed equally, especially if it means the United States is at a military disadvantage. I guess, according to Mort, if the opponent uses rocks, we must only use rocks too. Huh? Seems clear to me that Morton does not understand winning, and eschews victory, unless, of course, it is for the Communists–then it’s ok.

Commissioned by Defense Secretary Robert McNamara (CFR) in 1967 to assemble official records on U.S. involvement in Vietnam, the Pentagon Papers study team had access to many top-secret documents. Lake, together with Morton Halperin and Leslie Gelb, was one of the Vietnam Task Force leaders on the project, which was under the supervision of Paul Warnke, an Assistant Secretary of Defense. The next step for global control, these leftists became members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Gelb and Lake signed off on the release of the Pentagon Papers to Daniel Ellsberg (CFR), who, in turn, leaked them to comrades at the subversive Institute for Policy Studies and, eventually, to the New York Times (Isvestia on the Hudson) and the Washington Post. This leaking of sensitive imformation exposed covert American operatives, putting their lives and the lives of their families is serious jepoardy. Their murders rest squarely on the head of Morton and his cronies. All of these players — Lake, Halperin, Gelb, Warnke, and Ellsberg — soon became activists in the IPS network.

During the Johnson Administration, Halperin was quite content with the Administration’s no-win policy in Vietnam. If he was under the illusion that as long as such a policy was followed, Communist China would not intervene militarily in Vietnam, he then certainly earned the title of ‘useful idiot’ from the commies. In March, 1966, while testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Halperin urged that the United States extend diplomatic recognition to Red China and work for Red China’s admission into the United Nations. Gee, think he may still have some Chi-com buddies steaming the dumplings for him? Shortly thereafter, Halperin was appointed to a position in the Defense Department, and retained at DOD by the Nixon Administration up until his protest resignation in 1970. Why he didn’t protest his fanny right back to his beloved Mother Russia is only a mystery if you don’t see him as their agent.

In 1974, Halperin became director of the newly-formed Center for National Security Studies(CNSS). Just prior to this position, Halperin headed the Project on National Security and Civil Liberties sponsored jointly by the Tax-Exempt sponsors, Fund for Peace(FFP) and the American Civil Liberties Union(ACLU). Here, Morton could be more effective at controlling the behind the scenes, away from the headlines eroding US policy, distorting US law, in general, being, well, a Communist plant. Of course, Morton might not see it that way, but since his head is up the red fanny of Uncle Joe (still), it’s a safe bet we don’t see things in the same way. If you are interested, I see all these red-diaper babies, these elite snobs of academe, (bet none ever did a day’s work broke a sweat or raised a blister)as stuck in the ‘radical sixties’ when the commies made the big recruitment drive in universities in the US and at Oxford. Works this way: the commies drag a hundred dollar bill through the ivied halls, and found a ripe crop of snotty rich kids who had a brain to employ for agitative propaganda.

And then the communists ran them and they are still, to this day, being run and controlled by the newly named/but still communist handlers.

With approximately one half of its $400,000 budget provided by grants from the Field Foundation via its Tax-Exempt sponsor, the Fund for Peace, the CNSS was launched with its stated intention being to expose “policies decided in secret” in order to ensure that national security “institutions do not become a permanent threat to the liberties and security they claim to protect.” And if one just does a cursory check, during the radical sixties, that petri that spawned these viri, the Clintons and their ilk were the loudest to decry surveillance of citizens in public, but have turned policy 180 degrees. Now they are the new monitors of email, cell phone conversations, wiretaps, etc, gee, boys and girls, can you say Echelon?

The staff of the Center for National Security Studies has included a significant number of persons drawn from the Institute for Policy Studies, and the National Lawyers Guild(NLG). This organization was formed in the late 1930s with the aid of the Comintern(Communist International), whose leading members, according to NLG internal critics, particularly on its international committee, remain aligned with Cuba, Vietnam and the Soviet Union. Morton Halperin and Gen. Shalikashvili recently traveled to Cuba to confab with Morton’s good buddy Fidel. Hmmm…Clinton looking for a legacy in opening trade relations with Castro? The recent Elian Gonzales circus should put to rest just who’s side Morton/Clinton/Greg Craig are on.) The NLG remains affiliated with the International Association of Democratic Lawyers(IADL), a body dominated by the Soviet Union. NLG attorneys, many of them also active in the ACLU, aided by NLG law students and paralegals, have played an active role in lawsuits and discovery proceedings against a wide range of U.S. intelligence agencies. It has largely been because of these well coordinated activities assaulting our domestic and international intelligence agencies that their effectiveness in protecting American citizens has been greatly diminished or dismantled entirely, not to mention putting in great danger for assassination those brave men and women who work around the world, in covert operations, gather Human Intelligence (HUMINT), one of the most necessary forms of intelligence gathering.

CNSS staff drawn from the Institute for Policy Studies have included David Cortright, a former organizer of anti-Vietnam war GIs at Fort Bliss, Texas; Courtland Cox, a former activist with the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee(SNCC); and Mark Ryter, a member of the IPS Government Accountability Project. Other staff and consultants have come from the North American Congress on Latin America(NACLA), along with agencies of the Cuban government credited by CIA-turncoat Philip Agee with providing him with material needed for his anti-CIA exposé book. Morton Haleperin’s defense of Agee, left no doubt which side he is on, and it ain’t the United States.

One can begin to understand why Halperin viewed our intelligence agencies with great suspicion, he realized that some occasion may arise when they’d be focused on his UN-American activities. His power in the Clinton administration, behind the scenes and away from the eyes of the citizens, has given this radical sixties Leftist free reign to continue on the path of Communists loyalty and undermining of anything American. Incredible when you consider he never would have gotten this far in his beloved communist society. Typical of biting the hand that gave him his freedom of speech, Morton Halperin is just another flack for the bad guys.

Halperin has been affiliated with the internationalist-pacifist International Movement for Atlantic Union; Freedom House, a center for anti-anti-Communism; the American Friends of Vietnam, which was nothing less than a propaganda front for the late Ngo dinh Diem; and the leftist-oriented National Committee on United States-(Red) China Relations. He continues his pro-communist activities today, and I do not wonder at all if the information and sensitive security intelligence on those ‘missing’ laptop computers took but a moment to wind up in the hands of the Chinese communists as well as the other communist regimes around the world. Yeah, Morton is sure loyal to his beloved country, but his beloved country ain’t the U.S.A.

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