The Clymer emissions… They stink!

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From now on, when I get annoyed, I’m going to pound out an indictment of the week’s most egregious example of Journalistic Flatulence. I’ll call it the Clymer Award. This week’s awards for smelly emissions and omissions, by print and TV reporters are in the details of a horrific crime by 25 feral blacks – and – the non story that the white race is about to be relegated to minority status within their own countries. Odds are nobody will find out about these important stories unless they look long and hard for them. That is by design.

In the year 2000, the white race is only 10% of the world population. The Census Bureau reports that Whites will also become a minority in North America by 2050. Cultural anthropologists have thus far ignored this event, which is the first of its kind. Never before has any society allowed it’s cultural mores and norms be replaced by those of it’s immigrants without war. This is the first time that a resident population is being peacefully voted out of the majority, without a shot fired at the invading hoards.

Unchecked immigration of unlike peoples is a recipe for cultural suicide… yet White Americans are essentially silenced in their dissent. Those of us who comment on the phenomenon are marginalized as racists and bigots, while blacks, Hispanics and Asians freely associate by race, language, ethnicity, or sexual preference, in business, housing, academia, political action committees -even school clubs. Every other ethnic and racial minority is afforded this type of exclusive association, and demand representation by their ‘own kind’, but a similar request by whites is labeled as criminal, racist and xenophobic. Only non-whites can express a preference for association with or representation by, their own race, religion or sexual orientation.

The situation has become so dire in politics that Hispanics and Blacks insist that only Black or Latino representatives can protect their interests in government, yet no white politician dare speak of white-only representation for his people.

The country is being delivered to other races and cultures by our own government and entertainment media. If this trend is unchecked, nonwhites will become a working majority within the next few election cycles, free to redefine what is normal and moral in our society. Whites who resist the takeover are defined as ‘bigots’ and ‘haters’. We see it on nightly sit-coms and in motion pictures. Even our newsrooms use selective information about day to day crime, to achieve these ends.

How often do newsrooms protect by omission, the racial identity of black, or Hispanic offenders, while identifying whites by race for crimes against protected minorities? The Marietta Ga. gang rape of a 13-year-old is a case in point. This week in court, were some of the 25 men and boys who gang raped a 13-year old retarded girl. I repeat — 25 MEN raped a retarded child for an entire night, taking turns and delivering her to others. The video taped the event and laughed in court. To find out the men were black, I had to go to the Marietta papers, where their faces were front-page news. Across the country, this story had no racial identities, and I still don’t know the race of the victim. Furthermore, none of the men were charged with pedophilia in the police reports or news stories I’ve read.

We all know that if this were a gang rape of a retarded black child by white men –first – the election would be over, in favor of algore, because the media firestorm would deliver a 100% turnout of blacks against any white candidate. Every news cycle between now and the election would bring together “experts” on racial politics to give us 24-7 coverage of the “analysis” of ‘residual racism in America’. Shame on us.

Now lets change the victim to a homosexual boy. Pick your scenario. We all know the outcomes of these events. Black on white –no coverage. White on black–election fodder. Straight on gay OR white on gay –front page news and round the clock agonizing together with candlelight vigils.

I would love feedback from readers who may not have heard of this crime of the decade from their traditional news sources yet. If you have to dig for this story, my point is made. The problem of coverage in these cases is one of scope. The media determines what is news, and for how long. The bias is not only how they cover a story, but also whether the story is repeated over several news cycles. Any story, which provides fodder for the socialists, homosexuals, multiculturalists, or one world government advocates, becomes a nation wide pre-occupation. If a news story challenges the prevailing wisdom about the aforementioned groups, few of us ever read or hear it.

We are losing our country. The Clymers who are employed as editors and reporters are deliberately camouflaging, minimizing and ignoring crimes which reveal the overrepresentation of specific demographics in criminal behavior. Crimes against whites, Christians, or by homosexuals against our values and children are non-events.

Americans are not racists. And we are extremely tolerant of homosexuality when we are not force-fed the details. We have opened our hearts, our borders and our pocketbooks to the very cultures that are swamping us and relegating us to a minority. If we are guilty of anything it’s naivete. In the last half of this century, Americans have bathed in what we believed was unlimited prosperity and potential for ALL people.

We are not haters, but spoiled children, ignorant of the world around us, and the reality of racial politics, when we are not the in the majority. We’ve made pie-in-the-sky proclamations on the possibilities for all mankind, while the rest of the planet takes advantage of our foolish, hemp induced delusions of grandeur. One day soon we will wake up to find East Indians suing for their religious right to burn their dead in the Lake of the Ozarks, and family farms broken up and redistributed to the “needy” ala Zimbabwe/Rhodesia. Homosexuals will continue to grow as a percentage of the population because, yes, they do recruit. And yes, they do degrade our society, when they seduce our kids in our schools, through media brain washing.

I think it STINKS!!

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