The CIA created the drug culture: My weekend with Timothy Leary

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Written By Henry Makow


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In the 1950’s, the CIA experimented with LSD for use in interrogation and as a weapon.

In the 1960’s they used this weapon to divert idealistic Americans from the path of social action to one of introspection and self-gratification, i.e. “spiritual liberation.”

They neutralized my generation by turning angry protesters into “flower children” preaching “peace and love.”

The mantra of the age was “Tune in, Turn on and Drop Out”. The prophet was psychologist, Dr. Timothy Leary (1920-1996).

Was Leary working for the CIA? Mark Reibling put this question to the aged guru in 1994 after a speech in Gainesville Florida.

“They never gave me a dime,” Leary said with a pained expression, and then avoided his questioner.

If not a CIA agent, Reibling makes a convincing case that Leary was their dupe.

The CIA promotes people who believe in their personal cause but are unaware they are advancing the New World Order.

Like most intelligence agencies, the CIA does not represent national interests. It was created by British intelligence and serves the London-based central bankers.

The CIA said they sponsored radicals, liberals and leftists as “an alternative to Communism.” This is not true. They did it to introduce a different style of Communism.

Behind the fascade of equality and brotherhood, Communism is monopoly capitalism, controlled by the bankers and administered by the state.

Funds and drugs for Leary’s research came from the CIA. In his autobiography, “Flashbacks” (1983), Leary credits Cord Meyer, the CIA executive in charge of funding the lib-left and counter culture with “helping me to understand my political cultural role more clearly.”

Elsewhere he says the “Liberal CIA” is the “best mafia you can deal with in the Twentieth Century.” (These references are from Reibling’s groundbreaking must-read article: “Was Leary a CIA agent?” ) Leary clearly was working for the CIA but thought he was working for himself.

Like Leary we are all dupes.


When I was a child I used to lie in bed at night and read TIME and NEWSWEEK from cover to cover. At the age of 12, I helped organize marches for world hunger relief. At 14, the marches were for Negro Civil Rights.

In 1964, while still concerned with the American Negro, I noticed that I was dancing alone. The party had moved to another room. Vietnam was now the cause celebre. It was as if someone (i.e. the CIA-controlled media) had mysteriously blown a whistle.

I participated in a rising crescendo of anti-war activity. In 1968, after the gut-wrenching assassinations of King and Robert Kennedy, LBJ’s decision not to seek reelection (his CFR handlers told him to go) and the clubbing of protesters at the Democratic Convention in Chicago deflated the anti-war movement.

Then, acting as one like a flock of geese, my generation gave up on social change, became “alienated” and “turned inward.” Maybe we needed to change ourselves, we reasoned, before we can change the world. Thanks to the CIA, drugs were plentiful and Leary’s mantra was echoed in the mass media.

Although it was another ten years before I tried marijuana, I had experienced the “Summer of Love” hitchhiking across Canada in 1967. Maybe it was time to “hang loose” and focus on personal things. The 1970’s became the “Me Decade.”

The protest years weren’t a complete waste. Before climbing into bed with me, my first lover made me recount the history of the Vietnam War in detail. She wanted to make sure I “was serious.”

My sister and brother-in-law turned me on to marijuana on my 26th birthday. I saw myself as a choo-choo train ascending a steep grade billowing black smoke. My life was a strain. Marijuana was a revelation. It helped me get “out of myself” and see myself objectively. I took up yoga.

Although I have never experienced LSD, I embraced the utopian vision of Timothy Leary and Aldous Huxley. With considerable justification, they believed that “mind expanding” drugs could provide a genuine visionary experience and release mankind’s spiritual potential. In experiments, theology students had life changing revelations; alcoholics were cured.

Many cultures use drugs to promote spirituality. In Mexico, Leary took magic mushrooms. The experience convinced him the normal mind was “a static repetitive circuit.”

“It was above all and without question the deepest religious experience of my life. I discovered that beauty, revelation, sensuality, the cellular history of the past, God, the devil, all lie inside my body, outside my mind.”

This LSD-fueled vision of utopia was put into practice at the highest levels of the US government. In 1963, Cord Meyer’s estranged wife Mary Pinchot Meyers was having an affair with President John F. Kennedy who had embraced LSD. Mary approached Leary for supplies and advice. She and her friends were turning on “some of the most powerful men in Washington.”

In Dec. 1963, Meyer called Leary and said they killed JFK because “they couldn’t control him anymore. He was changing too fast. They’ve covered everything up. I’m afraid. Be careful.” In Oct. 1964, she was murdered.


I suffered from a serious case of hero worship when I visited Timothy Leary around 1990. I had contacted him through his publisher and he phoned me. I wanted to meet the guru and see if the utopian vision he represented was still alive.

I was disillusioned. By this time Leary was fixated on the benefits of the “information superhighway.” His pantry table was crammed with alcohol. He told me his “vision of God” was depicted in the last scene in William Gibson’s book “Neuromancer.”

“At the end of the world, all the information stored in all the computers would rise up into Cyberspace and mingle together.” he said. “That’s God.”

Wonderful, I thought. All those airline reservations mingling together.

At lunch, I tried to remind him of his original vision: using drugs to awaken our spiritual potential and become more God-like in behavior.

“What do you think God is?” he scoffed. “An old man with a beard?”

Prophets sometimes lose their vision. I think this is what happened with Leary.
But he was very generous with his time and hospitality. He was a genuine idealist.

I ferried him around Los Angeles in my rented car. He was appearing in a music video made by an obscure band. He was to earn $300. He lived in a nice house but he was not rich. I took him to see his daughter by his first marriage. She lived in public housing in the valley.


The effects of marijuana and LSD vary wildly. Depending on the individual, the setting and the quality, people can have positive or negative experiences. Similarly the drug culture has been a mixed bag. It has given millions the opportunity to escape the suffocating box of modern materialism and taste their spiritual birthright. It has been a gateway to religion. In my case, it confirmed Christ’s message that God is Love.

But too many have given up on protest and social change. They feel that “fighting the darkness” just “brings me down.” For me, detachment from the world was a limbo in which I drifted for years. I believe in the Path of Service. We gain meaning by doing our Creator’s work. We become human beings by becoming God’s agents.

Our world-view and concerns are totally manipulated by the London-based Masonic bankers through the CIA, mass media and public education. For example, the Iraq War hasn’t aroused a protest similar to Vietnam. Why? The answer lies in the treatment by the mass media. The bankers want Iraq to succeed; they wanted Vietnam to fail.

We are marionettes. The environment, fe-manism, diversity, you name it. The bankers are pulling our strings. In the case of the drug culture, they made us self absorbed and quiescent. They didn’t expect many of us to find God. They still don’t.

It’s time to uphold the Divine Order, against the satanic New World Order.

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