The American worldview chronicle: Issue 6

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Written By Frederick Meekins

It has been said that Evangelicals are five to ten years behind the rest of the culture in terms of embracing fads and trends.

That seems about right.

Last election cycle, a plurality made a considerable fuss over and selected a candidate for the Presidency of the United States primarily because the individual claimed to be Black.

Now it seems movers and shakers within the Southern Baptist Convention have been whipped up into a similar frenzy.

Of the election of Fred Luter to the highest office in that particular ecclesiastical association, the Dean of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Russell Moore gushed, “To have the son of slaves now leading this denomination as it reaches the world with gospel is a sign of God’s mercy.”

So as a man well over 100 years of age, Rev. Luter is looking remarkable fit and vital.

Moore continued on in a vein of self-deprecation that would make most Jews blush, “This denomination was once described…as ‘white as a tractor pull’.  It that’s the case, the denomination will not, and should not, survive.”

Over the centuries, most to hold the Papacy have hailed from the Caucasian end of the racial spectrum.  So should critics call for the end of that institution because it has not lived up to some arbitrary notion of racial diversity?

More importantly, the formulation of Moore’s response to this question put to him is quite revealing and exposes a number of assumptions.

What exactly does “white as a tractor pull” mean anyway?

Are not Whites allowed to have a form of entertainment inherent to their particular culture?  Does Moore intend to criticize forms of recreation that tend to appeal to Black folks but not Whites?

Likewise, will this same spirit of condemnation be brought to bear against Black Baptist bodies that do not enact outreach and set aside opportunities particularly aimed towards White people.?

For overall, one will find it is probably more likely that a Black person will advance within the ranks of the Southern Baptist Convention than for a White person to advance very far within predominately Black ecclesiastical administrative organizations and associations.

If the Rev. Fred Luter was elected from a truly Biblical perspective, not a single word would be mentioned about his color.  Instead, all that would be said is that he is the most qualified man for the position from the standpoint of his Christian character and his aptitude to apply sound theology to the challenges facing American culture today.

Batman Shooter A Neuroscientist That Went Haywire

It seems that the Batman Shooter may be a neuroscientist that went haywire.

So will the media issue numerous exposes and reports how this individual had likely been subjected for years to evolutionary dogma how human beings are nothing more than an accidental conglomeration of chemicals and electricity?

Leftists will remark that such insinuations are offensive and irresponsible.

But are such claims any more so than those of ABC news correspondents hoping that the act of terror was Tea Party related?

Such an insinuation was bandied back and forth between  Brian Ross and George Stephanopolous.

If the gunman had been named Abdul Hassan, would this journalistic outlet had latched onto the first one they could find especially if an activist with the local chapter of CAIR?

Thinking from more conservative voices was no less muddled.

Responding as additional information was made available to the general public, Brain Wilson of WMAL radio remarked it was good news that it seemed likely that the shooter was a “lone wolf” not connected to international terrorism.

But how is a victim any less mangled or dead if shot by a loner or by someone more inherently group oriented such as a member of a gang or terrorist organization?

Sophisticates will opine that this deed does not rise to the level of terrorism.

But why not?

When I first took an interest in this subject over twenty years ago, terrorism was defined as an act of violence committed for the purposes of garnering attention to get people to alter their behavior or shift their perceptions.

If not terrorism, what else do you call an attack with the purposes of attaching forever in a sick and twisted way one’s name to one of America’s most beloved cultural icons and literary characters?

What Else Would Drudge Like Done The Red Chinese Way?

On his website, Drudge had a picture of a Chinese athlete holding her gold medal.  Beneath it, the headline simple read “Domination.”

However, at that point in the games, did a few more gold medals with other medal counts being near equal with the United States constitute “Domination”?

Perhaps Drudge ought to emphasize the price in terms of human dignity and liberty expended to achieve that slight advantage.

As someone that depends on the free flow of ideas and unhindered access to the Internet, one would think Mr. Drudge would be a little more guarded in his enthusiasm for the Red Chinese way of doing things.

It is a shame.  Olympic officials and enthusiasts fly into an outrage over a number of athletes realizing that the way to get ahead might not be by really putting their best foot forward; yet very little is done to condemn a system that produces athletes in facilities barely better than high tech slave labor camps where the parents of the inmates are so afraid of diminishing the glory of the state that they conceal the hardships and tragedies befalling family members.

Quips & Observations

In for a penny, in for a pound.  If Maryland has legalized slots, why not allow table games as well?

The idea that the government thinks it is entitled to an additional percentage of your property that it has already taxed over the course of your lifetime because of whom you decide to leave it to following your earthly demise is even more offensive than two people of the same sex marrying each other.

Joe the Plumber should not be condemned by leftwing Jews over recent comments regarding the Second Amendment.  If Jews had firearms in Germany, at least one of the scenarios would have likely transpired.   Fewer Jews might have died because the Nazis might have thought twice about sending so many to their deaths.  Second, those defending themselves might have taken a greater number of Nazis out along the way.  Even more importantly, if Jews had been permitted to own firearms, there might have not even been a Holocaust since the first step of slaughtering vast numbers of people is to deindividualize.   There is no surer way of accomplishing that than by increasing dependence upon the state.

A caller to WMAL’s Chris Plant proposed that each worker should have to negotiate individually for their own benefits rather than there being a uniform benefit package across a company.  But just how far would this extend?  Should someone get more vacation days or better health insurance because their boobs are larger or perkier?

In a sermon on systematic theology, the minister said that your primary source of teaching ought to be from the local church.  Any books that you research should be construed through what is learned there.  If anything, you should view the local church with the same degree of scrutiny in light of God’s Word.  One might actually need to be more conscientious in keeping one’s guard up in regards to the local church because a book is not going to play up to your existential weaknesses not directly related to the subject matter being addressed by the book nor intimidate you if you don’t go along 100% with the manuscript on every secondary issue.

The cover of the July 2, 2012 of The Nation reads, “Islamophobia: Anatomy Of An American Panic”.  Those given over to such reflection should stop and ask a profound question.  That interrogatory is just how many publications in the Islamic and Third Worlds have published articles with titles such as “Christophobia” or “Ameriphobia?  It must be observed that those given over to destroying their own neighborhoods upon merely hearing things they don’t like aren’t exactly renowned for their aptitude out critical self-evaluation.

On The O’Reilly Factor, Glenn Beck wasn’t too pleased about over $300,000 being raised on behalf of the elderly woman denigrated by junior high students while she served as a school bus monitor.  Perhaps this woman has this job to begin with because she doesn’t make the nearly $100 million per year like Beck does and such funds would allow her to retire.

So is Glenn Beck going to back down from exposing Agenda 21 the way he did FEMA camps?

Sandusky under suicide watch after conviction of forty counts of assorted crimes against children.  Should just let him kill himself and be done with it.

Too much is being made over a survey that 30% under thirty have at some point have doubted the existence of God at some point. The survey does not indicate that these individuals continued on in that frame of mind. Many renowned theists such as Billy Graham, C.S. Lewis and Mother Teressa doubted at various points in their lives and eventually worked through it for the better.

If illegals are not to be treated much differently than the actually citizens of Arizona, should Arizona citizens be required to show up to jury duty?

Obama wanting a cut of your birthday or wedding loot shows just what a greedy b—–d her happens to be.

Would those horrified over the prospect of placing advertisements across the sides of fire engines rather no fire engine show up to an emergency at all?

If silverware is to be collected before a presidential appearance like you are in a prison cafeteria, it is no longer an honor to see the president and not worth the bother.

What’s so wrong with a smaller trophy or at least a certificate for just showing up?  It’s not like sports are required by law.  Kid’s aren’t required to show up.

Certain Dispensationalist theologians hypothesize that natural disasters in America can be traced to incidents when the U.S. government sided against Israel.   So when such a natural disaster nearly strikes the property of a Dispensationalist church, ought it to be concluded that the congregation has done something to incur the judgment of God?

Aren’t those going out of their way to pat themselves on the back by stating publically why they are not on Facebook on Sundays the contemporary equivalent of the Pharisees that thanked God in an ostentatious manner how they are not like other men or those that went out their way to inform everyone around them that they were fasting? Just because you feel pangs over what to you is wasted time is no reason why your standard needs to be imposed upon everyone else or to insinuate that you are more spiritual than the remainder of us regarding a matter most of us did not need to be informed of.

Especially in previous generations, large families were not necessarily hallmarks of religious devotion or a sign of love between the parents. Many times it simply signified a man brutal enough to take what he wanted without regards to his wife and a wife too docile for whatever reason to resist or deny.

In previous generations characterized by large families with prodigious numbers of children, there might have been lots of sex going on. But I doubt there was not much lovemaking. Of course, there are probably religious legalists that would probably find the lack of enjoyment a virtue and an ideal to emulate.

Why shouldn’t a student shooting spitballs at classmates be saddled with a criminal record? Could he have done this to the President without consequences?

No wonder Rush Limbaugh applauded the commencement address admonishing the graduates that they were nothing special.  That pretty much summarizes Limbaugh’s attitude towards every woman he’s married.

Apparently since the gunmen look like Obama and Holder rather than the victim, it is doubtful the average consumer of news is going to hear about two ghetto thugs that murdered a Chinese food deliveryman.

A vaccination against the addictive qualities of nicotine is being developed.  So will this treatment be voluntary or will it be yet another prick of the needle imposed upon unsuspecting parents and school children like the Gardacil sex shot?

An associate insists that we must get worked up over the subtle distinction between atheism and agnosticism.  Yet because he was told to do so, we aren’t suppose to view the Christianity espoused by Palin, Bachman, and Santorum as valid because these political figures have not embraced a capitulationist foreign policy in the face of Islamist extremism and terrorism.  So if they are to be viewed as little more than atheists because, to these ultralegalists, whoever disagrees with them theologically in the slightest even if they are in agreement in regards to Christology, is by default of unbelief, why the effort to strain between atheism and agnosticism?

At a forum on gay issues, Pentagon officials lamented in prior days they were not able to detail at work they details of their private lives.  Frankly, I don’t care to hear about these from straight coworkers either.  The less you know about fellow employees and about you, the better off you are.

Under Obamacare, you’ll have health coverage alright.  You just won’t be getting much treatment.

If the Supreme Court does not think it is a big deal to falsify one’s military record as evidenced by its ruling regarding the Stolen Valor Act, then why is practicing law without a license so wrong in the eyes of the legal system?

In light of a number of decisions by Chief Justice John Roberts on the Supreme Court placating radical leftists, apparently it is not a robe that he wears but rather a frilly little dress. Might as well give him one of those lacey doilies that Ruth Bader Ginsburg often has draped around her neck.

And what if the pissant shooting spitballs had blinded a student with one functioning eye? Some of those making the free market nearly a God and a religion unto itself would probably say the human cyclops got what it deserved and then deny him medical coverage.

I guess there are those that will say the coach arrested for tripping a young teen on the ice should instead be heralded as sportsman of the year for conveying some kind of life lesson to the youth.

Chief Justice Roberts said it is not the duty of the Court to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.  So if the nation wanted to herd Jews into cattle cars, America’s most prominent judicial body would refuse to issue an injunction or such condemning such an act?

The commencement speaking insisting there is nothing inherently special about individual human beings told the students that they were taken care of   by adults that had better things to do.   If that is the attitude of these adults, perhaps they ought to have been doing these other things the night they made the baby.

Tom Cruise will need to find some new cushions to bounce around on. He’s divorcing Katie Holmes.

Why should those in their mid 20’s be allowed to remain on their parent’s insurance?  Why can’t they get jobs they despise like the rest of us and pull their own weight?

At a campaign stop, the assembled cheered Obama when he mentioned young adults in their 20’s remaining on their parents’ insurance.  Why is that a laudable policy development?  Doesn’t it mean these youngsters lack good employment?

The cover story of the March 2012 edition of Architectural Record is “Building For Social Change.”  For those not yet fluent in speaking the language of Totalitarianstan, this means people will literally be herded into living in tight quarters whether they want to or not.   Most laughable were the pronouncements for the grandiose projects designated for skid row areas with large concentrations of the homeless and others just as likely on government assistance.  After nearly five decades of public housing projects, apparently these central planners still fail to realize that, no matter how pretty you design the building, it’s not going to last long if the residents have it so easily handed to them that they have no compunction against defecating in places other than the designated toilet facilities.

Michelle Obama declared Jesus to be a model citizen.  In the eyes of the First Lady, I wonder if that includes the incident of the driving of the money changers from the Temple?  Does Michelle Obama applaud Christ’s endorsement of the right to carry a concealed weapon (or at least a weapon) when He told his Disciples to sell a cloak to purchase a sword if they did not already have access to the contemporary side arm of the day.   And under the kind of healthcare reform advocated by Jesus, contraceptives (at least for the unmarried) would not be necessary since He told the adulterous woman to go and sin no more.

So do the police that initially concluded that George Zimmerman’s injuries were not consistent with his life being threatened allow themselves to be beaten seriously before drawing their sidearm on an approaching suspect or assailant?

On the cover of the 4/20/12 issue of the leftwing Catholic publication Commonweal is a picture of a farm worker.  The caption below the picture reads, “Meet The Woman Who Picked Your Food”.   And why should the average American be made to feel guilty about this?  Unlike this leftwing branch of the Catholic faith (as well as the leftwing branches of Protestantism for that matter), average citizens are not the ones wanting borders flung wide open and little done to deport those with no business being here.  Does the magazine also intend to run a cover article about average Americans to shoulder increased tax burdens and how waves of immigrants failing to acclimate to the cultural standards of this country have decreased the quality of life in numerous communities across the nation?

If Black entertainment needs a separate awards program, isn’t that an admission that programs dealing with Black folks are inherently inferior to works of the imagination dealing with Whites?

A commercial lamenting “too many risk free trials and not enough participants” is properly translated “Come be our human guinea pig”.

Focus on The Family, in its Plugged In review of the animated feature “Brave”, lists as sexual content “a suitor flexes his pecks; a handful of maidens swoon.”  Such wanton harlotry.

Are conservatives in an outrage over the idea of being required to obtain health insurance also going to harp how no one should be required to pick up your medical pill if you haven’t contributed to the system?

Contrary to the tone of an energy conservation announcement, since I am paying for the electricity, it’s no one’s business if I fall asleep with the TV on or not.

During a recent campaign trip, local taxpayers were forced to pick up the tab for Obama’s security.  I thought the purpose of the Arizona case was to be a “teachable moment” over the impropriety of the state stepping up to handle a function of the federal government.

How are a tax and a penalty really all that different?  In the contemporary assessment system, every tax is a punishment for something.  Be it for attempting to better yourself through increased income, for owning something such as property, for trying to enjoy yourself, for simply existing, or for simply ceasing to exist (so called death taxes as well as having to send back Social Security payments for family not living the entire month).

Montgomery County, Maryland has cancelled July 4th fireworks displays in the aftermath of a storm that crippled much of the Washington Metropolitan Area.   Would similar courage have been mustered to cancel Hispanic or assorted Third World festivals?

Andy Griffith has passed away.  Apparently he checked out before having to suffer under the Obamacare he contributed to inflicting upon everybody else.

Obama says it is suppose to be hot since it is the Fourth of July. Perhaps he should draft a memo explaining such to his fanatic environmentalist supporters and policy advisors before they get on the global warming bandwagon.

If he is going to be required to pay child support, why shouldn’t Tom Cruise be granted visitation?

Whoever doesn’t let the amputee Olympian win will certainly be seen as a global heel.

The Vatican has set back ecumenical relations decades.  In a statement that can’t be described as anything but cultic, the Congregation For The Doctrine Of The Faith has stipulated that the legitimacy of a church is not determined by a profession in Christ but rather by fidelity to the Pope.   Talk about an inflated ego.  Act 16:13 instructs believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved.  There is not much there about unwavering loyalty to a stand in that is no less human that and just as much in need of a Savior as the remainder of us.  The Spirit of the Lord is where two or three are gathered in His name.  A certificate of authenticity from a plushly adorned headquarters is not required.

John Huntsman is refusing to participate in any Republican functions until the GOP puts the country above politics. I am sure so many average Republicans are devastated by such an announcement. However, an even greater number are probably scratching their heads and saying, “Huntsman who?”  To the unsuspecting, such a sentiment might actually sound noble.   However, to Huntsman, it is merely euphemism calling for the adoption of more liberal policies.

The Olsen Twins have designed a knapsack that costs $34,000.  I guess it costs a lot to look like a crack whore.

The cover of a July 2012 issue of the Baltimore Jewish Times reads, “The Jewish community recovers from last weekend’s devastating storm.”   It wasn’t exactly bagels and cream cheese for we heathen Gentiles either.  Had a Christian publication focused so narrowly on its own woes during a crisis that impacted so many equally irrespective of creed, you’d never hear the end of it from the Anti-Defamation League.

The so-called “conservatives” on Fox News’ “The Five” congratulated Barney Frank on his wedding.   What are they congratulating?  This is no a real marriage.  Extending such felicitudes make about as much sense as considering the winner of a game of Monopoly a successful business tycoon.

If a heat wave and severe thunderstorm are suppose to be God’s judgment as some are suggesting, then He is not as bright as His press secretaries have led us to believe.  These things often happen during the summer months.  So at that time of year how are we suppose to tell if their source is derived from supernatural intervention or merely part of the natural processes He has established for the benefit of ourselves and the planet?

Filmmaker Michael Moore is insinuating that, if you have spoken out against union excesses, you do not deserve to have your electricity restored.  In other words, access to the necessities of contemporary life should be predicated upon ideological conformity and compliance.  Such a proposal by Moore should come as no surprise.  It seems for decades now that Moore has lavished praise upon the Cuban healthcare system.  In such totalitarian regimes, one’s access to goods and services is not determined by a fairly objective standard such as price where any with the requested amount may qualify but rather but how politically utilitarian one is in furthering the agenda of the prevailing elite.

While filling in on the Rush Limbaugh program, economist Walter Williams insinuated those seeking some kind of public assistance for the nursing care of their decrepit parents are not honoring their mothers and fathers as admonished by the pages of Scripture.  And where exactly are most suppose to get the $9,000 per month to pay for this nursing care? There are only so many that get to take a turn at filling in for Rush Limbaugh.  Interestingly, the same legalists that like nothing more than putting their piety on display for church members to applaud and fawn all over that would agree with Williams’ conclusion would probably then turn around and heap condemnation on such Christians going bankrupt or working themselves into an early grave directly providing highly skilled medical care (hey might not be qualified to give) if they were unable to send their children to Christian or home school or slack off in what they slip into the collection plate for evangelizing the jungle savages overseas as a result of undertaking this financial hardship.

In order to justify confiscatory taxation, President Obama gleefully reminded that no one achieves in isolation.  Will he also emphasize the inverse corollary that the deliberately indolent on public assistance that the Chief Executive wants to free from the obligation of seeking gainful employment drag the remainder of us down along with them?  So if someone is a success in life as a result of a skilled educator as Obama claims, why is the drunk deadbeat entitled to a cut of the accumulated wealth?

Republican outreach to Blacks is euphemism for increased welfare handouts and laxity towards crime.

Apparently Romney is one of the few people in the world Obama won’t apologize to.  Maybe, if Romney killed a few thousand people first, the President would feel the need to bow and scrape before the Republican candidate.

Willy Brown admitted on Bill O’Reilly that skin color is an important issue to African Americans. Interesting how when it is an issue to White folk, this very same piece of socialist bilge would condemn it as racism.

Researchers are claiming that women are surpassing men on IQ tests.   However, it must be asked are these the same tests given when men had the higher scores or have the tests be altered to incorporate questions men don’t give a flip about?  Interesting how when men were scoring higher leftists were insisting things like intelligence were not objectively quantifiable and that it was sexist to attempt to do so anyway.

Wonder if those hybrid owners in the commercial rubbing it in viewers faces about how little such vehicles need to be refilled with gasoline will be as full of hubris when they are spending nearly $5,000 to replace the battery.

An Executive Branch that deliberately flouts established laws while imposing arbitrary edicts upon those residing within the nation’s boundaries has stepped over the line into becoming a dictatorship.

In an antacid commercial, Larry the Cable Guy insists that he likes everything about America.  Does that include Chicago’s skyrocketing murder rate and the prospects of a decreasing economy?

On their website, a publisher of electronic academic journals is advertising “Celebrate Rousseau’s 300th birthday with our free collection of articles.”  While it might be worthwhile to take a moment to remember what Rousseau hath wrought as those that don’t know history are doomed to repeat it, there really isn’t all that much worth celebrating about Rousseau. He was after all, one of the figures that did so much to ruin education with his manifesto on the subject titled Emile.

If Obama is going to admonish those of accomplishment as to why they should pay additional taxes because they did not achieve in isolation, perhaps the President should lecture the nearly half of the population that no longer pay taxes why they should at least pay a pittance in acknowledgement that they also ought to contribute to society rather than to simply leech off of it.

In coverage of a falling tree crushing a motorist to death in Great Falls, Virginia, one could detect a hint of relief in the voice of the WRC 4 correspondent that the victim turned out to be a man rather than a woman.  Shouldn’t the death of either be viewed as equally tragic?

Regarding this giving back to the COMMUNITY drivel, we do it every day we go to work and pay taxes.

Isn’t blaming comic books and movies for the Batman Shooter something akin to blaming the Bible for Satanists?

So will the fine imposed upon Penn State by the NCAA go to the victims or to like the pockets of the athletic association?  How many low level clerical and janitorial staff will be laid off to pay for the fine?

So will superhero t-shirts become the equivalent of gang uniforms in the eyes of law enforcement. Those spats between Marvel and DC fans can get quite heated.

In NPR coverage of the Batman Shooting, one witness lamented that the gunman shot women.  And that is worse than shooting men why?

If the Batman Shooter admires the Joker so much, perhaps part of his punishment ought to be having his visage disfigured with caustic substances.

So does the NCAA have a time machine? Penn State won the games. Apart from some kind of temporal incursion, you can’t erase the time line.

Perhaps someone should make a fuss it will likely be Black kids denied these Penn State football scholarships.

So are the parents that let their kids be abused under Penn State football going to have their professional accomplishments stricken from the historical record because of their failure to pay proper attention to their progeny? As many no doubt indoctrinated into the minds of their offspring that these coaches were nearly gods walking among mere mortals.

The thing is that the revenue Obama insists will go towards things like roads and bridges that businesses and individuals of accomplishment use will instead go towards GSA drumsticks and commercials to entice Mexicans onto the Food Stamp rolls.

Those given over to pathological yammering and incessant socialization have inflicted greater harm on this society than the average loner ever has.

A clarification.  Man is a animal (particularly a mammal) biologically but distinct from animals ontologically.  That does not conflict with a literalist seven day view of creation.  Like mammals, humans are warm-blooded, grow hair, and produce live young which are usually fed by milk from their mothers when born.  Admitting humans are animals in this sense no more undermines the unique nature of man being made in the image of God than does admitting that man is composed physically of matter.  Only heretics such as Gnostics deny that the material component of man is as essential as the spiritual at least in the world in which he now finds himself.

If some kind of total prohibition is enacted, does that mean law enforcement personnel and government security agencies will be required to surrender their assault weapons as well?

A number of Christians I have been sparring with on a social network site have condemned science as a false religion because of the questionable spiritual backgrounds of that epistemological methodologies foremost practitioners.  Then perhaps Christian youths should instead be encouraged to pursue callings in these fields and in the creative areas that reflect upon the implications of these fields instead of constantly beaten over the head into becoming foreign missionaries.  How about fighting for our own culture for a change instead of glamorizing the pygmies overseas?

The difference in Romney reminding us to remember those that helped us get where we are is that, when Romney proffers such an admonition, such an oration is not a prelude to additional taxation.

Given the riots in Anaheim, it doesn’t look like police cracked quite enough heads.

One person likes creamy sausage.  You like chicken fillet sandwiches.  Diversity means that not only does your friend not have to eat chicken fillets but that you shouldn’t be allowed have chicken fillets either and that you must ascent to how wonderful it is that others prefer creamy sausage.

And how is Joe Paterno any worse than assorted Catholic prelates that swept incidents of alleged abuse under the rug for the “good of the program”?

Rahm Emanuel says Chick Filet is not in keeping with Chicago’s values.  And what exactly do those consist of?  Widespread municipal corruption?  So are we to assume that the Nation of Islam minions to prowl the city in the attempt to curb the skyrocketing homicide rate (another Chicago value?) represent the virtues embodied by that particular Midwestern metropolis?  So apparently you aren’t welcome in Chicago if you oppose gay marriage, but its arms are open wide to you if you believe that White people were created by a Satanic genetic engineer and that there is a giant flying saucer hovering above the Earth that will one day rain nuclear annihilation down upon unsuspecting White people whose only crime was having been born White?

Does the President intend to visit the families of every other person that met their end in tragic unforeseen circumstances or is that honor only extended when it occurs as an around the clock breaking news story?

If Rahm Emanuel does not speak out against plans by the Nation of Islam to patrol Chicago streets, what would be wrong with Klansmen or Skinheads doing the same there or elsewhere in America?

A cover story on an issue of Ebony Magazine read “Black Wealth”. Given that the publication is geared towards Black folks, are its readers so racially narcissistic that they have no interest in money unless the article tickles their sense of ethnic superiority? What about a magazine titled Alabaster with an article on “White Wealth”?

The impression I am getting from certain hyperlegalists is that, to the Christian, the life of the mind is to be as mundane as common everyday existence.   For nothing that does not exist in the everyday world ought to be permitted to exist in the realm of the imagination either.  It seems that would include scientific advancements as well.   I was informed that science was occultic (as they proceeded to instruct me on the matter through a scientific device known as a computer).  Movies produced by these people must be a real hoot or a thriller.  I suppose such cinematic master pieces would consist of little more than a two hour prayer meeting.

So if the U.S. beats the Chinese in terms of Olympic medals, will our system of training (where athletes provide for their own training instead of it being provided in near concentration camp conditions) finally be heralded as superior?  If athletes from behind the Iron and Bamboo Curtains didn’t look so pleased at the prospects of U.S. Olympic victory, it was not so much because of the prospect of losing but probably out of fear of being beaten afterwards by their tyrannical taskmasters.

Those Christians that badmouth individuality, droning on that the true believer defers to the church as embodying the wisdom of the group, don’t really have a leg to stand on in condemning a church in the deep south that would not allow a Black couple to get married in their building.  They should actually applaud the decision if the individual really is to yield to the group for no other reason, in regards to those issues not clearly spelled out in the pages of Holy Scripture, than simply because it is the group or COMMUNITY that must take precedence.

If Michael Savage is going to blame the Batman producers for the massacre in a Colorado movie theater, as a writer of political thrillers (which often include violence as an element intrinsic to the plot), shouldn’t he also share the blame for violent entertainment?

John Stewart denounced Rush Limbaugh as “gross”.   However, it was on John Stewart’s program (not Rush Limbaugh’s) that one segment featured a giant perambulating penis costume.

An article in a scientific journal is titled “Natural And Human Causes Of Earwig Mortality During Winter.”  Are you going to tell me we are suppose to adorn ourselves in sackcloth and ashes over dead earwigs now?

In the 80’s and 90’s at certain Christian schools, one was almost given the impression that one could be booted out for copping to shopping at K-Mart (or perhaps for even watching The Simpsons).  Will it now be insinuated that studies might not be worthy of membership in their respective student bodies if they eat anywhere other than Chick-Fillet?

Certain theologians conjecture that it is improper for a church to operate a bookstore on its premises because one comes to church to be spiritually uplifted.  Such a statement implies that one cannot be edified through printed words that one has purchased.     But then how does this differ from the putting of funds into the collection plate?  Does not Scripture that a workman is worthy of his hire?  Perhaps a number turn to publishing since no established church would ever provide them with a venue to share a message that may have just as much been given to them by God as anything the pastor may have to say.  This ban on bookstores in a church also raises a number of additional questions.   If a church bookstore would soil the propagation of the Gospel with the connotations of base commerce, then why are missionaries often permitted to sell CD’s and assorted paraphernalia at a table in the vestibule following a service?    And most importantly, if a book sold in a church doesn’t possess any spiritually redeemable value, why would it then be appropriate to include it as part of the church library?

The Center For Science In The Public Interest, the pro-starvation lobby sucking the enjoyment out of life lobby, has a list of items in categorizes as “food porn”.    If these gastronomic delights are to be categorized as such,  as certain strands of liberalism insist, it is no one’s business what we eat behind the closed doors of our bedrooms or (perhaps in this case) our kitchens.  Taking this analogy to the standard defense of pornography to its logical conclusion, if one can get some college professor to get such junk food labeled as masterpieces of culinary expression, shouldn’t the establishments making such fare available be given government grant money?

The mass casualty incident at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin cannot be described as anything other than an act of terrorism.  However, had the tragedy involved a group of less exotic Americans, would media and law enforcement have been as prompt in categorizing it as such?  There are a number in those respective professions that still won’t call the attack on Fort Hood such several years later.

President Obama insists Americans recoil at shootings motivated by ethnic hate.  Many Obama voters, however, have little problem with shootings motivated by the coveting of high dollar athletic shoes.

New reports indicate that the shooter at the Sikh Temple had a military background in psychological warfare.  Interestingly, both the Batman Shooter and the professor law enforcement prevented from shooting up his deceased son’s high school also had careers focusing on mind manipulation.

A fuss is being made that the Sikh Temple Shooter Wade Michael Page was known to be a member of organizations categorized as “hate groups” by the likes of the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League.  However, what is not being pointed out is that such a nefarious distinction may be easier to obtain than even a trophy from one of these Little League teams where everyone is considered a winner.  All you have to do is have a Ron Paul bumper sticker on your car, admit to voting for Chuck Baldwin, or believe that Jesus as the only Begotten Son is the only path to eternal salvation.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has armed gunman patrolling its headquarters while advocating the curtailment of the average American’s Second Amendment rights.  Should the organization be placed on a terrorist watch list?

There is considerable hullabaloo that the Sikh Temple Shooter was a member of a “White power” musical ensemble.  And how is White supremacist rock morally worse than the debauchery and Afrosupremacism of many varieties of rap and the glorification of Satan and suicide endemic to many forms of heavy metal?

Does media whore Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center give a flip about the victims of the Colorado Theater Shooting or were these folks a too conventional variety of Caucasian?

The cover story of the September 2012 issue of Sojourners Magazine is subtitled “Why people of faith should care about public education (and what they can do about it)”.  While citizens ought to care about it, they are under no obligation to surrender their progeny to the system like some kind of sacrifice upon the altar.  As a parent, your primary responsibility is to the nurture, upkeep, and protection of your own children.

Many Christian schools are charging nearly $8000 in tuition per student.  Thing is, if you point out you don’t have that in terms of finances, you are denounced as materialistic and greedy.  It’s is a shame certain parents insist upon eating on a regular schedule and wanting a roof over one’s head other than one shared with the local bridge trolls.  Unlike many missionaries, some of us just aren’t inclined to out stretch a hand and guilt trip those within earshot into putting something in it.  Perhaps it should be pointed out that the advertisement for a specific school in the local newspaper education supplement probably didn’t come cheap.

Same legalists demanding you pay to send your children to Christian school are some of the same ones that condemn you if you can’t afford to save up for your own retirement.

As the Republican Vice Presidential candidate, will one of the retirement programs that Jack Ryan will be calling for the abolition or drastic alteration of be his own?  Because if he serves even two terms in the Romney Administration, he will only be about 50 years old.  That is well below the mid 70’s or even early 80’s he would compel the remainder of us to toil to probably if he has his way.

At least Romney didn’t select Maro Rubio.  If he did, all we would have heard about is an Hispanic who is technically no darker than the average Italian, Jew, or even run of the mill Caucasian with a good tan.

A customer came into an associate’s place of business blabbering in Spanish.  The customer was informed that he could not be understood.  The customer then called his supervisor who then proceeded to chew out my associate how disrespectful it was for service not to be rendered in Spanish.  We constantly hear about the “Ugly American Syndrome”.  Is about high time we had an awareness campaign of the “Ugly Mexican Syndrome”.

In one ABC Radio News account of the Sikh Temple Shooter Wade Michael Page, there was no other point to the story than that the mass murderer was unfriendly prior to the incident.   No other evidence was given in the broadcast version.  The online version provided the clarification that, about a week after moving into his apartment, “Page’s smiles went away.”    So how much pandering and catering to the neighbors is now required to prevent one from being added to law enforcement or intelligence agency watchlist?  I suppose it is also up to the discretion of the neighbors whether or not Michael Savage or Ann Coulter can be displayed on your bookshelf without the action triggering a Waco style raid.

On the game show America’s Bible Challenge, unless host Jeff Foxworthy is playing for charity as well, why should contestants have to?

Would Frau Obama had made a fuss on Leno if the Olympic gold medalist had eaten some kind of egg biscuit sandwich from some establishment favored by effete leftists sich as Starbucks or Trader Joe’s rather than McDonald’s?  By urging a whole wheat muffin, isn’t she insensitive to those suffering from celiac disease?

Isn’t heaping condemnation upon those that struggle with social anxiety, the dislike of crowds, and the like for not being fanatic church attenders the same as passing disparaging judgment upon the dimwitted for not having read hundreds of books or pursing higher level degrees?  Should the non-scholastic have their devotion to Christ called into question or is that just for those not under the surveillance of prying ecclesiastical operatives.

If a church has no ministries or activities that interest a person but the person attends regularly and drops something into the collection plate occasionally, what difference does it make whether their name is in a database or file cabinet in the pastor’s office?

What is one defining as a “good work”?  Shouldn’t every day you go to work unless you are involved in some inherently immoral occupation be considered doing good works?  Some will respond that such deeds cannot be considered such because one is compensated monetarily for such labor.  By such a definition, nothing done by a member of the professional clergy can be considered a good work since such hirelings are receiving compensation for their ministry efforts.

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