Terrorists win U.S. referendum on Iraqi war

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Written By Gordon Bishop


According to polls in the Mideast during this year’s congressional election, terrorists supported a win for the liberal Democrat party because Democrats bitterly attacked President Bush for the global war on terror, especially in Iraq.

Every Democrat in Congress ran against Bush and “his war in Iraq.” That resonated well with the radical Islamic terrorists, who used the Democrat campaign propaganda in their own Mideastnewspapers, radio and television outlets.

The Democrats weren’t running against their Republican opponents in Congress, but against George W. Bush and his global war on terror.

Too bad the terrorists won on this historical referendum because Democrats will now do whatever they can to end the Iraqi war, even if it means pulling out of Iraq with no victory in this sectarian war among Islamic followers.

Every TV ad I saw in September, October and November showed the Democrats blasting Bush and their Republican opponents, for support the “Bush war on Iraq.”

The Democrats heavily outspent the Republicans in this election campaign, with funding from liberal-socialist leaders in other countries and the liberal-socialist websites on the Internet.

If this is victory for the terrorists, this is surely a historic loss for America and its allies in the free world.

The terrorists’ sole goal is to wipe out Western Civilization and its Judeo-Christian foundation so they can rule the world. Yes, “kill every Jew, Christian and infidel” if they won’t convert to Islam.

What a bleak future for America since terrorists consider al Americans as “infidels.”

The only big winners in y yesterday’s national election were California Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who won by a landslide (Go get ‘em, Arny!) – and Connecticut Democrat Senator Joe Lieberman, who Democrats kicked out of their party when he support Bush’s war against the terrorists.

This is a sad and regrettable day for all Americans, who have been kept safe from terrorists in the USA since the 9/11/0` terrorists attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a commercial airline in Pennsylvania, killing some 3,000 innocent children, women and men.

Yes, George W. Bush has kept America safe for more than five years.

How will the Democrats do? So far, they have no game plan. Just a lot of empty rhetoric about being politically correct by not waging any wars against any enemy of America.

The Democrats chose to be against Bush’s war on Iraq and his global war on terror.

America will look back on the Nov. l7, 2006 as an election that actually sided with the terrorists and their horrific goal of global domination. Simply put, the terrorists win, we all lose!

Also aiding and abetting the mass murdering terrorists were America’s liberal mainstream media, led by the Marxist New York Times and network television, and our nation’s liberal colleges and universities, whose faculties are more than 90 percent in step with the liberal-socialist agenda in the USA.

Now it’s up to Lieberman and Schwarzenegger and the remaining Republicans in Congress to rebuild the party that Ronald Reagan brought to new heights in his quest to destroy the “Evil Empire” (the Soviet Union), which he did, and also brought down the Communist Berlin Wall.

What America really needs is another Ronald Reagan and his successful Reaganomics,” which created the longest run of economic success in American history, and is still holding up in Bush’s Administration.

Schwarzenegger cannot run for president, no matter how popular this huge icon is, because he is not a native son. He was born and raised in Austria. The U.S. Constitution must be amended for him to run for the presidency.

America today is really a divided and confused nation. Half the states are Blue States (Democrat), and half are Red States (Republicans).

In this election, the liberal-socialist-Marxist Blues prevailed because they used the Iraqi war to destroy Bush and the pro-America Republican Party.

Bust as Schwarzenegger always said in his blockbuster movies, “I’ll be back!”

America really needs a “super-strong” leader like Governor Schwarzenegger (no pun intended).

Here’s to Arny and Joe, America’s standup heroes who can, and will, save America from the liberal-socialist public officials who hate this country.

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