Surprised??? By the pick-a-puppet season

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No one should be surprised that George W. Bush was re-elected, especially me. For ages, I’ve been trying to wake up the American people to the greatest and most obvious financial scam that’s been around almost since Ponzi, all to little or no avail. The people don’t want to hear it. They don’t want to know that their leaders are stealing their retirement money. The majority would rather bury their heads in the sand and pretend it isn’t happening.For instance, most Americans have no idea what a surplus is or where they come from. Nor do they know that the federal government pocketed and spent $71 billion of their Social Security money in fiscal 2004, that the Bush administration ran up the national debt more than a trillion dollars in the last eighteen months, or that we hit the self imposed debt ceiling on October 14th with no chance of raising it until Congress returns to work on November 15th.In our system of electing a president, where the candidates have more than a year to discuss and debate the issues, were these subjects even mentioned? Of course not. We had the choice of two peas in a pod, two bookends supporting the same volumes of corruption and Empire, one that held the presidency since 2001 and the other that serves in the Senate, was a member of the Senate Finance Committee and the Senate subcommittee on Social Security. A man who promised little more than to do the same only better.

The only thing even touched upon lightly was that the challenger would “not privatize Social Security” and the incumbent mumbled something about “personal accounts” or “ownership” once again. The same thing he mentioned four years ago.

Can we now count on any form of meaningful Social Security reform? Absolutely not. The primary problem is now, was then, and forever shall be to STOP STEALING THE MONEY American workers contribute to their supplemental retirement insurance program. A crime that’s worse than anything Enron or other corrupt corporations have committed.

The Beltway Bandits, of both political cults, are never going to give up the primary slush fund that yielded them as much as $98.7 billion in fiscal 2001 alone and is now down to the still substantial figure of $71 billion only because of job losses (fewer contributors) and workers taking jobs with less pay (smaller contributions).

And you cannot count on the watchdogs or mathematically challenged media to ask the right questions. No one has even posed the question of how the Social Security trust funds became more than 22 percent of the national debt. Currently standing at more than $1.6 trillion, these so-called trusts are nothing more than a systematic scam to force American taxpayers to pay the same taxes again, pay a second time plus interest.

Simply posing the question would require serious in-depth follow up on the series of bull that the Beltway Bandits have constructed to camouflage their crime. Things like the baby-boomers, Intragovernmental Holdings, and pay-as-you go lies for instance.

Do I think the election was rigged? Of course it was. I’m surprised that we even had an election instead of Bush simply declaring himself Emperor.

After the debacle of the Florida recount in 2000, what did the government do to eliminate the problem? They had four years to develop and standardize a better method of voting in national elections and all we got was an attempt to introduce electronic voting with no paper trail or possibility of recounts, plus provisional ballots. In the end, more than twenty-five percent of the nation voted on computer screens that could not be verified. That’s enough to throw an election in any direction and to whatever degree the hackers want. And it’s too late to do much about it now.

We can’t count on our representatives in Congress to do anything helpful for the general public, including meaningful Social Security reform. They’ve even abdicated or washed their hands of the Constitutional responsibility to declare war. We would be one hundred percent better off if we chose our representatives by State lotto. Unfortunately, that’s not a joke.

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