Stop the tyranny of World Government: Bring back freedom

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Written By Al Cronkrite

Are we the victims of a conspiracy? Yes, we are. Were our Founders victims of nefarious influences from Europe? Yes, they were. Are Talmudist Jews seeking to destroy Christian America? Yes, they are. Is Judaism at war with Christianity? Yes, it is. Has our government been bought and paid for by forces that seek to weaken it and meld it into world tyranny. Yes, it has. Is “Illuminati” an apt description of this world’s encompassing evil?  Yes, it is. Do bankers like David Rockefeller and the European Rothschild families conspire for world domination? Yes, they do. Can we indict the Vatican for contributing to the world’s evils? Yes, we can.

The plot for world domination progresses slowly.  The defunct League of Nations was the first contemporary ploy.  It failed but another war created the United Nations which has stuck around and filtered its influence into the world’s legal codes.  NAFTA, GATT, and CAFTA were followed by international business consolidations that made big corporations bigger and destroyed the thousands of small businesses that were no longer able to compete.  Then our government set the stage for exporting American manufacturing capability to Asia and decimated the culture by opened the gates to both legal and illegal immigration.

The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) made the United States an international military weapon to be used and consumed in forcing several small and defenseless nations into the power fold.    The economies of China and Russia are still active but eventually they will be subjected to financial trauma like Japan and the United States.

The objective is total world hegemony through centralized power.

Tremendous progress toward world government has been made without substantially changing the everyday lives and freedoms of the citizens of the Free World.  The United States Constitution has been trashed by allowing a foreign born president to remain in office and write despotic laws that legalize holding citizens without trial and without legal representation.   Few, if any, citizens have disappeared from our streets but the legal framework for removing them is in place and facilities to house them have been built.

The entire power structure of our nation, the media, both political parties, and all of government, conduct their affairs as if the massive lies that undergird our policies are unassailable.   They support the veracity of the government story on 9/11 and honor our troops as if they were fighting for our freedom.  They support the presidency of Barak Obama as if his birth in Hawaii is unquestionable.  They live and conduct their affairs on a platform of lies.  Congressman Ron Paul, the last vain political hope, has let his constituency down by prematurely discontinuing his campaign and his son, Rand has done the unthinkable by endorsing Romney.   Dr. ”No” will be followed by Dr.”Maybe”.   Wiled pragmatism runs amuck!

Military force is the last phase in the progress of enslavement; it is now being used overseas and will soon be used domestically.

Americans have been living in the midst of a revolution and most of our citizens have not noticed.  Until now, it has not been mostly peaceful.  There have been large protests. Thankfully we have been spared the anarchy of angry, insane rebellion the characterized the French and Russian revolutions.  Nevertheless, preparations are being made to forcibly quell serious resistance by using the United States Army and blunt force will surely accompany the final enslavement.  There may still be resistance but barring unforeseen intrinsic rebellion in the power structure it will be quickly stamped out and the land of the free will become a massive slave plantation.

Christians cultivated and allowed humanism to grow in our nation and being the weed that it is, it has forced out righteousness.  When our Constitution was crafted our nation was populated by Christians.  But the Framers encoded rights for all religions allowing evil to take root and flourish.  Christianity has lost the battle; we are under the control of pagans and the Sovereign God has ordained our captivity!

I am a Christian and if God gives me the Grace to remain steadfast my life along with all others who resist a divine revolutionary world government will be in danger.  Paul Craig Roberts writes,    “Human Rights attorneys tell me that as the US Constitution is no longer observed by the executive branch, that I can’t speak freely according to my Constitutional rights, the First Amendment and all, without running the risk of being arrested.”   The religion of humanism has wiped out the very law that allowed it to exist. Laws protecting homosexuals strike at the heart of Christianity.  We no longer enjoy freedom of religion, free speech, free assembly, or the ear of a tyrannical government.   The inevitable tyranny of humanism that I have written about over and over again is upon us!

In 2008 President Bush’s policies marred his reputation.  Voters scrambled to replace him with President Obama whose policies have now diminished his repute.  Political hacks are again claiming this election is the most important in our history; that President Barak Obama must be defeated in order to save the nation.  They are wrong.

President Obama is not the problem.  The government is not the problem.  The Council of Foreign Relations is not the problem.  The Rockefeller and Rothschild families are not the problem.  The Jews are not the problem.  The Vatican is not the problem.   The Bilderbergers, the Club of Rome, the Illuminati, and the other power center groups are not the problem.  The problem is that we have forsaken the Creator of the Universe and replaced Him with humanist groups that are attempting to rule His creation.   The problem is our relationship with the sovereign God Who created the world and everything in it.

The powerful world oligarchs seek centralization; God decentralizes by empowering each person He chooses.   He and His perfect Law could guide the creation into righteousness, freedom, and prosperity.

Christians who seek redemption through the political system are idol worshipers.  They are placing faith in the ability of human sinners to produce righteousness.  All have sinned and fallen short of the mark.  None can be trusted to bring freedom and righteousness.   Petitioning and idol and supporting human endeavor over the dominion of God is a grievous sin.  Only God can halt the new world order.  He waits on His people to forsake the idols and to seek Him and His forgiveness.

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  1. This is WWIII! And, as with WWII, tyranny has spread throughout the world. Every nation mustniw rise up against the worldwide, illuminati judicial BEAST!


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