Stop Obama’s assault on Christian rights!

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Written By Gordon Bishop

Barack Obama has repeatedly expressed his contempt for America’s culture and values when he refused to wear an American flag pint during the presidential campaign…refused to stand at attention and place his hand over his heart for the Pledge of Allegiance…and when he called traditional, God-fearing Americans “bitter” and aserted that they needed to “cling  to their guns and religion.”


Now, during his second term in office (by only a few thousand votes) Barack Obama has launched a full-scale offense to enact his contempt for Christians rights in America.


The crooked, corrupt Obama Administration has banned Christian prayers at Military cemetaries, and appointed Supreme Court justices who encourage the use of Muslim Sharia law in American courtrooms, which is unconstitutional.


Obama has threatened to re-write our U.S. Constitution, which is the foundation of our freedoms and liberties.


Obama is a signed member of the Communist Party in America.


Finally, alas! — there’s a fraudulent “President” in our sacred Oval Office and White House.


And America’s far-left liberal media support this Marxist-Communist liar who hates America and Americans who believe in God, Jesus — the foundation of Western Civilization.


Obama has promised to transform America from a Christian believer to an Islamic believer.


Islam is the enemy of American Christian values and beliefs!


Wake up, true Americans, and impeach Obama before he destroys our values, our economy, and freedom-loving educational system.


The U.S. Citizens Association is calling on U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts to protect Christian Americans from Barack Obama’s assaults.


When Obama’s wife Michele said she was never proud of America until Barack Obama got the nomination to be president.


It’s time to kick both of these Communists out of our nation’s White House.


When Obama whined throughtout the campaign about conservatives using his full name of “Barack Hussein obama” and then, as sooon as he was elected, promptly took the oath of office by saying, “I, Barack Hussein Obama….”


The Daily Caller reports that Barack Obama recently began a three-day, closed-door meeting to talk about U.S. free speech rules with representatives from numerous Islamic governments that lobbied for 12 yeaars to end U.S. citgizens’ ability to speak freely about Islam’s history and obligations.”


Barack Obama — who refuses to use the term “War on Terror” to describe Islamic terrorism — is plotting with Muslim leaders to protect the Muslim religion by finding out that radical Muslims commit terrorism.


Barack Obama’s Supreme Court appointees even encouraged the use of foreign law, including Muslim Sharia law in American courtrooms.


The Christian Rights Petition asks Chief Justice John Roberts to stop Barack Obama’s assault on Christians Rights Petition.


Obama already has divided America into 2 countries: Islam and Christians-and Jews.


Evil Obama wants to wipe out our nation and transform it into an Islamic nation with Muslim Sharia Law.


That’ll be the end of our nation founded by George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, who wrote our Declaration of Independence just before July 4, 1776, creating a new country freed from the powerful British Empire.


The only thing I want know is why Obama doesn’t release his birth certificate to qualify to run for president.


So far, Obama and his crooked Chicago gang have failed to release his birth certificate because he wasn’t born in the United States. He was born in Kenya, North Africa, where his father lived — Barack Obama Senior!


Obama belongs in prison for the rest of his life by lying who he is and for wrecking our economy and killing our freedoms and liberties.

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