Star Parker’s bashing of those forced to pay our way

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Truth to Star Parker…I repeat, Truth to Star Parker…    I say one last time, Truth…get to Star Parker, she’s badly in need of an understanding- of an exposure to reality.

I don’t mean to be mean to Star Parker, I often agree with her…not today, though.  I believe that she, as do so many misguided people, (even some Neocons), doesn’t understand the problem that America faces and believes the problem is something that it isn’t.  As she, unlike a few other Republican pols, is not finger-pointing at Ron Paul (whose voting record reflects Ronald Reagan’s rhetoric more than any living legislator) and screaming, “Nazis are going to vote for Ron Paul,” as if Nazis had never voted for a Republican before, I will cut her some slack.   (Note to the Republicans screaming that Nazis are going to vote for Ron Paul:   You’re setting the stage for Democrats screaming (with your agreement) “Nazis vote Republican.”)

Star only seems to, as so many do, believe that a symptom (as she sees it) is a cause and, therefore, she misdiagnoses the actual disease our nation suffers.  By the way, this disease America suffers is treatable by amputation, a treatment that, while painful, would be better than the horrible death that this disease inevitably will cause.  Once one comes to understand that fiat money- the Federal Reserve System- debt as money- is the disease, it’s easy to understand that everything else is symptom.  And from that point- and ONLY from that point- is the disease remediable.

In Star’s recent column, Ron Paul, Reagan and Republican youth, she undertakes the task of telling us, after more than twenty years of observing Republican youth, that, “Over time I have observed changes in attitude among many young Republicans, and I believe the shifts in attitude I see help explain the rise of Ron Paul.”

Yay, right?


She goes on to denigrate the youth who are looking to Ron Paul and his near-solo-respect for the Constitution among his fellow legislators. Hold onto your hats because this woman has definitely moved to the left with the rest of those who believe themselves conservative (and Constitution-respecting) but are not.

In setting up the shadow of a straw man she continues, “When I first started lecturing early in the 1990s, leading heroes of Republican youth were Ronald Reagan and William F. Buckley, Jr. Individual freedom, respect for constitutional limitations on government [emphasis mine] and traditional values was the message.”

Well, regardless the message that the Republican Party was delivering, the actions of Republicans did not- and do not- live up to that message of respect for constitutional limitations on government.  While Star claims the Republican Party had the message of constitutional limitation, their actions included the continuation of many unConstitutional actions.  Ronald Reagan, during his 1980 campaign told us that President Carter’s big, sloppy wet kiss of leftist educational elitists- the creation of the Department of Education- would be fixed; Reagan said he’d abolish it.  Then about 25 years later (Reagan failing to follow through, apparently too busy tripling the national debt) another Republican, George W. Bush had Ted Kennedy write the education bill including record spending for more of that particular FEDGOV failing.  In that period of time- from Reagan’s failing to follow through on his promise to eradicate the Department of Education to Ted “Aquaman” Kennedy’s further polluting of education in this country- Republican after Republican used the feigned desire to put an end to “liberal education policies” only for the purpose of whipping up support among Constitutional- that is real- conservatives, but Republicans DID NOTHING to stop the mind-numbing, liberal, Horace Manning, of our children in school by the FEDGOV’s Department of misEducation.

What else did Star’s heroes rail against- promise us deliverance from- and then fail to follow through?   Despite the fact that the US Supreme Court, in Roe v. Wade, left the continuation of abortion on demand vulnerable to termination by Congress and science, the Republican party, with science and millions of naive pro-lifers on its side, did nothing to end it, but profited by having it remaining a “viable campaign (t)issue.”  The Republicans not only left intact the unConstitutional Departments of Energy and Interior and (well you can address them at will, I bore myself listing them) intact, they continued to fund them, even increasing the funding of them by extraordinary and reprehensible amounts, all the while blaming liberals and Democrats for big spending.  They increased the funding of many programs that they said during campaigns “are destructive to the family.”

And the big one, which is very destructive of the family, pitting youth against elders, payers against payees, allowing children to forget about their responsibilities to mom and dad and go on with their lives, as Star claims today’s youth wish to, with consciences salved by the government Ponzi-scheme promise: Social Security.  Social Security is the unconstitutional taking of some to give to others (after one has gotten back what one put into the so-called “trust fund”) and, hold on, Star, because here comes a great big dose of truth, the young Republicans today KNOW that the money that is being forcibly taken from them is money they will never see again.  It is well known, despite Paul “Tarpman” Ryan’s socialist attempts to continue unconstitutional programming of the American people, that the money is gone, spent in the general revenue, used to make the budgets appear, for years, even during Republican administrations, to be less irresponsible than they were.  The youth who are hearing Ron Paul’s message are merely doing what Republicans, including President Reagan, if memory serves, used to ask voters to do, “look at what government does, not what it says.”

What they’re seeing is what government does.  They’re seeing the failure of both parties to adhere to: the Constitution; to decency; to their campaign promise; and to reality. And despite the best of intentions we’re on a highway to where one goes when walking on pavement of good intentions.

Star also writes about the past, “There was a sense of purpose. America as a “shining city on a hill,” quoted so often by Reagan, taken from the Puritan John Winthrop, captured the picture.

Now, increasing numbers of my campus hosts ask that I not talk about “values.” Leave out the stuff about marriage, family and abortion, please, and just talk about the economy.”

If increasing numbers of Star’s campus hosts, the youth, are asking the leaders of tomorrow to leave out the values stuff (formerly called “morals”) and not talk about marriage, family and abortion it might be because they have witnessed the lies that Republicans (and Democrats) have told about marriage, family, and abortion, including some of the lies which I revealed above.   Additionally, for instance, the youth have seen that marriage has been made into a joke, even by those who claim to support it, as they jump from marriage partner to marriage partner dutifully taking an oath ‘til death do we part and then telling the rest of us how to live.  The fact is that, like so much in our nation, marriage has been undermined by its involvement with government; marriage is to be a covenant between a man and wife before God which government is to respect not manipulate or license or campaign on.  But I digress.

The fact is, if Star is to be believed and that many of the youth wish to hear about the economy, and not Star’s hollow issues, it might just be because THEY, unlike Star, know that most of the problems America has will be fixed with the return of the Christ or an economy based on real money; they know that so many of the problems that America has is the result of the manipulation that is made possible by fiat currency, not the greatest of which is demonstrated by the utter manipulation of the housing market (which benefitted Bush the Younger and other pols) which became a bubble, which, when it burst, was very destructive of families and marriages and the economy as we know it.  The youth she denigrates, unlike Star, understand reality; she appears clueless.

Star continues, “The materialism and moral relativism that created our left-wing culture is now infecting our youth on the right.”  To the extent that this is true, it is true because the leaders on the right stopped following through on their rhetoric; they succumbed, as Parker seems to now, to the ease with which they found they could use government to enact their desired policies, including one very dangerous one described by Dwight Eisenhower as the potential corruption by a vast [Executive-Congressional-]military-industrial complex.  I believe in America remaining strong.  However, I believe that we are strongest when we are a nation of laws, not men, we are strongest when we are Constitutionally strong, and when military action is called for, including war, we are strongest when war is declared by congress (which the Constitution demands) and with Congress’ absolute, irresolute backing of our fighting men and wymyn.  The Constitution, seemingly bible-base in its underpinnings, is strong.  Allowing a President to go about the whole world doing as he pleases, including killing with immunity is not strength; it is corruption of the Constitution.  The Constitution is America.   If the Constitution is dead, then America is dead.

Star continues to describe these youth as not caring to be responsible, “To the contrary, they are excited by the “leave me alone” candidate who thinks the rest of the world is not our business. Apparently they share Paul’s indifference to the looming threat of a nuclear Iran or the almost complete absence of the freedom they think is so important in most Islamic nations.”  This repetition of the lie that Ron Paul is indifferent to America’s defense and survival, when he seeks only the Constitutional assurance that our fighting men and wymyn will be backed with the full support of our nation through an accountable legislature utilizing a properly constituted declaration of war, really gets tiring.  How do Star and her ilk continue to spew this vile disinformation with apparently clear conscience?  As for the absence of freedom in most Islamic nations which Star wants to link to these Constitutionally-minded youth and Ron Paul, we must know, how long has George W. Bush’s religion of peace been repressing freedom in these nations?  Is this something new?   Is it just since the destruction of Iraq de-stabilized the middle-east and the Arab(IslamicBrotherhood)Spring(board) allowed new oppressors to vault to prominence as old-guard oppressors have been dispatched?

I finish with this last bit of unreality Star writes, ”Young Republicans may be pushing back on government, but too often now their motivation is like their left-wing contemporaries – a sense of entitlement and an interest in claiming rights with little interest in corresponding personal responsibilities.”  Star, they’re pushing back the only way they can.  They know the “social issues” that you mentioned, Star, are boob-bait for the dummas used by most Republicans to bash Democrats and scare voters; they know that, regardless the actions or motivations of their blind-squirrel-finds-nut leftwing contemporaries, (who, if they listened would agree with most other non-Ron Paul Republican politicians), they’re entitled, by God-  recognized by our founders as providing rights- to the fruit of their labor, to government remaining within the bounds of the Constitution and, by golly, they’re going around the leftwing media and those with inch-thick scales before their eyes, Star, to try to salvage what they can, of what is left, of America, so we Americans can return to the Constitution that you, Star, and so many Republican politicians have used to wipe your glasses.

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