Sounding the war cry: A Muslim’s warning to America

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Written By Resa LaRu Kirkland

I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. —John Adams

I’ve known this quote for some time now. In fact, after WWII, this quote seemed to have come to fruition. We became the technological powerhouse of the entire world.

So what happened?

“[I have] a conviction that science is important to the preservation of our republican government, and that it is also essential to its protection against foreign power.” –Thomas Jefferson

I received a letter this week from a young Muslim man sending a dire warning to Americans. Yeah, I was as surprised as you are! He sought me out as someone who would actually listen because of my writings. What he said rang true…and terrifying

He wrote of being raised in Islamic ideology, and the subtle, sinister methods that go beyond bombings and murder. He states it perfectly, and should be heeded by wise freedom-lovers. It bears repeating…a LOT of repeating. His own words are best, so read for yourself:

“…I was part of the frightening “system” until I broke away. The conspiracy is more subtle and pervasive than even the most paranoid among you can fathom…All this ben Laden, Taliban and al Qaeda story is the greatest diversionary tactic in history. The real invasion is more insidious, serious and much further along then you can possibly imagine. And it is your own liberal halves that are playing such a vital role in that. I’m talking about the silent invasion of your universities by our people. Open any leading American university’s website and look at the list of professors and graduate students, you will see a plethora of muslim names. These are people that are in America, taking advantage of American know-how, and waiting to go back to their own countries to strengthen them.

For the past century, your strength has been your lead in technology, but can you maintain that in the face of the fact the MAJORITY of doctoral students in your universities’ technological programs are foreigners?… And it’s not just us muslims who are invading your universities. The greatest invasion is by Chinese and Indians, but there is a healthy percentage of Pakistanis, Egyptians, Turks, Indonesians and Arabs.

“I myself am a doctoral student…like the rest of the horde, I was a cog in the wheel. It is something that is not actively taught or talked about. It is like a subliminal message that is hammered into you.

“Can you imagine the damage that will be done if suddenly half of your university brainpower leaves?…But can you imagine the damage if half of that brain power

goes to Islamic countries?…Every year thousands of young (muslims) leave for the US and Europe where they get graduate degrees in engineering and the sciences. Your own people are studying dancing, music, theatre, and art; all the while the knowledge that has made you powerful is slipping through your fingers.  

“Wake up!… You can’t let (muslim) ideology become the dominant one in the world. Already the nordic races are disappearing…It’s the same in the US. You are being invaded by illegal immigrants, diluting your country to the point of fracture. Muslims are multiplying like rabbits while you are busy in family planning and aborting the babies that CAN be born. Do you think any amount of technological superiority will be able to guarantee your supremacy in the face of 1-to-10 numerical inferiority? How will you maintain your identity as a nation when English is replaced by Spanish as the national language? Already there are school systems in the southern states that are teaching pupils in spanish. Do your people not see this as a loss of national identity?

“What are your people doing about this? I’ll tell you what. After 9/11, background checks were instituted for foreign students coming into the US. Because of this foreign student applications dropped…This instigated a crisis among universities, regents started writing congress and the senate telling them that it is an unacceptable situation. You can’t find suitable graduate researchers out of 300 million people? You people need to shape up and start taking things seriously. Your secretary of state Colin Powell announced in Pakistan last year that the US would do everything to facilitate Pakistani students in the US. Stop bending over backwards and being so apologetic just for trying to protect yourselves from crazed fanatics.”

Well well well. So now the rest of the world is recognizing us as a country apologizing for its own existence.

This young man isn’t someone who can be labeled by our Politically Castrated press as a “racist white American,” thereby disarming him and leaving him impotent. He has not been taught in America’s education system to fear such an accusation as we in America have been taught. He simply states the truth…an odd concept in the age of wretched liberal control. His caveat is one that wise patriots have been trumpeting for some time now, but irrational liberals have disarmed, disabled, and disavowed. Read on:

Take a look at this. It lists famous mathematicians by country. France is the highest with 211, England is second with 204, both countries are 20% the size of the US by population. This is because the US entered the game late. But entered it well. You had a good educational base and capitalized on it.

“Now I will come to my point. If the US could pull off this coup in the latter half of the 20th (even with such an apparently glaring discrepancy compared to France and England), then what is to stop someone else from pulling off the same coup in the latter half of the 21st?”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. This man’s name should be on this article for writing it, and it would be too…if he didn’t deeply fear Muslim reprisals. Even he is not safe from radical irrational rage.

Since when did defense become an evil? Since when do righteous people have to justify themselves for rejecting the wicked? We have had many wise, wonderful leaders…when exactly did we forget and lose our vigilance?

This is our land, and by God—yes, by Him!—it is up to us to defend her and keep the evil doer out. Closing our borders is an act that isn’t political—it’s critical!

“Our duty to ourselves, to posterity, and to mankind, call on us by every motive which is sacred or honorable, to watch over the safety of our beloved country…”–Thomas Jefferson

Logic, reason, truth…why is it that we’re having to be taught that by foreigners?

Keep the faith, bros, and in all things courage.

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