Sluts: Mainstreaming casual sex

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A spate of new books exhort women to overcome their inhibitions about having casual sex.

Typical is “Happy Hook-Up: A Single Girl’s Guide to Casual Sex” which counsels women to proudly embrace the labels “whore” and “slut.” It has been excerpted on

Feminist authors Alexa Sherman and Nicole Tocantins pretend to be offering women “options” (as with careers.) Typically, their real agenda is coercive and subversive, to override nature.

“Cultural norms will catch up with us if we give them no choice,” the authors write.

“We, as females, need to show the world that sex without commitment is absolutely our prerogative… Say, “I’m a slut I’m a whore! I love sex!” and mean it. Society needs to change and begin to encourage women to find pleasure for pleasure’s sake.”

Pleasurable sex in the context of a happy marriage isn’t mentioned as an “option.”

This perverse propaganda is yet another assault on marriage and family, the institutions that sustain us both as individuals and as a society.

For centuries, London-based Masonic bankers have used “sexual liberation” — sex unfettered by bonds of marriage and love — to undermine society in advance of their totalitarian New World Order.

Women are naturally monogamous. Surveys indicate they do not find casual sex satisfying and mostly regret it.

Thus “Happy Hook-up” is devoted to helping women overcome their natural instinct to become attached.

Women are instructed not to get to know their sex partner too well. “Try not to discuss too much about your past or future or his. That said, it never hurts to inquire about his sexual history [and] gauge what risks are involved. Then, focus on the action and the action alone.”

They are told to terminate the relationship after one or two trysts and distract themselves with work or hobbies.

Don’t think about “what’s going to happen next, whether he’s going to call you, want you and be your everything. It’s just not going to happen honey. At least don’t expect it to. Stay in control…accept that that’s it. Finito. The end. Flip him over. He’s done.”


It is perverse to divorce sex from propagation, and fixate on it for pleasure.

I’m NOT saying sex should be confined to propagation. I AM saying it is designed to take place in the psychological and social context of propagation, i.e. marriage or a long-term loving relationship.

Nature has put an alluring bloom on young women for an obvious reason, and it fades in time with their fertility.

Males are attracted to the bloom. In their bee-brains, pleasure is separate from procreation. They deposit their semen and move on to the next flower without concern for the woman or the consequences.

Sexual liberation sanctions and encourages this callous and primitive behavior and invites the woman to collude in her own degradation.

It allows the male to take the only thing that interests him and ignore the woman’s humanity in terms of her natural life cycle as a wife and mother.

Sexual intercourse represents the essence of her commitment to her husband and her offspring. Women who have had many partners find it more diifcult to bond to one man, and consequently he has difficulty bonding with her.

Take away a woman’s innocence and she is a man, with a male sex-pattern, treating lovers as sex objects.

Then we have two male pretenders trying to bond. Like many homosexuals, who cannot form biological families, they remain alone, isolated and obsessed with sex.

Casual sex is promoted in order to destroy the heterosexual family. The bankers who financed Communism want the state to replace the father as head of the family.

If they have their way, the family of the future will have no husband or father. This is straight out of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World where babies are born in test tubes.


Feminism is responsible for turning woman into a sex object by undermining her identity as a wife and mother. Let me remind you of the hate feminist theorists feel toward heterosexuals and the biological family.

In the book, Feminist Politics and Human Nature, Allison Jagger, a philosophy professor at the Univ. of Colorado, writes that the nuclear family is “the corner stone of woman’s oppression: it enforces women’s dependence on men, it enforces heterosexuality and it imposes the prevailing masculine and feminine character structures on the next generation.”

Feminist ideology aims to destroy heterosexual marriage, the cornerstone of social and individual stability. Our purpose, identity, values, support and companionship all depend on our family relationships.

Due to the decline of the family caused by feminism, society has been sexualized and male-female relations poisoned. Every man and woman has become a potential sexual object or predator. It doesn’t matter if someone is married or underage. No one is off limits.

Men who do not become husbands and fathers and continue to see women as sex objects suffer from arrested development. Dozens of tits-and-ass magazines like Maximperpetuate a juvenile attitude. There isn’t one print magazine devoted to fatherhood.

Young women today put their energy into sex appeal. Men are attracted by sex, but they stay for a woman’s other qualities.


We live in a society under the malignant grip of a satanic totalitarian philosophy, call it neo-Communism. Central bankers want to extend their monopoly on credit to control our bodies, minds and souls as well.

Psychological warfare techniques pioneered in wartime are being directed at us. Under the deception of “protecting” female or homosexual rights, heterosexuals are under relentless attack in schools and the media.

The giveaway is the campaign to treat homosexual and heterosexual marriage as gays and straights were identical. Equal does not mean identical unless the real goal is to turn heterosexuals into homosexuals, i.e. people who cannot establish a permanent bond with a member of the opposite sex.

The promotion of casual sex is designed to degrade and dehumanize us by attacking our natural heterosexual institutions and mores.

How long are we going to tolerate this vicious underhanded assault on our humanity by political and cultural leaders who have sold us out?

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