Satanic debt racket: Exposed in banker’s novel

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“Bank Crisis Set to Trigger New Credit Crunch” says the latest newspaper headline.

Belgium author Pascal Roussel, 45, is well placed to explain the financial turmoil convulsing the world. By day, he works in the Financial Risk Dept.  of the European Investment Bank in Luxemburg.

No, he is not an Illuminati banker but a mere functionary. But he does not take his position lightly. For the last ten years, he has been studying the Illuminati conspiracy and has made contact with insiders. The result is a novel, “Divina Insidia – The Divine Trap,”  which explains the Illuminati conspiracy to the incredulous, and contains new insights and nuggets of information for old hands.

Most important, Roussel presents the conspiracy in a simple and plausible way, throwing our collective predicament into frightening relief.


According to Roussel, twelve “oligarchic families” have grown indescribably wealthy by lending “money” to governments at interest. These are the central bankers.  Most but not all are Illuminati Jews. Their wealth is in the trillions. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are paupers in comparison.

It all becomes very clear. These families have been milking us for centuries. We are quite literally their “cattle” i.e. goyim.

The whole of modern history can be explained by their farm management practices. Wars are started to increase the debt and cull the herd. The goal is to cull the herd to 500 million and chip the remnant. These families and their henchmen own 80% of the world’s wealth and do nothing useful yet believe the impoverished majority are parasites.

Roussel, explains how compound interest resulted in astronomical exponential gains year-after-year. All religions have banned lending at interest to prevent what actually has occurred: this immense wealth and power has fallen into the hands of Satanists.

The world’s major banks are mere proxies for these twelve families who create the money out of nothing. (The banks get their “money” from them.) Greece is the target now but eventually the whole world will be squeezed like an lemon to get this “money” back. (“We will absorb all the wealth of the world,” is how Cecil Rhodes described it to his patron Nathan Rothschild.)

They threaten depositors will lose their savings if banks fail. But, it is really these twelve families of generational Satanists who want their pound of flesh.

If our governments weren’t run by their lackeys, they would protect the deposits and let the “oligarchic families” twist in the wind. Roussel doesn’t name the families but obviously one is the Rothschilds.

Roussel explains that fractional reserve banking is a ponzi scheme. They lend $90 for every $100 on deposit. Those $90 are deposited somewhere else and $81 more dollars are lent. So it continues ad infinitum.

Obviously, the way to fight this beast is to withdraw your cash from the bank.


Roussel’s narrative revolves around a Rothschild who has a spiritual revelation and wants to issue a warning. He selects an attractive young Swiss journalist,  Ann Standford, to write a book and deposits a fortune into her bank account.

He then takes her on a Cook’s Tour of Illuminati landmarks — the Georgia Guidestones, a Bilderberg meeting, Bohemian Grove etc. — explaining some aspect of the conspiracy in each place.

He describes its origins in paganism and the Kabbalah, which led to the Illuminist philosophy. But ultimately, it boils down to debt and interest.

“You want to defeat us?” Roussel’s Rothschild says.”Abolish loans with interest and don’t create any more money. Economic cycles will disappear. Wealth will no longer be concentrated in the hands of a few “mega creditors” like me and money will gain value in time.  What you bequeath to your children will have more value than when you first got it.”

Meanwhile another Illuminati “superior” has put assassins on their trail. Roussel’s storytelling is workman-like and his wholesome European Christian sensibility is uplifting.

The ending is quite unexpected and inspired. The book is worth reading  for it alone. Roussel leaves us with a credible vision of defiance and hope. All we need do is affirm the Truth and resist evil. The whole rotten structure will collapse.


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