Saddamouflage: Saturday night lies

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Written By Ted Lang

The moment the news broke and the mediaspeak was that Saddam had been captured and was hiding in “a tunnel six feet deep,” there was reason to question why this wasn’t just a hole in the floor of a basement. In fact, we haven’t heard the term “tunnel” ever since!

It has been wearily reiterated that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, didn’t have “yellowcake” from Niger to make nuclear weapons, and didn’t have the ability of unleashing such weapons within 45 minutes of being attacked, etc, etc, etc! What has been flawlessly established is the Bush administration’s secret plan concerning the neoconservative PNAC [Project for the New American Century] cabal’s objective to attack Iraq far in advance of the retaliatory excuse of 9-11.

It now also appears that the Iraqi war became a necessity in the eyes of the PNAC international planners acquiescing to the security measures developed for Israel, as well as for the Bush and Cheney oil interests through the non-competitive, lucrative oil-pumping and pipeline contracts for Halliburton and Bechtel now under the cover of “reconstruction.” Securing the Mideast from Russia and China by establishing a powerful military footprint is yet another.

It is very disturbing to see current events occurring in so curiously and conveniently a time frame for a particular entity’s advantage. Not that all such coincidences can be likened to wagging the dog, but when one questions the proclivities of this presidency regarding prevarication, inquiring minds may wish to consider at least the convenience of their timing. That being said, a reasonable progression of such suspicion may lead one to question the origin of such coincidences; did they emanate from the same source, a source directly under the control of the current administration, or even from the administration itself?

Looking at the capture of Saddam, who languished inside a small bunker accessible through a six-foot deep “tunnel” on one of his own properties, an abode certainly not qualifying as a luxurious palace, it would seem that his capture has been lethargically executed. If all his luxurious palaces were searched, obvious to even those with double-digit IQs as being places where he wouldn’t be found, why not proceed in searching less luxuriously appointed and more remote properties? It’s kind of similar to the Washington, DC police failing to search an area in Rock Creek Park for the body of Chandra Levy because the terrain was “too rough.” Second-guessing is as easy as Monday morning quarterbacking here, but consider the immediate actions of President George W. Bush in quietly signing the dreaded USA Patriot II Act. And this was done that same Saturday of Saddam’s capture.

Where was the public debate on this issue? One account offered that the provisions of USA Patriot II had been “cleared by Congress.” There seems to have been a “secret” session made famous by the political expediency of “unanimous consent,” which permits three Congresspersons or Senators and a cleaning lady, in chambers well after midnight, to approve a bill via “voice vote.” This provides the fantastic advantage to our elected “representatives” of allowing a vote by only those present via unanimous consent, thereby protecting their identity and shielding them as supporting the “legislation.” This is tyranny via hidden identity, empowering hurtful people via anonymity as in the case of violent lynch mobs.

Bush signed a bill extending FBI powers to spy on Americans of his choosing, most probably those that disagree with the Bush administration and their Republican big money supporters. This is of course the very same FBI that along with the CIA dropped the intelligence ball on 9-11, causing 3,000 of our fellow citizens to die. Considering their smashing success on that occasion, the Bush regime has now authorized itself to punish the innocent in precisely the same way they they’ve been punished via Bush’s “campaign finance reform.” Murphy’s Law is now the law of the land: reward the guilty and punish the innocent!

The Bush regime will now be able to illegally and unconstitutionally snoop into citizens’ dealings regarding their financial records in dealings with casinos, car dealerships and other businesses, according to a report from the Associated Press. This is only one key provision of USA Patriot Act II, which the Bush regime will obviously ram through Congress to totally convert our once free republic to a police state.

Will these issues come up during the 2004 campaign? Fahgettaboutit! But make sure you plan to vote, so you can feel you’re part of the system!

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