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Written By Alan Stang


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For those of you who never heard of Ron Paul before the debate, I have known him for more than twenty five years. I have been with him many times in many settings. I recall being with him in fellow physician Larry McDonald’s congressional office in Washington, which would have had to be more than twenty four years ago. Remember that my dear friend Larry was probably kidnapped by the Soviets on September first, 1983, when they shot down Koran Air Lines 007. He was an old-school Democrat, of course, and completely shared our beliefs.

I have spent time with Ron between congressional stints in his medical office. After the Patriot Act, he told me ruefully that the congressmen who voted for it had not been allowed to read it and knew only what they had been told. A few months back, we were together in his district office in Lake Jackson and he told me he was breaking in his new knees. That’s right, in addition to all his other qualities, Dr. Ron is now a bionic Member of Congress.

Later, I introduced him at a meeting in Austin and told the audience that since the doctors had replaced his knees, they may as well go all the way and clone him. I still think it was a good idea – I modestly asked for only 534 Dr. Ron clones to replace the other Members of Congress – but he shot me down at once when I surrendered the dais. He said that wife Carol, who was sitting right there, wasn’t as enthusiastic as I was because “one Ron Paul is enough.” It’s the only thing I’ve heard Carol say that I disagree with.

So I think I am qualified to say, for those of you who may not have known much about Ron Paul before the earthquake at the Reagan Library, that he is the real thing. He is exactly what you thought he was when you saw him in the debate, despite what the media scumbags said he said. As President, he would dismantle the IRS and the Fed. He would get us out and keep us out of illegal, imperial wars. He would restore genuine Free Enterprise and real money. He would stop the government-inspired deportation of our jobs and standard of living.

But remember that by now the federal government has passed the tipping point. The way back is now uphill. Democracy, which the Founding Fathers feared and hated, has turned government into an immensely lucrative racket. Many people are using it to make humongous fortunes. Senate crook Dianne Feinstein is just one recent example. Hundreds of billions of dollars have vanished in Iraq.

El presidente Jorge W. Boosh is the most prominent of many who have accumulated enormous power, and they want more. The conspiracy for world government is approaching its goal: the destruction of our national independence, so that the country can be submerged in a regional, and then in a world government.

On April 30th, at the White House, Boosh signed a “Transatlantic Economic Integration” agreement between the U.S. and the European Union. Also signing were German Chancellor Angela Merkel – current president of the European Council – and European Commission President José Manuel Barroso. The document says that the U.S. and the European Union “seek to strengthen transatlantic economic integration.”

Dr. Ron would stop all this, so the crooks and conspirators and the media pimps they employ want to stop him. And the record shows that they will do everything, from blackmail to extortion to murder, to get what they want. “Law” for them is whatever they do at the time. We know that people who oppose them have an unfortunate habit of “committing suicide.” One man even shot himself in the back more than once with a shotgun. Another killed himself and then drove to Fort Marcy Park in the District of Criminals, where the cops found his body. Ain’t that right, Vince?

At the Reagan Library, Dr. Ron took them by surprise. He barely was allowed in. They paid him no attention. Why waste time on a yokel from Lake Jackson? Where? (By the way, Ron is not a native Texan. If memory serves, he started out as a Pennsylvania Yankee. We let him live here in the Promised Land because of his ideas.) So, Ron started out with zero support and less than zero media interest in his thinking.

The crucial issues in the debate of course were the fact that “front-runner” Mitt Romney is a staunch homosexualist; he did everything he could to advance the cause of sodomy as governor of Taxachusetts. And of course had I been there as a member of the press, I would have asked the other “front runner,” America’s mayor Rudy, the perennial question that has plagued the country all along:

“Mayor Giuliani, when you are not wearing women’s clothes, are you nevertheless wearing women’s underwear, and, if so, what is your bra size?” Yes, it’s a stupid question. I would argue that it’s a lot less stupid than some of the questions that were asked. Remember that we have had our first “black” President (Clinton) and our first homosexualist President (Bush). With Rudy we face the prospect of our first cross-dressing President. Hey, it’s time, right? (By the way, you do need to know that Dr. Ron is something of a prude. He invariably wears men’s clothes and underwear.)

At last, the camera turned to Dr. Paul. Yes, he is handsome. He even looks like a President. But, after all, he’s a yokel, an innocuous country doctor. They would let him mumble for the allotted few minutes and move on. Everybody knows this thing is between Rudy and Mitt. Everything else is window dressing.

Then, suddenly, without warning, there was an Incredible Hulk transformation. Godzilla was onstage, biting off heads, tearing off limbs and chewing on the bones. Who was he? Where had he come from? Who let him in? The reptilian media scumbags couldn’t very well drag him off the dais. The cameras were live. They had to sit there and listen while Dr. Ron assured them that his first official act as President would be to dismantle IRS.

And across the country, from the west bank of the Hudson to the California line, a roar erupted, as millions of astounded Americans who pay the taxes, fight the wars and go to work (unless their jobs have been deported), realized that Dr. Ron was saying in plain English what they believe in private. Most of the other candidates spoke boilerplate. They saw they were not alone and not crazy. “Imagine! A candidate for President who thinks like me.”

The internet polls started rolling in. Every one of them showed that Ron had dismembered and buried all the opposition. It wasn’t even close. At first the American Bureau of Communism (ABC) News poll deleted Ron altogether. ABC added him only after a tidal wave of furious telephone calls and emails. Ron had 15,568 of the first 18,000 votes in the ABC News poll. Homosexualist Mitt Romney, who “won,” had 245.

MySpace has been blocking posts related to Dr. Ron. ABC’s message boards have been deleting expressions of outrage about the network’s attempt to squelch him. Media scumbags even lied about what he had said, despite the fact that we heard him say it. Scumbags Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews, who hosted the actual debate, claimed that none of the Republican candidates opposed the occupation of Iraq, in the face of what Dr. Paul had said.

Yahoo has been censoring Dr. Paul. They claim he is not an announced candidate. But the Federal Elections Commission says he is; and if he isn’t how did he get into the debate? The most creative argument said that Ron’s supporters are “viral” computer bloggers who voted more than once, except that the polling technology makes it impossible to vote more than once from an I.P. address.

Two things emerge. First, the orchestrated attempt to squelch Dr. Ron should prove to the last doubter that the outcome has already been ordained, that the process is largely a charade. Second, remember that these polls are taken among people who have access to the net, still a minority. Most of the American people by far still get their daily brainwashing from the Communist media left (CBS, CNN, ABC, etc.) and the Communist media right (Limbag, Laura, Hannity, etc.). So, much more must be done.

Which brings me to the reason for this piece. By now the shock has worn off. Tomorrow evening, in South Carolina, our Communist media will not be taken by surprise. They will be expecting Godzilla. Indeed, don’t logic and our experience of these scumbags tell you that they have been figuring out what to do since the disaster at the Reagan Library?

They certainly have no intention of allowing sensible, handsome, avuncular Dr. Ron to keep breaking through to the people. I believe Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate who could beat Hillaroid, the nation’s leading cause of lower back pain. Remember, he’s the only Republican who voted against the war. His policy is the only sensible American policy: he would not have put us there, but now that we are there, win it and get out. No politics!

So we must be super vigilant. We know they will do something. We just don’t know what it is. We don’t know when. If you are anywhere near Columbia, South Carolina tomorrow night, go to the Fox debate. Festoon the place with Ron Paul signs. Are you a computer ninja? Standby to work your magic on the net. If Godzilla strikes again, you can be sure that the Communist media will do what it can to mess up the polls and worse.

To put yourself into the right frame of mind for the debate, watch Clint Eastwood in “The Outlaw Josie Wales.” Then, during the debate, watch Ron’s back. By the way, I just checked. Ron Paul has no immediate plans to “commit suicide.” My prayer is that he gets through this thing alive.

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