Perverted America: We are becoming what we detest

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Last week’s miraculous recovery of two missing teenage boys near St. Louis is a tiny window into a nether world of perversion, abduction, pedophilia, drugs, rape, sex slavery, pornography and other unimaginable horrors. Indeed, we live in a bifurcated country: while many yearn for the wholesome days of good values and clean memories, we are also surrounded by so much sickness that we don’t always recognize it.

Abducting innocent children, terrorizing them, and plunging their families into permanent despair is about the worst imaginable crime.

Sadly, this is quite common today in this ‘free’ society. We are indeed ‘free’ – and that freedom is often exploited by these deranged sickos who live among us and often are even known to their victims and/or the police investigating the crime.

The number of convicted sex offenders is on the rise – yet the law allows these people to live among us after they have completed their time in prison. Communities resist but are forced to accept these criminals, many of whom repeat their crimes when given the opportunity. Yes, there are web sites available to find these people in your community, but the information provided is not as good or accurate as we have been led to believe.

Our children are not only the victims of the crimes – but they are also victims of a system that targets them through violent video games and violent movies. The result is de-sensitized kids who do not value life the right way; certainly some of these people grow into the monsters who commit these horrific crimes.

We are surrounded today by SEX. Everywhere you go, it is sex, sex and more sex. The ads, the movies and television shows, the magazines, the billboards all trumpet raw sex. True, sex sells. Clothes, lingerie, beer – all use sex and sexy-looking models and stars to see these products. But the effect on the young is to cheapen sex and the result is a relatively new phenomenon: kids having sex in their early teens, often with multiple partners. What effect does this have on some people as they become adults? Does it somehow damage them? Does it do something to their still-developing brains to launch them into a world of perversion? Or would these child-abductors have been that way anyway?

Dateline NBC’s wonderful ongoing series of reports into pedophilia and sex offenders is an eye opener. NBC should be congratulated for helping to catch so many of these people. But it is just the tip of the iceberg; sex scams and online perversions are a national phenomenon.

The Internet is the best example of all that is great – and much that is bad – about the freedoms we enjoy.

While the Internet has revolutionized so many lives for the better, there is also a dark side: grotesque and perverted material predominates many sites. It is the flip side of our freedom: we are free to choose – and many choose the wrong and sometimes-evil path.

America is in trouble. Not just in Iraq and in our War Against Radical Islam. We are in trouble in our national soul. We are often undisciplined in the use of our endless freedoms.

Those who think a new or better government can change this are mistaken; reforming our morals and our behavior is up to individuals, families, parents and people in positions of authority such as teachers, coaches, mentors and role models.

We – as a country – need to look in the collective mirror and see the truth: we are becoming what we detest.

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