Obama pursuing same policies as Bush: So why is he so popular?

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Much like President Richard Nixon four decades earlier, Barack Hussein Obama was elected President on a popular platform to end America’s no-win wars in Asia. Yet Obama is pursuing almost exactly the same policies as his predecessor, George W. Bush, on foreign policy and massive deficit spending which he vociferously criticized on the campaign trail. So why does Obama, who ran as the candidate of ‘change’, but who has instead governed as a President who represents ‘more of the same’ have a 61% approval rating versus 27% (the second lowest in history) for former President Bush when he left office?

With regards to the war in Iraq, Obama has yet to do anything differently from the Bush plan to continue the war to defend Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki’s murderous Iranian-proxy Islamist Shiite-led regime at an additional cost in American blood and treasure for another three years. Karl Rove noted in an editorial published earlier this week that Obama is pursuing a ‘surge’ strategy in Afghanistan over and above what Bush had been planning and that he has flip-flopped with regards to his opposition to publishing prisoner abuse photos and his newfound support for military tribunals. In addition, Mr. Obama supports some forms of torture used by the Bush administration, but not others. How reassuring. Obama doesn’t want to lift a finger to help the 1 million Christians ethnically cleansed by the Islamists from Iraq and neither did Bush.

Obama is probably the most anti-Israel President in US history. A Muslim for most of his life who spent many of his early years attending Muslim schools in Indonesia, he strongly supports the creation of an independent Palestinian state led by Palestinian terrorist parties to threaten Israel much like Bush did. However unlike Bush, he has provided nearly a billion dollars in economic assistance to Hamas (one of whose leaders actually endorsed him for President), a terrorist organization that refuses to recognize Israel’s right to exist, and is pressuring newly-elected Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to cave to Palestinian demands for additional ‘land for peace’.

Obama also supports the same appeasement policy vis a vis Communist China as Bush did–providing the Butchers of Beijing with trillions of dollars worth of US trade surplus money and state-of-the-art dual-use military technology with which to kill Americans in a future conflict. In fact, Obama is proving to be even more of an appeaser than Bush was and unlike Bush, his ascension to power has been celebrated by America’s Islamist and Communist enemies both at home and the world over.

Mr. Obama has proven even more fiscally irresponsible than Bush with regards to his $1.2 trillion socialist stimulus package, his $1 trillion socialist health care plan and his massive ‘cap and trade’ regressive tax increases equating to $11,000 per family, which will impact poor working families the most. His projected $2 trillion a year deficit for this year along with his plan to double the size of the national debt in the next five years alone take the words “fiscally irresponsible” to an entirely new level. The stock market and the economy are getting worse under him and the economy is shrinking at the rate of 6% so far during his Presidency with unemployment near 9% and rising. Obama is implementing $4.5 trillion worth of bailouts so far versus $8.5 trillion for Bush.

He is disarming the US of its strategic nuclear deterrent and is undermining US national security at an even more frightful rate than Bush who wanted to disarm the US down to the dangerously low level of 1,700 strategic nuclear weapons versus a mere 1,000 for Obama. Unlike Bush, Obama also supports cutting missile defense spending and his Ten Year Plan calls for cutting defense spending by half a trillion dollars. Obama supports the same globalist so-called ‘free trade’ treaties that Bush did which have played a major role in creating our current economic depression. It has done this by steadily draining the US of its wealth, capitol, manufactures, industries and high-paying manufacturing jobs over the past 15-20 years, redistributing America’s wealth to Communist China and other third world countries and transforming us into a third world economy in the process.

Mr. Obama also supports the same amnesty legislation for twenty million illegals and supports restoring the same Clinton-era semi-automatic gun ban that Bush did. Also like Bush, Obama supports gay civic unions. But Obama is by far the most radical pro-abortion President we have ever had, which aside from taxes is probably the one area where he is markedly different from Bush. He is proving to be the most radical, far left and yes socialist President in American history and yet despite all this for some strange reason he remains very popular with the American people (at least Democrats and independents).

Obama was not rated the most liberal US Senator in the entire US Senate (even more liberal than avowed socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (S-VT)) by the leftwing National Journal without good reason. Contrary to Obama’s pledge to be America’s first post-partisan President and his pleas for national unity, Obama has proven to be the most partisan and most divisive American President in polling history after only a few short months in office with 87% of Democrats approving of his performance but only 9% of Republicans according to the latest Zogby poll, a partisan divide of an astounding 78 points.

Other than selling our children into debt slavery at a slightly faster rate and going even farther to bankrupt our nation and collapse our economy than Bush did, increasing taxes on all Americans, destroying more of America’s nuclear deterrent and supporting the killing of yet another generation of our unborn, it appears the differences between Bush and Obama may be more style over substance. Obama does excel as a communicator and giving prepared speeches (providing his teleprompter doesn’t malfunction) and is very good at persuading Americans that he ‘feels their pain’, a talent Bush seemed to lack. Obama has also proven to be very skilled at deceiving the American people into thinking he wants to pursue a mainstream political agenda repeatedly demonstrating his mastery of Saul Alinsky’s training for social revolutionaries to mask his true radical socialist beliefs behind a façade of moderate rhetoric.

But the question remains why do Americans who polls now show are more pro-life than ever and more pro-life than pro-abortion, by a ratio of 49 to 43%, support Barack Obama but opposed George W. Bush for pursuing most of the same policies at home and abroad as Obama? Perhaps it is because the American people did not elect George W. Bush as a self-described “compassionate (i.e. big government socialist) conservative” governed like a Democrat thus alienating his conservative political base while Barack Obama is governing like a socialist thus exciting his liberal political base. In view of his commitment to unilaterally disarming our country of its nuclear arsenal, an action certain to invite catastrophic attack by our enemies, appeasing our enemies and his support of socialist policies all but certain to bankrupt our country, we can only pray that the United States of America survives his time in office.


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