Obama and the democrat party: Bankrupting the USA!

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Written By Gordon Bishop

Thanks to Barack Hussein Obama and his liberal-socialist-Marxist Democrat party,

America is sinking into a deep and long Depression not seen in the United States since the 1930s Great Depression.

How could this have happened?

Simple. The liberal Tax-and-Spend Democrats have taken over Congress and the White House, along with a liberal-leaning U.S. Supreme Court.

Our grand ole Republic has been gutted by an insane, ultra-liberal pro-communist Democrat Party.

As I’m writing this column, I see a smiling, seemingly happy color picture of Obama on the top of Page 1 of my local/regional daily newspaper, The Asbury Park Press, which, of course – like all the liberal media – supported and endorsed the political leader of the most corrupt city in this country: CHICAGO!

Ironically, Obama’s father (Obama senior) was a politician in Kenya, Africa, a totally corrupt regime. Like father, like son.

Oh, yes, I’m truly impressed with Obama’s smooth, slick oratory, but his message is pure Marxism. Karl Marx is the ideological founder of the Communist party. Marx promoted “Redistribution of Income,” which has utterly failed in every nation that adopted this radical economic system.

Obama and his “Democrat party” (what’s left of it) voted January 28on the biggest debt in American history: The $819 billion “stimulus package” in the hope of getting the economy back on track.

That’s almost a trillion dollars! And our children and grandchildren will have to pay off our reckless, ruthless debt. What a lousy legacy for the Democrat party. All 244 Democrats in Congress voted for this shameful debt, while all 188 Republicans voted against it.

Wake up, American voters. Our nation is sick and dying, and I foresee another Great Depression this year.

I still haven’t figured out how Obama raised $668 million dollars to buy the White House, unless he collected that massive amount from throughout the world. If Obama and his criminal cohorts grabbed that money from beyond our borders, our President and his fund-raisers should be found guilty of a crime and sentenced to at least 30 years in a federal prison. It’s illegal for elected public officials to accept foreign campaign funds.

It’s time for the liberal media to follow the laws of the United States and expose Obama for what he really is: A fraud who calls himself a “World Citizen” – not an “American Citizen.”

That’ll never happen, of course, because the liberal media owns Obama and his lawless pals in Chicago – and in Congress.

Obama also is not extending outgoing President George W. Bush’s “Tax Cuts” to 2011. They want those trillions of dollars to go to government to keep the Democrats in power.

We are living in a sick, selfish and self-destructive Ponzi scheme, leading to the collapse of our once-great national economy.

Republican Ronald Reagan remains the most popular President of modern times because he cut taxes and the economy boomed, creating 10 million new jobs.

Curiously, Reagan was president of a powerful union during his acting years – the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). Reagan was once a registered Democrat.

What happened? In his own words: “I didn’t leave the Democrat Party, the Democrat Party left me.”

What America desperately needs is another honest and creative leader like Ronald Reagan.

If we don’t get such a leader in the White House soon, America will join the losers in the Third World. We’ll be just another pathetic Third World country.

What’s important to Obama and his parasitic party is to buy the voters at any and all costs.

For example, Obama’s first Executive Order after he was sworn in as President was to “Legalize Abortion.”

Yep! – killing more unborn and newly born citizens of America. What an immoral and cruel act to have on your conscience.

Forget it! Such politically driven politicians lost their conscience many years ago.

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  1. An open democracy in the pursuit of liberty, transparent government and corporate citizenship relies on informed comment to the readers from opinion platforms.

    At the bad extreme of comment which undermines democracy is a pox of language demonstrated by the sins in this article by Mr G. Bishop [G.B.].

    A lazy spittle of villains by G.B. and labelled good guys, neither does damage to the real villains or justice to quality conduct by leaders who hold office in government, corporate or community entities.
    Also, a woeful absence of factual references to support the spittle.

    This is a very weak etherzone benchmark.


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