No more habeas corpus: Welcome, fellow slaves!

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As you know, I am extremely cautious and temperate in language, modest to a fault. With the recent passage of the Military Commissions Act that cancels habeas corpus, I certainly have no wish to be declared an “enemy combatant” and disappear. So, henceforth I shall be intentionally even more an exemplar of those qualities than I am usually.

I recognize that to prove my loyalty I must loudly trumpet my support of every policy promulgated by Communist world government traitor Jorge W. Boosh; I understand that one could get into trouble with dissent, because dissent could harm the “war effort,” so let me take a hint from el presidente and read between the lines of the new law by expressing my perfervid support for slavery, because that is where we could be headed. Yes, I have always been against slavery, but the vigor and alacrity with which I now change my mind is proof of how loyal to el presidente I am. Homeland Security and Secret Service please take note.

For instance, eyewitness French priest Pierre Dan wrote as follows of the old slave auctions: “Women were separated from their husbands and the children from their fathers.” Dan wrote that “on one side, a husband was sold; on the other, his wife; and her daughter was torn from her arms without the hope that they’d ever see each other again.”

Again, as a family man I used to be horrified by this, but now that el presidente Boosh has canceled habeas corpus, I am horrified no more; HHS and SS please note. For instance, remember that slaves were kept in underground cells for months, so deep that water came up to their knees. They lived in virtual darkness in their own excrement and were rotten with lice and fleas. Their diet was bread and water.

On the surface, the slave masters almost beat them to death, suspended upside down and interminably beaten on the soles of the feet. In fact, some slaves were dragged behind horses, which pulled them apart. A few were dismembered while still alive, “their fingers and toes cut off by everie joint; armes and legs and so head and all.” Yes, it sounds horrible, but you have heard it all before and probably should get used to it.

The work the slaves did included literally working as horses or oxen, drawing cars of lead with ropes about their shoulders, while overseers beat them until their skin was raw. One survivor wrote, “My tortures were now exceedingly increased, burning my flesh off my bones by fire.”  Some slaves were burned alive. Another survivor wrote that the overseer “made us empty all the privies and remove all the dunghills in the town, carrying all the filth in wicker baskets, so that it ran through and fell on us.”

In fact, you have heard rumors I now can certify are true. We now know that the slave masters did conduct breeding programs, including forced marriages, to “improve” the quality of their herds of slaves. Many years later, Nazi bastard Hitler would do the same thing in Germany. For that reason, I had always thought breeding of human beings was wrong; now that Communist world government traitor Boosh has cancelled habeas corpus, I am not so sure, but will believe as instructed. HHS and SS please take note.

It occurs to me that some of you may be aghast, scandalized that I would make so light of the African slave trade and the sufferings without which today’s black Americans would still be living in Nigeria without mortgages. Couldn’t these comments get me into trouble with the federal government and various black shakedown artists working the lucrative poverty racket? Couldn’t my obvious lack of guilt be controversial? Remember that white men are routinely fired from good jobs for saying much less.

In fact, if you are a certified redneck or a bubba, maybe you too are furious and feel betrayed because I appear to have joined the liberaloid forces that never miss a chance to saddle you with guilt about the slavery down south in the tradition of Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Have I too become a liberaloid? Can’t you trust anyone these days?

Who said anything about the black slave trade? Who said anything about black slaves? There you go again, jumping to conclusions, getting yourself steamed. I haven’t been talking about blacks at all. That’s why I didn’t mention them. You have fallen victim to another of the literary tricks for which I am justly (in)famous. If you can’t live with them by now, you shouldn’t be here.

No, all the slaves I’m talking about are white. Every incident and every quotation you have just read comes to us in a book entitled, White Gold, by Giles Milton (New York, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2004). The white gold he speaks of is the white Christians kidnapped and enslaved by the Muslims who had conquered North Africa (originally stolen from Christianity). No black slaves were involved.

We are not just talking about victims taken from ships at sea in piratical attacks. There were many of those, yes. But the Muslim slavers were not content with mere piracy. They raided white Christian towns in countries all along the Mediterranean coast of Europe – including France, Spain and Italy – and literally kidnapped men, women and children whom they brought back to the Islamic world (which they had already stolen from Christianity).

The Muslim slavers even raided as far afield as Newfoundland and Iceland, yes Iceland! Look at the map. The Muslim criminals came ashore at Reykjavik, ransacked the town and returned to Morocco with 400 – yes, 400 – Icelandic slaves. They stormed ashore at Baltimore in southern Ireland, kidnapped 237 people and took them back to Algiers as slaves. The Muslim world (stolen from Christianity), was full of these white slaves.

What kind of men were these Muslims? A choice example was Moulay Ismail, the Sultan, whose chariot was powered not by horses, but by eunuchs and wives. Yes, wives. (The reason I keep adding the “yes” phrase is to forestall your reflexive comment, “Did he say what I thought he said?”) Imagine the sight if you can, a bunch of women pulling a chariot containing a languorous fat slob.

Giles Milton says there were a million white slaves, but remember that he is talking about a brief period of little more than a couple of centuries. From the beginning in the 7th Century, Islam has taken slaves. Slavery is endemic to Islam; the two horrors cannot be separated. Islam has always taken slaves and still does but calls it something else. So, the sum total of white slaves taken by Islam from the beginning must be many millions. The true number can never be determined. Remember that one of the most powerful incentives in the racket has always been booty, plunder, loot, including slaves.

I am not going to get into a numbers game about whether white slaves outnumbered black or vice versa, or about which species of slavery was worse. Each side no doubt has its own partisans. But it is an obvious, historical fact that white slavery perpetrated by Islam lasted a lot longer than Islamic black slavery, almost a thousand years longer, make of it what you will.

Who were the slave masters? In this case they were the sultan’s black guard. British captive Francis Brooks wrote: “The negroes kept them at hard slavery, beating and whipping them all day long . . . .” Milton writes: “The black guards were absolute masters of the slaves under their charge,” and had been picked for the job because of their “willingness to thrash their captives. . . .”

That’s right. The slaves were white! The hated overseers were black, mean enough to be called black Simon Legrees.

There is a lesson here for everyone. For white people, the message is: Stop Feeling Guilty for what you are! Yes, we had slavery here, but it is over. It was abolished a long time ago and no one yet alive had anything to do with it. The conspiracy for world government, which is presently trying to enslave us all, regardless of race, has conspired for years to instill guilt in you because that is the best way to neutralize the whites who otherwise would stand in their way.

One of the best proofs of what I say is the fact that this information has largely been suppressed. It certainly is not taught in the schools. Many of you are hearing about it now for the first time. Doesn’t the fact that your ancestors could well have been slaves lift a huge weight from your chest? You have nothing to feel guilty about on that score. Get used to it!

For blacks the lesson here is that, yes, your ancestors no doubt had a horrible time. Everyone’s ancestors had a horrible time. Get over it! Quit whining! Again, one cannot repeat too much the obvious fact that had there been no slave trade – had your ancestors not been forced to endure the horrors they did – you would not be here today, enjoying American luxury. You would be back in good, old Darfur, for instance, in Sudan, being raped and slaughtered and enslaved by Muslims.

For Americans the lesson is equally clear. Islam is not a religion of peace. It is a racket of plunder. Jihad did not begin because of anything America did. It began with Islam. It is an essential element of Islam. Without jihad there would be no Islam. We fought our first jihad during the Jefferson Administration.

Remember the Barbary pirates? We actually went to war with them, the first war our new country fought. Remember “the shores of Tripoli?” Muslim criminals were attacking our ships and kidnapping Americans. For years we paid tribute to them, as much as 20% of the revenues of the federal government each year. The United States sent the U.S. Marine Corps to stop it and they did.

Islam remains what is has always been, except that it now works closely with the Soviets and has adopted their tactics. I used to think the word “rendition” meant the singing or playing of a song. Today it means torture. We are on our way back into slavery, this time slavery for all, as in Islam.

The problem is that our first Latino President has become a Commie bastard.

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