Mr. Bush, Show some guts: And save our country

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Dear President Bush:

With all due respect for you, and for the office you hold, may I suggest, sir, that you are not coming up to your potential as President of the United States.

By that I mean, sir, that you have an opportunity to do what most presidents would give their eye teeth for the chance to do: to be able to reverse course, change our direction, and save this great nation from the dark forces that mean to bring it down.

I am not naïve enough, sir, to think that you have no knowledge of what these forces are, who leads them, and how they operate inside the country. And because you do, it puts you, as President, in an excellent position to do something about it. If only you will.

It is my personal opinion that the American people have a right to demand two things from their president: (l) That he lead the nation in the direction our founding fathers pointed us, and (2) that he be honest with us about where we are going, and why.

With opposition coming from all directions, no matter what you do, Mr. President, I realize that, as Abe Lincoln so succinctly put it, “you can’t please all of the people all of the time.” But your job, if I may say so, sir, is not to please people, but to run a country. And in this category, I believe, in all honesty, sir, you have been remiss.

It’s evident to any thinking person, Mr. President, that one man alone cannot do everything. And none of us expect that of you. But I submit, sir, that one man—using the power of the presidency-CAN do a great deal.

He can re-set the country’s direction. He can change political objectives. He can refuse to countenance devious agendas. He can override bad advice. He can inspire cooperation. He can re-institute our founding principles. He can assure adherence to our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. He can demand respect for laws. He can encourage the sanctity of the family.

Most important, he can admit it when he is wrong, and begin to turn the ship around, re-set the compass heading, and head us into a more desirable, if not less dangerous, direction.

But all that takes GUTS.

And I must tell you, Mr. President, of all your attributes, this is the one you seem to be most light on.

But generalities prove nothing. So permit me, sir, to be more specific.

Our Southwest borders are being overwhelmed with illegal aliens who make life unbearable for U.S. ranchers and farmers. What have you done to protect our borders?

You know that our school-children are being indoctrinated with un-American rhetoric, and our history books are being re-written. What have done to help our children learn about America?

Socialistic agendas are forcing us into a New World Order, which is contrary to how America was created and what it stands for. Have you done anything definitive to stop this?

America is slowly going bankrupt because we recklessly run up the deficit, then continue to print fiat money, with no regard to what backs it up. Have you ever confronted this insanity head-on?

For the sake of ratings (money), the various media are shamelessly corrupting the minds of our citizens with more and more objectionable material. Why hasn’t this driven you to take some kind of action?

You know, Mr. President, that our Defense Department and un-elected neo-cons, NOT YOU, are shaping our foreign policy. So what have you done to take back that responsibility?

You’re aware, I’m sure, sir, of how our Founders warned us about getting tangled in foreign disputes. What have you done about minding our own business and keeping us out of wars?

We, the American people, do not expect you, Mr. President, to make any drastic changes immediately. But we DO expect, sir, for our president, at the very least, to use the “bully pulpit” to speak out against what he sees as grievous errors in our domestic and foreign policies.

And he should let it be known to one and all that he, as the leader of our nation, will not allow these things to happen as long as he hold the reins of the presidential office.

It really boils down to this, sir. We want you to level with us, Mr. President: tells us when and where mistakes have been made and what is being done to correct them.

But above all, sir, we want you to inspire us with the same passion and spirit our Founders Fathers imbued their citizens; reassure us that you will abide by our Constitution, and allow no one, anywhere, anytime, to violate the principles that have made America the great nation it is.

I don’t know much, Mr. President. But I do know this. If you take action to get us back on the right track, you’ll do more than win reelection. You’ll go down, sir, as our greatest hero. Why? Because you’ll be the president that had the guts it took to give America back to herself.

Yours very respectfully,
Jim Moore

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