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Regular readers will recall that recently I brought you a staggering quotation from the memoirs of unindicted conspirator David Rockefeller of the Marxist Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, who openly admits – even boasts – that he is part of a conspiracy working to dismantle the United States.

Now here comes another quotation to buttress the first. I was unaware of it, and am indebted to retired U.S. Air Force Colonel John R. Niemala, who put it in my hands. The quotation appears in a book entitled, The Other End of the World, by Roger Rusk, late Professor of Physics at the University of Tennessee and brother of Dean Rusk, Secretary of State under Kennedy and Johnson.

It was early in 1981. Jimmy Carter, the nasty, humorless traitor whose treason still haunts us and whom David Rockefeller had personally chosen to be President at his Tarrytown estate, was gone. Liberaloids in the nation’s power centers feared that the new Reagan Administration would dismantle the metastasizing government they had labored so long to construct. They didn’t understand that Reagan, who began his political career so far left that people in Hollyweird thought he was a Communist, certainly was one of them.

Robert McNamara, who had conducted the disaster in Vietnam as Secretary of Defense, was retiring as President of the World Bank. At a dinner in Washington memorializing his departure, David Rockefeller said this, according to Professor Rusk (Knoxville, Plantation House, 1988, p. 206):

“The world which we have worked to construct is threatened. The gravity of this moment, when Mr. McNamara and others are about to leave their posts while a new administration re-examines American foreign aid policy, is great. If we are going to save the international institutions we have put in place, the moment is now or never, for the struggle between the old guard and the new is going to go far beyond the reduction of capital appropriations. . . .” Rockefeller is worried here that Reagan could reduce foreign aid and dismantle the rudiments of the world government the conspiracy is building, the “international institutions we have put in place.”

Of course, there was nothing to fear. Despite his professed suspicion of the Trilateral Commission, Reagan had installed George H.W. Bush as Vice President, which led directly to the horror we are suffering from now. Reagan had promised to abolish both the noxious Department of Education and the Department of Energy. Safely elected, Reagan threw his phony promises into the toilet.

Rockefeller continues: “. . . It is going to endanger the new world order which we have based on the alliance between Wall Street and Washington. . . . . Now radical conservatives are attempting to destroy all that in seeking first and foremost to serve the national interests of the United States.” (emphasis added)

Again, Rockefeller said this in 1981. Of course, it was Adolf Hitler who made the term “new world order” popular. As President, George Bush père, who had pretended to resign from the CFR and the Trilateral Commission to run, often used the term with enthusiasm, until the powers that would like to be told him to knock it off as premature.

Remember, in his memoirs, Rockefeller boasted that he and his family have been conspiring against the United States. Here he expresses his hostility to Americans who seek “first and foremost to serve the national interests of the United States.” He comes at the issue from a different direction and arrives at the same place. He opposes the national interests of this country.

So this is not an aberration. It is what Rockefeller and his family have always believed. This latest revelation merely confirms what David & Co. have always been. He is a lifelong enemy of this country and he boasts about it. Please tell me why this is so hard to understand.

Again, these comments, made while David Rockefeller was perfectly sober, are much more important than anything Mel Gibson said while blind drunk. They should be recited and discussed again and again in the nation’s print media and on national talk radio. Notice, on the contrary, that they are not even whispered, not by the almost defunct Air America which purportedly opposes people like David, and certainly not by Republicrud front bag Rush Limbaugh or Shallow Sean, arguably the stupidest individual on national talk radio.

The Conspiracy for World Government is the issue that separates the men from the boys and the women from the girls, right Laura? Notice that whenever someone slips by the screeners and alludes to the issue, the Republicrud talk hosts ridicule him and feign ignorance. Of course their job is to keep the lid on while el presidente Jorge W. Boosh takes the country apart.

There is perhaps one issue I do need to clear up. Many people are genuinely puzzled by a superficial contradiction. They ask why somebody like David Rockefeller, at the very top, would align himself with people at the very bottom – the Communists, for instance – who say they want to overthrow him and hang him from a light pole.

There is no real contradiction here. The confusion stems from perhaps the biggest, most successful lie the Conspiracy has ever sold. Almost to a man, the conspirators are themselves at the very top and they force the system they want, totalitarian Socialist dictatorship – Communism, if you will – down on the people who are really at the bottom.

People who are sick, hungry, homeless and illiterate cannot “rise up” for Communism. They are sick, hungry, homeless and illiterate. They can’t do anything until they get medicine, food and shelter. They cannot read Marx and Lenin, the only benefit of illiteracy I am aware of.

Look at the Communists. Alger Hiss, Harvard Law School, top State Department official; “Dr.” Fidel Castro, lawyer from a wealthy Cuban family; Mao Tse-tung, librarian at Peking University. Stalin, who, as Djugashvili, was a student at a theological seminary. Sick, homeless, hungry, illiterate? I don’t think so. Always, everywhere, it is the same. The men who hired degenerate Karl Marx to write the Manifesto of the Communist Party were among the wealthiest, most influential men of business at the time.

Look at David Rockefeller, admitted enemy of the United States. Also in his memoirs, he talks about the family’s warm, personal relationship with Stalinist John Dewey, who did everything he could to destroy America’s education and recruit the children in the schools as brainwashed flunkies of der new vorld order.

David also boasts in his memoirs about the banking relationships he established with the Soviet Union and Red China. Chase located at One Karl Marx Plaza in Moscow. The Rockefellers always get the most prestigious address in town. David’s daughter Abby was especially active in smelly, socialist causes. Again, none of this is contradictory. Communism was created as a tool of despotism by people at the top.

The conspiracy’s use of dialectical materialism inspires the confusion that has bamboozled so many. The conspirators at the top do recruit, train, finance and direct agents at the bottom who pretend to oppose them. The conspiracy uses these two dialectical arms – pressure from above and pressure from below – to squeeze the people as in a vise.

That is why the big foundations like Ford finance outright Communist activity. Remember that Ford Foundation President Rowan Gaither told congressional investigator Norman Dodd that the purpose of the Foundation is to change the United States so it can be “comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.”

Please see a book entitled And Not a Shot Is Fired, by Jan Kozak, which explains how the Communists used pressure from above and pressure from below to seize Czechoslovakia. If you can’t find it, call Pat at the American Opinion Bookstore of North Hollywood, (800) 470-8783.

Neither is it a contradiction that el presidente Boosh’s grandfather, Prescott, collaborated with the Nazis during World War II, so flagrantly that the federal government had to shut his bank down. Why isn’t this fact ever discussed by the media who claim to be so hostile to Boosh? Wouldn’t you think they would lust for the chance to expose the Boosh family’s Nazi connections? It’s all an act, friends, an act designed to keep you safely bamboozled.

I am ready to talk about this on the air. Let’s see how many invitations I get. Hello! Laura?

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