It’s so illogical: It’s so unreasonable… It’s so Kim!

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Written By Resa LaRu Kirkland

I think I’ve figured out why most Americans are having such a hard time with the way North Korea behaves. It is because we are a people who seek to reckon the “Why?” of any given equation. After all, it is deep within the human psyche to conquer the questions, to outline things-to make the logical connection between what we don’t know and what we do know. This is the way we live our lives…constantly evaluating and re-evaluating everything to answer the “Why?”

Not so in the Hermit Kingdom.

Kim “No Dong” Il doesn’t seek to answer the “Why?”-he IS the “Why?” To understand this, we need to be-you guessed it-logical and reasonable.

Let’s look at the illogical and unreasonable side of this-Kim. He has postured himself as a mystical, part-Deity figure who controls the winds, waves, and weather. (How he explains the alternating droughts and floods of the past decade is beyond reason and logic-but that’s Kim all over.) He started his life with a lie. Ask any North Korean and they will tell you that he was born on the sacred Mt. Paektu, North Korea-its highest mountain, no less, symbolically very close to heaven-in his father’s anti-Japanese guerilla camp, like some glorious savior born to fight Japanese Imperialism. In fact, the legend goes that so sacred and holy was his birth-so heavenly ordained–that it was marked with a double rainbow and a new star in the sky. (Hmm…rainbows and stars marking the sky? Couldn’t he at least think up something that hasn’t already been done?)

The truth is, he was born under far less glorious and poetic circumstances, in a Soviet Army camp near Khabarovsk, Russia, while his father Kim Il Sung was exiled there. Not very glorious.

Kim is taught in the Myth that is North Korea’s education system to be an intellectually “peerless leader,” who extended the noble Juche idea of his father, designing the large Juche tower in Pyongyang, and writing six operas in two years time. While his father-Great Leader-was still alive, the younger Kim was referred to as “Dear One” by his constituency. He was promoted to “Dear Leader” after he assumed the mantle of leadership upon his father’s death in 1994.

The antithesis of this rice-fed heroic image plays out in less flattering tones. In reality, Rocky-and-Bullwinkle-type-“Fearless Leader” Kim is a pompous playboy, ridiculously unattractive yet oddly vain. He perms his hair and wears lifts in his shoes in a desperate attempt to make himself appear taller and bigger than life. He orders in foreign liquor and foods, has elaborate palaces and playgrounds all for himself, and has even kidnapped women from other lands to service him at various luxurious villas. While his people starve, he has a collection of Rolexes and Daffy Duck cartoons. He floats in enormous yachts and flies in chefs from foreign lands while his people risk everything to escape the revulsion of his Stalin-esque concentration camps.

Kim preaches peace and self defense on the surface, but in reality has been responsible for some of the most horrific terrorist attacks in recent history, such as the 1987 KAL bombing, the 1983 Rangoon bombing attack, and has been the force behind the now infamous nuclear proliferation of his unstable country. He has made alliances with the enemies of America-Islam and China-and has been the biggest exporter of ballistic missiles the world has ever seen. Everything he does defies logic and reason, thus spawning the question: How do you deal logically and reasonably with an illogical and unreasonable nation?

The answer is you don’t.

When God speaks to man, He speaks to them in the language they can understand. We should take a lesson. Kim is a despot whose own nation is so wretched, so backwards, so reminiscent of the evils of Hitler and Stalin that it is hard to comprehend such a place even exists. But then, it was hard to believe the stories coming out of Europe in the 1930’s, too. It didn’t make them any less true. If history has proven anything, it is that Totalitarians only understand one thing-stopping them by force. That is the language they understand. Thatis logical and reasonable. That is how you deal with them.

And it is more serious and desperate than ever now. The time has come to deal, and deal fast. Not only does Kim possess nuclear weapons-by my own meager investigations, I believe he has between six and eight, not just one or two-but the technology with which to deliver them. The Taepo Dong 2 missile is a year ahead of schedule, and has already been test fired to the CONUS. It hit Alaska. That’s right…Alaska, USA.

For those who are still trying to apply logic and reason to a leader who will never use them, I say this: By logic and reason, why would you say North Korea-a nation destitute and dying-fired a long range missile that hit American soil? Not even Iraq tried that. Before you answer that this is business as usual-North Korea threatening us to give them big bucks-think long and hard. Like Iraq, North Korea is run by an evil Dictator who murders his own people. Unlike Iraq, North Korea has nukes. Like Iraq, North Korea will lie and cover up and buy time for years in order to distract us from the truth and play off our desire to remain in blissful-yet feigned, for we know better–ignorance. Unlike Iraq, North Korea has the means to deliver those nukes.

It is no small coincidence that they chose a part of America that was very isolated and unpopulated. This is chillingly reminiscent of the way you behave when you are about to test a nuclear weapon; oddly enough, logical and reasonable. They also knew that Americans were so distracted and upset over the war in Iraq that the story of the missile hitting the CONUS would be lost-deliberately or innocently-in the news shuffle. Again, logical and reasonable.

It is also logical and reasonable to expect that North Korea will indeed export nuclear weapons to any other country who will use them against America. They are methodically covering their bases. So much so, in fact, that South Korea’s forces are on alert. There are strong indications within the ROK government that they are convinced North Korea will pull an illogical and unreasonable stunt-I mean beyond their normal illogical and unreasonable stuff-in some crazy attempt to force the US to give in to their blackmail. And thank goodness our leaders are making it clear that that ain’t gonna happen. But in the logic of North Korea, this justifies their insanity of backing up the threats with a mushroom cloud this time. After all, no one is more dangerous than a country with absolutely nothing to lose. A wicked man with one nuclear weapon is inherently more dangerous than a good nation with 10,000. And that is what we are facing here.

Come to think of it, maybe it isn’t North Korea who is being illogical and unreasonable. I mean, such behavior is for them normal, in an insane sort of way. I think this time we are being the nonsensical ones. Look at the evidence. They have nukes, they have long range missiles, and they have already fired on America. They have given every logical and reasonable indication of what they are about to do. We are the ones who now appear to be defying logic. We are the ones who appear to be ignoring reason. Kim will lose this battle in the long run, but he will still get his battle, his blaze of glory. It is America, South Korea, and Japan who will merely get the blaze.

Apparently, North Korea has answered the “Why?” with a “Why not?”

It is illogical. It is unreasonable. It is suicide. It is Kim’s moment to shine-unfortunately, that means it will soon be our moment to “glow.”

Keep the faith, bros, and in all things courage.


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