Indict Clinton’s security chief: For ‘Treason’

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Written By Gordon Bishop


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President Clinton’s National Security advisor, Samuel “Sandy” Berger was caught stealing top-secret national security documents from the National Archives.

Evidence shows “Sandy Scissorhands” hiding the secret documents in his pants, his jacket, his briefcase, his socks – and cut some of them up with scissors.

On April 1 (April Fool’s Day), Berger pleaded guilty to a single misdemeanor charge of taking classified documents without authorization.

Berger faced up to a year in prison and $100,000 fine. But thanks to a Justice Department plea agreement, he’ll pay only $10,000 and lose his security clearance for three years.

Of course Berger’s outrageous crimes did not make headlines in the liberal mainstream media. On April 1st, Berger’s guilty plea was overshadowed by the deaths of Terri Schiavo and Pope John Paul II – two major news stories.

Here’s Sandy Berger’s timeline involving his theft of classified documents:

On September 2, 2003, Berger was dispatched by Bill Clinton to “study” what the National Archives had on the Clinton Administration’s sorry record on terrorism, to prepare for the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks on the United States (the 9/11 Commission headed by former New Jersey Governor Tom Kean).

It is now known that Berger took a total of five copies of a 15-page memo – a scathing “after-action” report by security specialist Richard Clarke on the Clinton Administration’s weak response to the “millennium crisis” of 2000.

Back at his office, Berger took scissors, chopped up three of the copies and disposed of them. The Archives staff had witnessed Berger’s document-pinching shenanigans, and, according to theWashington Post, the inspector general of the Archives began an investigation in October 2003.

In January 2004, the case was turned over to the FBI, which searched Berger’s home and offices.

On March 24, 2004, Berger testified before the 9/11 Commission: “We have an obligation to explore the events that led up to that terrible morning. In order to look forward, we have to look back – to ask tough questions and demand honest answers.”

On July 19, 2004 (three days before the 9/11 Commission Report was due), someone leaked to an Associated Press reporter the existence of the ongoing criminal investigation, prompting Berger’s resignation as John Kerry’s senior foreign policy advisor.

Berger told reporters: “I made an honest mistake which I deeply regret. I deeply regret the sloppiness involved, but I had no intention of withholding documents from the Commission.”

Some of Berger’s defenders suggested he had held onto some copies and cut up others in order to avoid losing them,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

Berger’s inept “sloppiness” was played up by the liberal media until Berger finally stood before a federal court judge and admitted, “Guilty, your Honor.” Berger told the court that he intentionally took and deliberately destroyed top-secret documents, then lied about it.

Judicial Watch, the only national nonprofit legal “watchdog” for the people, must pursue the Berger theft of secret documents in order to get to the truth of what really happened to those security documents involving the Clinton Administration.

Berger has become a celebrity among the liberals by getting only a slap on the wrist for his national security misdeeds. Is this “treason,” or what?

On May 9, Berger was a featured speaker at the liberal think-tank “Panetto Lecture Series” in Monterey, California. Berger’s topic: “America’s role in the world.” The audience: Democrats, of course.

Berger’s latest credentials as a lying security specialist have become a big hit with the Clintons’ liberal followers.

My own observations: As a syndicated columnist, I commend radio talk show superstar Rush Limbaugh for being a leader in exposing the rampant corruption in the Clinton Administration and demanding justice for those who break the law.

I see Rush Limbaugh as the antidote for the liberal-socialist New York Times and its Marxist media promoters.

Rush was the only major media voice to pursue the Berger case. Read the Limbaugh Letter every month if you really want to know what’s going on in America. The NY Times represents the destructive forces of the “American Dream” of freedom, liberty and opportunity.

Rush tells it like it is, like it or not.

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