How UFO’S relate to the new world order

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Written By Henry Makow


Like most people my opinion of flying saucers and aliens was programed by the mass media.

I thought they were possible but highly unlikely and speculative.

Now I know better, thanks to Dr. Stephen Greer’s book “Disclosure: Military and Government Witnesses Reveal the Greatest Secrets in Modern History.” (2001) His web site

Stephen Greer is a country doctor from North Carolina who has a wife, four children, a dog and a faith in American values. Since 1992, he has collected video and written testimony from some 400 retired members of the U.S. military, intelligence and aeronautics industry including Presidential advisors, generals, pilots and two astronauts many of whom had Top-Secret clearance.

The gist of this overwhelming evidence is that every year we have thousands of visits from UFO’s, which are tracked on radar at speeds ranging from 5000 to 20,000 mph. There are also thousands of signals reaching the earth from outer space.

Over the last 60 years many UFO’s have crashed or have been shot down by missiles or laser beams. The US has recovered these spaceships and replicated some of the technology. It has recovered aliens both dead and alive.

The revelations contained in “Disclosure” have profound implications for the fate of humanity. They reveal that the laws of physics as we know them are obsolete. Space is not empty but an energy field that can provide an infinite supply of free energy and propulsion.

Thanks to extraterrestrial contact, the technology already exists to release humanity from its dependence on its dwindling reserves of polluting fossil fuels, which is the cause of war.

I am not asking you to believe this right away. People think they must either accept or reject a new idea. There is a third alternative: reserve judgment.

Keep in mind that your attitudes to UFO’s were shaped by “experts” like Dr. Carl Sagan, who was on the CIA payroll. The CIA employs a small army of people to mislead you.

I urge you to get Dr. Greer’s 570-page book. It may be one of the most important you ever read.

Nick Cook, the Aviation Editor of Jane’s Defense Weekly, also confirms these conclusions in a book “The Hunt for Zero Point.” He traces the development and suppression of zero gravity technologies over the last 80 years.


Witnesses describe a massive and coordinated cover-up. People who have had UFO contact are ridiculed and warned that their career will end if they speak. Their lives and their family’s lives are threatened. Many people have “disappeared.”

A network of military and intelligence agencies along with major defense contractors is responsible for the cover-up. Generally speaking, they are not accountable to the President and Congress. Dr. Greer has met with many Senators who frankly admit they are “not in the loop.”

The purpose of this cover-up is both economic and political. At the end of the Nineteenth Century, London-based bankers established their power and wealth on the basis of large international cartels. In the US, they used their control of the railroad to favor their agent J.D. Rockefeller with low rates enabling him to eliminate competition.

The same principle applied to the coal and steel cartels. Later they expanded to defense, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and media. They run the US from London through their American partners.

As my readers know, the goal of these bankers and their allies is to formalize a thinly veiled totalitarian world government. The presence of extraterrestrials and new technology is interfering with this plan. The bankers have trillions of dollars invested in old technology. They will release the new technology only if and when it suits them. In the meantime, they use it to keep us enslaved, and to ward off more advanced civilizations.


How do they coordinate a cover-up that extends to so many countries? I don’t know the answer to this but there is a disturbing possibility that national differences may be more apparent than real. Through Communism they took control of Russia and China. After World War Two, they took over Japan and continental Europe.

Witnesses describe secret meetings dedicated to the subject of extraterrestrials that involved an international cast. The New World Order has been here a long time. They are unveiling it gradually.

In the US alone, the cover-up must extend to hundreds of government agencies, military units, research labs and corporations. How is that coordinated?

Again, I do not know, but if I had to guess, I’d venture it is controlled by Freemasonry through their network, which I understand is well represented in these areas.

Dr. Greer quotes Senator Daniel Inouye: “There exists a shadowy Government with its own Air Force, its own navy, it’s own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.”

Indeed the emerging picture is that the London bankers use this occult secret network to control the planet. This Satanic “religion” is indeed the secret guiding principle behind our ideas of “progress” and what is “modern.”


Many civilizations in the universe may be thousands of years in advance of ours. Increasingly they appear to view banker-controlled mankind as a potential menace, with reason. Strange as this may sound, the focus of UFO attention has been the bankers’ nuclear installations. They appear to be actively resisting the US plan to put weapons in space.

Space-based weaponry is presented to the public as a deterrent against “rogue nations” like North Korea. In fact, it seems to have a dual purpose that has nothing to do with this. It is designed to prevent “alien influences” from liberating us from our mental, spiritual and economic bondage, at the same time as controlling us physically.

Apparently this scenario has been in place at least since the 1970’s. According to the testimony of Dr. Carol Rossin, which is on line, Werner Von Braun warned her about it in 1974. He said the aim was “to control the Earth from space and space itself.”

Dying from cancer, Von Braun enlisted Rossin, a fellow executive at Fairchild Industries, to help educate the public and decision-makers. He regarded space-based weapons as “dumb, dangerous, destabilizing, too costly, unnecessary and unworkable.”

Significantly he outlined the five-step “scare tactics” used to justify them. First the public has been made to fear the Communists; then “terrorists”; then “rogue nations”; then “asteroids” and finally “extraterrestrials.”

“Remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens and all of it is a lie,” he told her.

The program is slowly unfolding as Von Braun predicted. We are at the rogue nation, terrorist stage.

A 2002 report concludes: “The continued development of these space systems seriously undermines the claim that the U.S. missile defence project is purely defensive in nature. Instead, the dual use capability of both the SBL and kinetic kill vehicles makes them inherently threatening to the space assets and national security of other countries. … The possibility of sparking an arms race in space, with seriously detrimental effects on global commerce, communications and security, should not be underestimated.”


The “dual use capability” of US space weapons might also be designed to deter advanced civilizations that pose a threat to the Masonic banker’s monopoly of power and wealth, and their satanic New World Order agenda.

Yes, it would be better if a large flying saucer landed on the field during half time at the Superbowl and ETs emerged. But Dr. Stephen Greer’s book is credible. Don’t dismiss it without reading it first.

Far fetched as it sounds, at the rate we’re going, extraterrestrials could represent degenerate mankind’s best hope. Who knows what form Divine intervention can take? If we won’t represent God, maybe a more
advanced civilization will.


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