Hail to the unaware psychopath: Enough is enough

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No human being on earth can completely rid himself of what we call sin. It comes with birth, raises its ugly head, and ends with death.

But what is sin? There are as many answers to that as there are people on earth. So my answer is as good as any.

Sin, as allegorically stated in the Bible, is when a subtle, unforeseen temptation, reduces spiritual beings to physical beings, so instead of living “naively” in a perfect world, their eyes are opened to imperfections, and they become aware of what they didn’t know before. Problem is, some people still remain unaware of what they should now be aware of. And that is one source of error and/or evil in the world.

Translating this, it means that when people do things, some are unaware of what they are doing because the process takes place in the subconscious mind, and is, therefore, not a conscious activity.

As human beings, we all exist in some degree with this mental aberration, which we mostly keep under control. But if we lose control, it can be dangerous. And that person happens to be in a position of high authority and immense power, it can be disastrous, even deadly.

A mild form of this madness can be relatively harmless. BUT if the individual happens to be the leader of the only superpower on earth, and has at his uncontested disposal enough manpower, military armament, and political clout to totally destroy, not just one or two nations, but our entire planet, then the situation is critical.

This, according to many knowledgeable writers, experienced psychologists, and several prominent psychiatrists, is the mental affliction we now see manifested in the words, actions, decisions, denials and deceptions of President George W. Bush.

Paul Levy, a spiritual healer and political activist, calls Bush’s affliction a psycho-spiritual disease of the soul that is endemic to our culture and symptomatic of our times “Because Bush can sound coherent and appear like a regular “normal” guy it makes the syndrome he suffers from hard to recognize.

“But he has been so fully taken over by the disease that he’s become a ”carrier” affecting the field around him. And this field feeds and supports his pathogenic personality. This interdependent field of unconscious denial and cover-up revolves around Bush to enable and protect his pathology.

“People who support Bush are actually complicit with Bush’s madness in a co-dependent, self-enforcing feedback loop that is ‘closed’, thus insulated and not open to any feedback from the ‘real’ world.”

This appears to explain Bush’s tunnel vision about Iraq, his absence of compromise with anyone who disagrees with him, his insatiable need for “yes men”, and his bitter hatred of anyone who dares to express dissent over his policies and decisions.

In a stunner of an article titled: The Emperor Has no Brains, David Brownlow, noted columnist, Executive Director of Life Support, and former Constitution Party candidate, sees Bush in much the same light. “We are no longer able to hide from the obvious fact that there is something very, very wrong with our President.

“His inability to admit, learn from, or even comprehend his mistakes has become pathologic. As we see President Bush sink further into an advanced stage of delusion and denial we need to understand that we are dealing with a mentally unstable— thus extremely dangerous—person. The President’s recent speeches are riddled with statements that could only have been made by a man who is rapidly losing his grip on reality.

“Now, seriously,” says Brownlow, “does anyone on this earth, other than George Bush, really believe the Iraqi people are ‘a ruthless enemy determined to destroy our way of life’? For the President of the United States to believe something so absurdly wrong means he is living in a kind of alternate reality. If the President actually believes everything that comes off his teleprompter. then this is far worse than simply having another lying president. Lying presidents we can deal with. Crazy presidents we cannot.”

Finally, in an analysis of Bush, Benjamin Franklin, a noted psychiatrist with years of clinical experience in local government, literally echoes the previous conclusions. “The President clearly suffers from a severe paranoia that causes him to greatly fear situations in which he is exposed to people hostile to his delusional viewpoints.”

The debate format, Franklin recalls—-especially with the lack of any audience response that might have been positive to his mumblings—-locked him deeper into his shell. In this state, Bush was completely unaware that his infantile reactions were being witnessed by millions, nor did he have any control over them. It wouldn’t matter even if the lights went off while he was speaking, his paranoid fear left him unaware of the world outside his shell.

“Individuals such as Bush, despite their bravura, need to be constantly reassured or they tend to fall apart. This type of psychopathological behavior is characteristic of a person who is easily manipulated by those who offer reassurances—who reinforce their delusions. Bush is a clinically pathetic case, who is the easy prey of strong-willed people on whom he can depend.”

And this, sports fans, is an analytical montage of the man who holds not only the lives and futures of we, the American citizens, in his hands, but also the lives of millions of people around the world, and indeed the fate of the nations they call home.

Enough is enough. This dangerous, unaware psychopath must be removed from office, and soon, so that we may initiate damage control and begin moving America in the right direction.


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