George W. Bush – Megamoron: America’s lamest duck

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Reflecting on Jimmy Carter’s Habitat for Humbug, Bush’s Open Borders, and Bill Clinton’s Open Zippers, it is a mercy that The Soprano’s series ended before Tony’s murky-minded son, A.J., could grow up to be President. The nation is in enough trouble, not the least of which is the Bush scheme for hemispheric Mexificiation.

Bill Clinton made our capital into The District of Decadence, a laboratory for culturing liberals and lice. Under his purview, corruption became ambience and greed became “local color”. Under Bush Washington has not recovered. Clinton’s corruption did not make the George Bush Presidency probable. It made it inevitable. New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s aspiration with regard to the Oval Office confirms that the Bush Presidency has given every imbecile not only chutzpa but political viability. It is the only virtue of the two party system that it gives Americans two approaches to getting rid of the two party system.

Tony Snow has problems besides his health. His sole client, George Bush, is beyond cosmetic fixes. This still Bill Clinton’s media – hand puppets turning sin into spin. Yet, Bush keeps inviting members of the media to join him on the White House lawn in barbecuing the truth. (His consistency comes into question when you consider that he can’t even produce twins that look alike.)

George W. Bush’s irrelevance found its logical nesting place in Washington

where his poverty of intellect was least noticeable. He has the mental acuity of an anvil, and leadership qualities not as compelling as those of a Judas goat. Our President has a singular knack for finding a molehill and re-making it in his own image. If the American economy thrives it is not because of Bush, but despite him. These occasional pockets of prosperity come at a great cost to our morale and our national integrity.


In trying to fathom the immigration policy of George W. Bush, if we rule out treason, stupidity becomes the default explanation – and an explanation that is not an excuse. It is remarkable that anyone as trivial as Bush can manage to provoke such hostility. Bush traveled the world as a President and returned as a refugee.

It suffices to say that plagues do not respect national boundaries – and neither does George Bush. The surge is not going into Iraq but coming from Tijuana. While Al Gore distracts the nation with his global wobbling nonsense, Bush promotes his plan for caramelizing the hemisphere. It is Bush’s conviction that Lincoln saved The Union so that he could turn it over to Mexico. Metaphorically speaking, the illegal aliens are sneaking into the United States not through a hole in a fence but through the hole in George Bush’s head.

There is no interest group that Bush cannot bring to its knees – not with his opposition, but with his cooperation. Having discredited compassion, Bush has moved on to compromise, which seems a reasonable course to some until they realize the most they can achieve is a compromise. A third term of George Bush would have made compassion a hanging offense. His idea of compassion borders on coma. The immigration bill to which Bush has given his blessing is a contemptible compromise that falls in that middle ground between detrimental and excremental.

Bush is going along with The Senate, America’s primary source of deceit and other forms of political lint. They have persuaded each other that the only thing that can save America is a population enema from south of the border. Bush’s plan for North America has been called sardonically “committing merger” – a term that alludes obliquely to its true intention.

Bill Clinton tried to make the nation into one vast inner-city. Bush wants to make it into a carwash. (Ironically, almost every car in Mexico has the original dirt on it.) California drivers already think of Mexico as a place where wet chamois cloths and alcoholic movie stars go to dry out. Dorothy returning from Oz told her little dog, “We’re still not in Kansas, Toto. President Bush has seen to that.” Seemingly, Bush contends if God meant Americans to wash their own cars he would not have created Mexico.

From the day Bush came into office he became Vicente Fox’s pinata and amnesty became destiny. Together they planned to make America into a United States of Carajo. Bush agreed to replace the Liberty Bell with the Taco Bell and re-sculpt those noble effigies on Mount Rushmore wearing sombreros. In Bush’s America, English will be a second language. Business answering machines’ initial response will be “For Spanish, Press 1”. It is suspected Bush has gazpacho flowing in his veins – and probably running down his leg.

The current tsunami of illegal immigrants has caused the biggest demographic change in this country since the slave ships caught a fair wind just off the Azores. The illegal aliens emerged “from the shadows” and have become the clutter in the gutter. Senate Republicans are trying to convince their conservative constituents that those millions of unwashed people demonstrating in the streets were not really illegal aliens but were actually all unemployed Elvis impersonators. This invasion of serape freaks have given us another hyphenated nationality – Vagrant/Americans. Despite the relentless cant about “hardworking” Mexicans, it was the Chinese who built the railroads – and they didn’t sneak intoAmerica to do it. The inundation of illegal aliens is motivated by the realization that by sneaking into the United States they will have nothing to lose and everything to steal.

Some biologists suspect that many illegal aliens carry a gene for poverty. They recommend a periodic check-up from a doctor, while the civil rights leaders suggest a periodic check from the government. The gene for dependency can be spread by casual contact with Democrats. The Democrats contend all that illegal aliens require to be eligible for our welfare benefits is a little more time under the sun lamp.

Bush’s North American Alliance will start a migration of Mexicans to Canada to test whether the diarrhea virus can live in a cold climate. (Irrespective of the conventional wisdom, inMexico they do have indoor plumbing. They just don’t bother to raise the lids.) Hopefully this relocation will fall apart when they learn there is nothing in Canada worth harvesting. You can’t pick snow, you can only shovel it. It became doubtful that illegal aliens would assimilate in Canada. The Canucks gave one peon a hockey puck and he was up all night trying to get it open. Of course, the Canadians can give them clubs and teach them how to brain seal pups.

Bush has accepted the Democrats’ premise that lawbreaking by Mexicans is acceptable – providing it appears gradual. It is too late for anything to do with Mexicans to be gradual – especially reproducing themselves. Mexicans spawn like Mexicans. No other simile applies. No other omen portends such disaster. George Bush has come among us to hit the delete key on America as a sovereign and independent nation. By signing the Democrats’ Immigration Bill, George Bush will usurp Bill Clinton’s title as The Death Wish President.

Democrats want amalgamation. Bush is holding out for invasion. It is not known why Bush is so mesmerized by Mexicans – people who dance on their hats and get into brocade knickers in order to stab farm animals in the neck for entertainment. That is not a culture. It is depravity. The flag-waving Mexicans who have been protesting in our streets demonstrate a marked resistance to the civilizing process. They seem more at home in the time-warp of the Galapagos Islands where the indigenous critters are further along in Evolution. Brutality has been a Latino benchmark since the Spanish Inquisition. No one was ever crueler to Native Americans than the conquistadores who enslaved them and even chopped off one of their feet so they could not run away.

It would seem that every time a Mexican commits a crime in our country Bush sends a member of the Border Patrol to prison. Presumably his compassion has turned to collusion. These Border Patrolmen should forget about arresting illegal aliens in the Arizona desert but nab them before they can emerge from their mamacita’s fallopian tubes. Border Patrolmen, Jose Campean and Ignacio Ramos, were denied Presidential pardons that Bill Clinton threw around to his cronies like confetti. Horse thieves got a better break from Judge Roy Bean. Meanwhile Bush speaks glowingly of murderers like Teddy Kennedy and KGB “interrogators” like Vladimir Putin. Scooter Libby got less justice from Bush than Captain Alfred Dreyfus got from the French General Staff. Crushing judicial decisions like the one handed down against Libby is the reason the Feds closed down Alcatraz. It is urgent to institute a crash program to find an antidote for the Bush perception of compassion. To prevent his sympathy from creating more national disasters, it may be necessary to lock Bush in his room and stop the delivery of his daily newspaper.

We keep hearing how much the Latinos will enrich the gene pool. So far the genetic contribution of the Spanish to the world produced most notably Filipinos and Mexicans. The Incas and Aztecs were doing very well before the Spaniards got there thank-you-very-much. Culturally, Spain’s most celebrated literary icons are Don Quixote, a deranged horseman in a metal jumpsuit, and Sancho Panza, a simple-minded stooge who served much the same function as Bill Richardson did for Bill Clinton. In America basic cultural differences endure. Spaniards speak Spanish. Stoop laborers speak Stoopish – especially when answering the telephone. Nevertheless, Bush is convinced the language barrier is the fault of Americans. He believes that everyone understands English if you shout loudly enough.

and this …

Reagan was The Great Communicator- Bush is The Great Capitulator. Bush has replaced Clinton’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy with his military Don’t Ask, Don’t Win policy. Under ACLU pressure, Bush is ready to convert Camp Gitmo to a resort – its chain link fences serving only to keep the jihadists’ tennis balls from rolling into Havana. [Note: The Arabs interrogate captives to get the right answer out of them knowing that there is no right answer – hence torture. To paraphrase Marshall McLuhan, among Muslims, the mayhem is the message.]

George Bush can’t tell the difference between a good Arab and a bad Arab. Worse, he can’t tell the difference between a bad Arab and a bad Arab – nor does he recognize that there is no need. It is expected that Bush will do nothing in regard to Iran inasmuch as doing nothing has worked so well for him in Iraq. If America loses the War on Terror it will be because he found a way to secure approval for the defeat in his Styrofoam conscience.

It is said that the first insult unanswered is the parent to a thousand others. Either my thousand is used up or President George W. Bush has found a way to situate himself beyond the reach of my insult – or his mental deterioration is picking up speed.

Ronald Reagan had the courage of his convictions. George Bush has the convictions of his courage. As far as the what-iz-it in Iraq is concerned, Bush’s heart was never really in it – and neither were his cahones.

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