Fraud, lies and green religion: Green militants invade government

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“It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself.” Thomas Jefferson.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6

“Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” George Washington.

“The First Rule of Cheating is – – Don’t Get Caught.”

Well, what happens when Green militants invade government, bend official policy to promote Gaia paganism, use government money and police power to enforce green corruption, hide their agenda from the public through media complicity, and then get caught? What happens is the uproar now exploding in government land management agencies.

For many years it has been obvious that the environmental movement cares not a whit about protecting the environment. Environmentalism has been, and is, a cash cow for fund-raising and a vehicle for imposing United Nations World Government policy and pagan religion upon America’s culture and economy and upon America’s sheeple who are being destroyed for lack of knowledge and mostly are too apathetic to seek the truth that could save them.

Environmentalism’s corruption requires support and complicity of corrupt government, and got a big boost during the Clinton administration. Clinton’s Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt spoke about returning America to a land without fences and property lines. Animals would have legal rights and landowners would become trespassers upon the planet. Clinton’s Vice President Al Gore wrote in his book Earth In The Balance that America must undergo a “wrenching transformation” in which environmental policy replaces our existing government, a drastic societal revolution to “save” an environment that doesn’t need saving and is doing quite well on its own, thank you.

The current uproar began in December when a retiring US Forest Service employee told his supervisor that hair from captive lynx had been planted at wild lynx survey stations in National Forests in the Northwest where lynx habitat and range study is in progress. The study is trying to determine where the “threatened” Canadian Lynx is found in the United States. Had the deception not been discovered, planted lynx hair specimens could eventually have caused huge areas of National Forest to be designated as lynx “critical habitat” and could have restricted or even closed the National Forest to recreation, logging, mining and other uses to “protect” the phantom lynx.

The lynx issue itself is a deception. Lynx are listed as “threatened” in the United States and therefore receive federal government protection. But lynx are so plentiful in Canada that there is and has been for a long time a lynx trapping season. Lynx are in no danger of extinction, regardless of how few live south of the Canadian border.

In March 2001 a Washington State government fish and wildlife biologist working on a Grizzly bear survey approached taxidermist Jim Gintz and asked for hair from a Grizzly rug. The taxidermist reported the incident, suspicious that Grizzly bear hair might be planted in the National Forest at bear survey sites so that Grizzlies could be reported from places where they do not exist. The Grizzly is now a “threatened” species which environmental activists want to upgrade to “endangered” to close 3,600 square miles of Washington State forest to human activity. Government biologists also were caught using a dead horse carcass to bait Grizzly bears into an area under consideration as Grizzly bear “critical habitat.”

Last summer farmers in the Klamath Basin, Oregon, had their irrigation water turned off for the supposed benefit of fish in Klamath Lake and local rivers. But a subsequent study and report by the National Academy of Sciences found that water denial was based on faulty science. Environmental organizations, which sued the federal government to stop the flow of irrigation water to farmers, descended like vultures on the Klamath Basin to buy out as many bankrupted farmers as possible to expand the “Wildlands” project.

How does this tie in with religion? Bio-fraud and attempted land-grabs are part of the United Nations drive toward creating Global Green Religion which will swallow all the earth’s religions and regurgitate a single “earth ethic” religion administered and enforced through United Nations World Government. Christians will find their religion corrupted to official “Christan” and Jesus discarded, replaced by the pagan Earth Goddess “Gaia.” This, not Christmas displays at the court house, is what the Founding Fathers were trying to prevent when they wrote into the US Constitution the First Amendment prohibition “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion . . .”

Earth Religion is based on “enlightenment,” not on logic or science. Enlightenment is belief, and one can believe anything regardless of truth or reality. Enlightenment is a convenient way to get around the problem of reality when purposely corrupting workable, time-tested matters of science, politics, religion and personal behavior.

In his influential book The Dream Of The Earth, Thomas Berry writes “Our sense of reality and of value must consciously shift from an anthropocentric to a biocentric norm of reference.” In other words, let’s trash 4,000 years of religious history and shift back from monotheism to pantheism. Berry also says, in The Amicus Journal, that “. . . an ecological interpretation of the cosmos requires a corresponding re-interpretation of the story of creation.”

So the Christian God is just a convenient invention of superstitious primitive people and played no part in Creation, according to the enlightened. Gaia actually did the job. And since Gaia created Earth and we are part of Earth, then we also are God, and anything we do is acceptable because God can do no wrong, even when corrupting supposedly “scientific” investigations of bear, fish and lynx habitat. By definition, God can not corrupt a scientific survey even by planting bogus hair specimens. Very convenient.

The “enlightened” have infiltrated government land and wildlife agencies and extremist environmental organizations and allowed their allegiance to Gaia to corrupt their scientific integrity. If the goal is to “save the planet” from humanity, of what importance is it to fudge a bit on data which can be used to evict people from still more thousands of square miles of land coveted by promoters of the Wildlands Project which seeks to return half of North America to unpopulated wilderness? Apparently, it is of no importance at all, provided you don’t get caught.

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