Death to liberalism: A plan

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To defeat liberalism patriotic Americans will have to unite. We will have to recognize liberalism for the insidious virus it is and deal with it properly. The ebola virus, itself takes a backseat to the damage caused by liberalism. We, conservatives, libertarians, patriots and independents, will have to admit we have been stupid, ignorant, foolish, disorganized, petty, and selfish in many respects. We have never united. We must look at our strengths so we can organize to kill the Socialist beast from the darkest corners of hell now calling itself liberalism.

Patrick J. Buchanan accurately implied our country is in serious trouble when he acknowledged our cultural war. However, Mr. Buchanan didn’t indicate what we should do beyond voting for more conservative and honorable politicians. We must have leadership, cogent plans and dedication. We must recognize liberals have won battle after battle and we haven’t taken the field. It is time to strike back and drive a stake through the black heart of liberal leadership. Survival means either their political death, or the death of the Republic and of Constitutional democracy.

The good news is we do not have to sit and take it. We can destroy liberalism. By joining together with others we would be more powerful than the liberals and could stop their debasement of our culture and of humanity itself. We have the means to figuratively develop a vaccine to eradicate the insidious virus liberalism.

The Essence of Liberalism

Liberalism is an all encompassing and interchangeable term for such seemingly diverse groups and organizations as anti-capitalism, Nazism, Communism, and Socialism in the tradition of institutional hedonism represented by evil groups such as NAMBLA. Liberals crave power and are will to inflict any evil on society or tell any lie to gain and maintain power and thus control. Liberalism plus power adds up to a ruling elite as toxic as any form of oppressive government the world has known. Bill Clinton, Pol Pot, Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler, Mao were liberals devoted to make themselves or their kind world rulers. They play by no rules; lack moral standards; and no human life is valuable while they strive for world domination. The state is their God. A freeman is anathema to them. They spin tales designed to entrance the gullible. They appeal to the emotions of those who can’t conceptualize in order to gain power for advancing their evil agenda.

In the United States liberal leaders used “civil rights” to advance their own causes while placing Black Americans in a position that can arguably be called worse than slavery. (See drug, illegitimacy, generational welfare, death and incarceration rates of African-Americans) Not even the Ku Klux Klan, in their wildest dreams hoped to do to the Negro what liberalism has accomplished. Liberals use faulty arguments against our Constitutional right to bear arms. In the process they place every citizen in more danger and strengthen the State’s power over its citizens. They have ensured fewer school children are educated than at anytime in American history by undermining discipline and lowering standards. They have undermined the military and patriotism through biased media coverage during Vietnam to lowering physical standards so women can serve. They have used the press and media to destroy freedom of speech. Their policies are, always wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are directly responsible for the majority of rapes, murders, child-molestations and torture-related crimes due to their constant attacks on tradition, the police and the judicial system. Now they actually advocate allowing felons the vote.

Although many of our Democrat friends, relatives and neighbors are good-hearted people, they are indirectly responsible for crimes against humanity and civilization through their naive voting habits. They could be the average German who averted his eyes and closed his mind so he wouldn’t see what the Nazis were doing. Until we recognize Democrat voters for what pathetic, shallow sheep they are we can do nothing to open their closed minds. We must educate them. We must remember the liberal leadership they listened to knew rape, murder and depravity would increase when they intentionally enacted policies to destroy America. We must no longer consider liberal leaders as merely misguided. They need an uneducated, apathetic and poorer populace to ensure they have a majority. We must see their leadership for what it is: evil incarnate. We must view most of the people who vote for liberal representatives as either duped or enslaved demons working in mental chains to produce more Richard Specs, Jeffery Dahlmers, and Richard Ramirezes to increase every barbaric act imaginable and to which our culture is now subjected to on a daily basis.

The people who represent liberalism must have their socialist religion destroyed. They are far worse than cockroaches. They are viruses that make AIDS seem a child’s day of playing in the sandbox. Although I use Pol Pot, Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler and Mao for comparative purposes with liberal leaders such as Clinton and other American Socialists, the truth is our own Socialists are far worse. Pol Pot, Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler and Mao weren’t privileged people who grew up in a long-established democracy. At least their evil was predicated upon an idea of preying on people they considered their enemies. The Bill Clintons of the world work to debase and enslave their own people. After witnessing the deaths of innocents from Waco, Ruby Ridge to Serbia to salvage his power, only a complete fool would argue Bill Clinton differs from Pol Pot, Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler, or Mao in viciousness. Clinton’s barbarism differs in only two ways from the other Socialist leaders. So far he has killed fewer people and none of the other murderers were cowards. Only the death of liberalism can allow a restoration of democracy and common decency, let alone honor.

We anti-Socialists spend our time fighting among ourselves. We debate and argue with each other concerning the best way to change the laws so child abuse will decrease. In the meanwhile the Socialist press increases the depravity. MTV and other television shows introduce more debauchery and sub-human content to undermine people who view it. Soon, such savagery is deemed normal. Because there is little choice on television it is then force fed to people watching other shows from the news to most sitcoms. In the meantime, the liberals have us talking about rating systems when we should be talking about killing those shows and punishing the people responsible for them.

The Ineptitude of Organized Religion

The Churches are a prime example of our cultural failures. Too often devout Jews, Catholics, Baptists, Methodists, Mormons, and other denominations fiddle around while their religions become the butts of jokes. If these religious groups would set aside their minor differences they could change America overnight. But it’s much more important to argue their followers should be circumcised, celebrate, dunked, sprinkled, or trace ancestors than to set those issues aside to reduce rape, murder and child molestation. If they banded together they could stop the left’s unified attack on all religions, morality and ethical beliefs. Jews better awaken and realize their children are being taught via school and television how stupid it is to be circumcised. Catholics better realize their children are being propagandized to believe your church is old-fashioned to insist upon celibate priests. Methodists and Baptists had better learn your children are being taught your beliefs in correct baptismal are foolish no matter your religious scholars arguments. Mormons better realize you can’t keep standing alone without losing more of your offspring to fad-crazy popular television.

With needless fear of another religion you self-absorbed religious zealots stood on your own protected religious turf while you ignored your common all-important grounds every time you had a chance to support believers of a different faith. The Baptists called for and tried boycotting Disney. It wouldn’t have been only Baptist children spared the filth of Disney’s movies or the steps that company takes to undermine traditional values. It would have also been your children who were spared such sewage, and the assault on your morales. But you let petty religious differences get in your way. You couldn’t stand tall for your unlikely allies because they broke the egg at the wrong end of the shell. Some of you religious leaders will hang together. The liberals will figuratively kill all of you, if they don’t actually destroy you. It won’t be figuratively when they brand you as they did the innocents at Waco. There won’t be any of your wise ones remaining to restart your religion from the barbarism you permitted to replace civility in our society.

Many conservative and libertarian nonbelievers and agnostics are as intransigent as the disorganized religions. They say, “We can’t trust religion or prayer in school.” They’ve forgotten their history or more likely, heard so much liberal disinformation on this subject, they now think it’s true. It’s not! From 1776 until the 1950’s the misnamed “religious right” controlled virtually every aspect of American society. Unlike the Socialist left they never shut out freedom of thought as liberals are doing now. The right made sure the Ten Commandments were in schools and students were expected to acknowledge, if not a Higher Power, then at least a set of rules from ancient times that provided a frame-work for civilized behavior. Amazingly, despite the dreaded Ten Commandments and prayer in schools, somehow they never managed to indoctrinate a single student into being a religious zombie for any specific religious denomination.

Ever since liberals essentially outlawed free thought, basic prayers and have vehemently cast the Ten Commandments from schools, thousands of students have instead been indoctrinated into cults, pagan societies and other semi-religious organizations that are actually harmful. The murderers at Columbine High School are but one of many examples. Nonreligious conservatives and libertarians would do well to remember the religious denominations are jealous enough of one another so you’ll never get a school persuading all its’ students to become Presbyterian ministers. The nonreligious need to ask themselves if the watered down religion that used to be acknowledged in public schools and taught students the Ten Commandments are good rules to live by, is worse than the immorality now being taught? Those Libertarians and conservatives who just hate religion and God need to stay as they are. The remainder, however, should work with the religious-right for common goals. It might well be summer Bible schools that have kept neighborhood kids from stabbing you. Let the public school kids at least know there are moral rules against such conduct.

Education and Children

Liberalism has destroyed the educational system. Most wealthy parents send their children to private schools. Many middle-class people sacrifice to send their children to private schools. Other parents home school. A few take the time to overcome the harm their children receive in public schools. Those of us with the wherewithal do what is possible to keep our children free from the rampant corruption that passes for public education. The liberals prefer to turn out functional idiots and barbarous youth to prey upon the weak and further wreak havoc on civilization. The recent attacks in Central Park aren’t accidents, nor are such attacks limited to New York. Those attacks are part of the liberal plan. However, we are our brothers keepers. We who can do better and who know better cannot turn our backs on the children liberalism is sacrificing to their gods of immorality, illiteracy, long-term despair and institutional slavery. We must wage war to salvage some of the children now in public schools and save those who might soon enter these socialist training camps. Only the death of liberalism will give these children a chance.

The Judicial System

Liberals have destroyed our judicial system. We must take advantage of the jury system before they outlaw that possibility. Make sure you understand the Constitution and that your God given common sense overrules any jury instruction. Let your neighbors know they have a duty to the Constitution and this country that supercedes any lawyer’s wishes or judge’s instruction when on jury duty. It may not make a difference today, but perhaps a flicker of memory will occur if they are called to jury duty. In the meantime we, who have a knowledge of democracy and a good judicial system, can fight bad laws when on jury duty. Under no condition should we ever deliver a guilty verdict if a citizen is charged with possessing a firearm. We should be so solid on this idea no prosecutor in America will ever again bring such charges before an American jury.

If a crime is committed against someone working for a pro-Socialist, anti-American corporation or politician, we need to ask if the crime is more serious to the victim than what the victim has helped his or her sponsor do to America. There needs to be a cost to people that serve the media and other left-wing institutions working for Socialist ideology. Can a crime actually be committed against a Socialist media employer? These are the people that work to destroy the Constitution, increase crime and who insure crime. Isn’t it what they want? Can a person be justifiably convicted for providing liberals what they encouraged?

If a crime is committed against a teacher by a student can we, as rational citizens, convict the student if the teacher kept working when she knew, not just God and The Ten Commandments, were taken from school but any attempt at teaching moral behavior was removed? We must listen to all the testimony to determine if this teacher was stuck in her teaching position to help her family survive, or was she actively working with the liberals to ensure the commission of more crime.

We must try to deliver true justice. In one case the criminal should be convicted and in the other he should be found not guilty. We conservatives and libertarians are not the ones who destroyed the American judicial system. We are not advocating giving the felon the vote. We better start using the courts, not as our enemy does, to actually deliver justice. We must re-establish our original judicial system, and it will take death to liberalism to accomplish that end.

Is Military Action by Citizens Necessary

We must recognize that some patriotic groups are as bad as some churches in their failure to use common sense. Members of some militias or other groups led by haters need a change in leadership. If your goal is to bring America back you are wasting your time hating Jews, Blacks or any other group. It may be true that only ten or twenty percent of those groups currently recognize the need to return to a Constitutional government, but that ten percent is far more allied to your basic beliefs than probably seventy percent of your own race or religion. Think for a moment about Alan Keyes, David Horowitz or the Japanese-American troops that fought in World War II. You aren’t much of a patriot or an American if you wouldn’t follow those men into the flames of hell to recapture the Constitution and our country.

Currently more and more militias are forming in the United States. We have underground patriotic groups planning to fight socialist control of the government once the current nearly intolerable situation boils over. There are secret sites to turnout guns and make gunpowder so the government can’t prevent our use of the Second Amendment. It is rumored some patriotic groups have rockets. These people are branded as kooks by the Socialist press. Their concerns are not addressed, or debated on Socialist controlled airways. More than likely many of the readers of this column have guns and ammunition in their homes and additional arms safely hidden in nearby forests where a socialist police state can’t search. Hopefully the looming civil war won explode. With any luck the Socialists won’t take over the military causing a revolt. God willing, none of the patriotic groups will start fighting before it is absolutely necessary.


We can change things without bloodshed if we unite. We don’t have to work slowly. Praying the Churches will unite and fix America overnight isn’t the answer. We need to organize and attack liberals within the bounds of law. We need to expose them for the hypocrites and cowards they are. We need to make them pay for their attacks on the Constitution and for what they’ve done to the weaker members of society. We shouldn’t settle for just making them a little upset. We need to go after them as they have gone after us – for their jugular and not let go until they’re figuratively dead. We need to take their jobs and directly harm them and their families as they’ve harmed us. We need to have a plan and to unite to defeat liberalism. We must wage a relentless attack to reduce rape, murder and to help children by once again giving America a decent school system. To do so we must ensure the death of liberalism.

Liberals have taken the schools in order to propagandize children. They control the colleges to ensure a trained liberal cadre is qualified to undermined the judicial system and the Constitution. They have set up and extended welfare to ensure slavery for those willing to vote for them. They have taken over many state and federal agencies to be certain their ignorant voters get paid for voting Democrat. Despite such liberal victories we still have positives working for us. We are the people who understand the Constitution. We have values, believe in the rule of law, and work. We must unite to develop an anti-liberal organization to go after every single liberal. We must destroy the corporations they control. We must support only the free press. We can recapture the educational system and replace the socialist propagandists now posing as professors and administrators in school systems and at universities. We can take state and federal agencies out of the hands of political lackeys and put real managers in charge. We must recapture and rebuild America and that requires the death of liberalism.


There are thousands of things we must accomplish, but it requires we unite and develop leadership. There’s no sense in a few of us boycotting a hundred different corporations. We need to unite and boycott one corporation nationally. In each state we should target one state-wide business at a time. Unless the targeted business agrees to change and make restitution for the harm it has caused and perpetuated against freedom and Democracy, we must boycott it until it’s completely destroyed. We need to know who owns it, who manages it and we must pursue them even after we drive their corporation into bankruptcy. For example, a company in Florida banned American flags during the terrorist crisis. This company should be ruined and additionally we need a list so the gutless anti-American officials responsible for the decision never work again.

Several large corporations allowed themselves to be shaken down by Jesse Jackson. If Jackson could recover damages for harm done to black people, there’s no reason a conservative organization shouldn’t examine their books and establish a payment plan to repair the emotional and moral damage their actions have caused the rest of society. They must pay and it should be minimally ten times what the gave socialist organizations. If that means driving them to live in such Socialist havens as Algeria, a model they planned for us, then let them. The death of liberalism means we won’t allow such evil to remain unfettered in our country.

We need a national central office with sub-offices in fifty states staffed by people who want to take America back and allow our unique culture to breathe again. We need each state office to have affiliates which feed them local information on a daily basis. We Americans need to know who the most anti-American newspaper editor is, the most liberal judge, the worst professor. We need a newsletter that provides feedback to members on how we and our allies are progressing. We need to know if Washington state has managed to get a conservative on a college board; if a West Virginia city forced the Ford dealership to quit advertizing in the left-wing newspaper; and if a television station in Miami fired a liberal propagandist. We need to work toward these common goals in every state. We need to see our victories published among ourselves and strategies developed to tackle the people working against us. We need a headquarters where we can determine how much stock conservatives and libertarians control in various corporations. We need to use our united strength to put our people on boards with the goal of taking over certain corporations. We need to know what state is most liberal and most against the Constitution. Our tourist dollars should never subsidize such a state.

Such an attack organization must be developed if we are to successfully battle liberalism. I discussed the idea with a friend years ago, but we lacked the money for such an ambitious undertaking. I thought I’d wait until I retired to put it together. However, we need it now. I present my rough ideas and strategies so they may be developed further by those who can adopt them, improve them and then put a plan into force. I know I will not stand aside as the churches have because I don’t agree a full one-hundred percent with another’s theology or dogma. If a leader or a group of leaders step forward, I’ll invest to ensure death to liberalism.

Strategies for War

We who believe in the free market system need an attack organization whose sole purpose isn’t to make money but which might. Such an organization should hammer targeted liberals directly and hard. Our actions should expose them for their hypocrisy while damaging them and educating others. This organization should poll its membership to determine which issues are of most concern and the best ways to reach those objectives. My main issue might be number forty-five. As long as it has a chance of being addressed, its position isn’t important. And, perhaps if our organization does its job, my issue might be solved as a spin-off of the first five being accomplished. We shouldn’t focus totally on potentially explosive issues, like abortion, gun control, homosexuality or environmentalism. Such action would immediately unite the press and other socialist organizations against us. I address solving a single issue later in this article. But, think what it would mean to anti-abortionists, pro-gun control people and those against environmental nuttiness to remove the Public Broadcasting System from the airways. Though it doesn’t achieve any of our diverse aims, it removes a large propaganda tool from the left and would be easier to accomplish early on. That argument would be based on the immorality of the citizen having money stolen, i.e., taxes, to pay for public television and radio. The positive outcome means the arguments concerning your special issue will have a better chance of being aired fairly.

The liberals have long occupied the colleges. We have people claiming to be anthropologists who actually deny there are different races on the globe. The average American no longer even realizes there are substantially more than only three races. This demonstrates how successful the liberals have been in dumbing down the population. We have “history” professors that propagandize students into feeling a certain way about an issue and claiming that is of more importance and something valid as a replacement for learning facts. One Ivy league school has an administration so warped they allow and glorify a professor who advocates sex between humans and animals. We have liberal arts students being taught five thousand years of Jewish history and the rise of the European nations are insignificant. Think of our history and literature. It doesn’t matter if you are religious or not. If you don’t know a great deal of the Bible, Jewish history and Christian history you aren’t educated. We should reach the point where we can demand that students from such schools have to complete special courses on history, economics and comparative logic before their degrees are considered valid.

One example to directly do something against liberal filth might be the judge that recently gave a light sentence to a man who had sex with a young girl. The judge, notorious for giving light sentences to child sexual abusers told the little girl, “It takes two to tango.” Liberal monsters in black judicial robes have long been free to defy the law, ignore the Constitution, promote filth and encourage cultural decay. This judicial cretin faces no repercussions for his actions and laughs at people wanting a return to basic human decency and morality. We can act together to teach such judges a lesson. They should pay a terrible price for their evil deeds and destructive rulings.

Our conservative organization should operate like a business. Individuals could purchase part of a number of investments through the organization. They might pledge ten dollars a week or a hundred. It would be up to each investor to determine how much each activity was worth. The organization would be limited to using a small percentage for operating costs, with the remainder of the money securely in escrow. If any profit were made, the organization would take ten percent off the top before each investor had his money and profit returned.

For example, with the aforementioned judge, (all figures are hypothetical), we determine where he lives and discover he owns a home in a neighborhood where homes average two million dollars. Our organization would purchase a home in that community. Once our organization owned the two million dollar home, we then post a huge sign in the front yard. “This home can be purchased for six million dollars. If not, our sub-organization “Child Rapists are People Too, Inc.” will house pedophiles here. Or, this home can be purchased for two and a half million dollars if judge X apologizes to the nation and resigns from the judiciary.”

We’ll need conservative attorneys to get us past zoning laws. We’d argue, as liberals are so fond of doing, that pedophiles are just misunderstood people. We only wanted to help them live in neighborhoods where they have friends and supporters who understand them as they readjust to societal standards. Should anyone question our motives, we’ll use liberal techniques. Instead of addressing the facts, we’ll call them haters, racists, homophobes and uncaring. Then we’ll organize demonstrations.

Suddenly, this two-bit judge wouldn’t be free from repercussions for his filth. His wife would hear about it at her bridge club. His country club would start seeing him as the vile creature he is instead of as the untouchable judge he fancies himself. People would stop associating with him and his family. The companies his children work for might take a second look at their employment status. The employers would become more reflective and perhaps wonder if it was really worth bribing this judge by hiring his children. For the first time this judge would have to pay for his political convictions. Attempting self-examination or risking a loss for their convictions is something no liberal is willing to do. Remember these are the same cowards that had to wait for Federal troops to protect them before they’d demonstrate for civil rights in the South. No matter their decisions, our organization wins. Either we make money in our reverse boycott, or we make the rest of America safer by providing a home for newly released pedophiles and other sexual deviants in an area that willingly tolerates them.

We shouldn’t just quit with one victory. Once we’re organized, we need to ensure we can continue waging our campaign. Where is the wealthiest liberal voting bloc in the country? What if we rented a home in their enclave and bused in crack-heads to live among them? Would their voting pattern change? What if we developed a civil rights agenda to ensure children like Chelsea Clinton were forced to attend the nonfunctional public schools liberals created? Liberals rarely pay for their decisions. It’s long past time they suffer the horror for which they are responsible. They should have their creations dropped squarely on them.

A central clearing house will be paramount for our conservative attack organization to work. The members who invest in the first attack plan would be our voters. Let each of them voice their number one concern for America. Once those are tabulated, our organization would have its top fifty list with which to begin working. Our cental office would have to maintain on-going contact with religious and political organizations to line up support for our issues.

Recent boycotts have worked, although sporadically organized. K-mart dropped fat Rosie, and Smith & Wesson has had to lay off hundreds of workers for their complicity in attacking the Second Amendment. Liberal magazines, television networks and newspapers are suffering. Those boycotts were great achievements. Think how much more effective they would have been if freedom loving Americans had a central office from which to plan, direct and unify our efforts. Would Baptists and Catholics think it worthwhile to support Second Amendment efforts if they knew gun owners would support prayer in school or vouchers for religious schools? Right now, these various groups from militias to conservative think-tanks to political web groups often have common concerns, but rate the importance of these concerns at different levels. Even gun rights people and atheists need to realize religious schools will teach the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Their students will graduate both educated and with the ability to think. It’s highly important for citizens with First and Second Amendment concerns to work for schools that teach why we have the Bill of Rights.

A central organization would have the ability to contact conservative and libertarian college publications. A branch could gather feedback from these colleges. We should know which professors teach oral history is sound, and which professors indoctrinate kids into Marxist ideology. We need to find out how people become University trustees. We need to work toward getting conservatives in these positions. Once we have achieved a voice on the boards, we can try to fire professors that propagandize trusting minds and be prepared to keep such leeches from obtaining positions at other schools. We must always keep in mind these people are far worse than Alaric and the Vandals who sacked Rome. The Vandals destroyed the city and killed people. These liberal professors steal both the student’s mind and soul, leaving an empty and dishonorable hulk instead of an analytical thinking being.

A central office could keep count of stocks we as a group control. If we are close to owning a company, it would be well to encourage others to purchase stock and challenge for leadership at board meetings. If we were going to boycott a company, it would be well to give our members a chance to unload their stock before the boycott began. This shouldn’t be considered insider trading as we would be working not for monetary gain but to enhance our political views and support our strategy and boycotts are as American as apple pie. Currently I don’t think we have a clue concerning which companies and organizations are the most Socialist or most anti-American. We need a rating system for this.

We need an organization that can make things like cable selection an issue. Why should any of us be forced to subsidize NBC, CBS or ABC to have cable television? We need to work on spreading conservative magazines and newspapers. Early on, that might just be making members aware of the various media we have. It might mean encouraging members to leave conservative magazines in physicians offices and other waiting rooms. It might mean encouraging members to send a few copies of conservative web magazine editorials to newspapers when they quit subscribing, showing the newspaper why.

We will certainly draw managers and experts in many fields to our organization. Once we know who our members are and what their strengths and expertise are there is no reason we can’t start our own subsidiary corporation to purchase a newspaper, radio or television station. If we discover through surveys that perhaps a quarter of a large city’s population would be receptive to an independent media outlet, we’d be remiss not to wage all-out war against the Socialist media on economic and capitalistic terms. The New York Post is great, finally providing news instead of propaganda to New Yorkers, but the Post’s management doesn’t want to cut the very heart out of the Times. Our organization needs to operate smoothly, shrewdly and kill leftist propaganda organizations. What is your local paper like? Does it cover both sides equally? I live near a small city in a conservative state, but the paper is as biased and as similar to Pravda as it can achieve.

Our fledgling organization must be responsive. It needs to be large enough so letters from supporters are read and answered. It needs to know what professions and jobs the members have, especially retired members. With a well-thought out, organized and properly-funded organization, we may discover we have human resources that would allow us to make our actions more effective. For instance, there are currently certain drug companies pushing left-wing ideas and strategies. What if after a year or two, we discovered we had active and retired mangers, salesmen and scientists as members who were capable enough to start a new pharmaceutical company to competitively destroy the liberal company?” A pharmaceutical company sounds too big to tackle now, so instead imagine a fat-cat liberal donor who makes his money from restaurants or gas stations. In such a case, would it be worthwhile for our company to build competing restaurants or gas stations? Would we have the talent and knowledge among our membership to pull it off? We’d definitely have members willing to invest enough time and capital to take the bread out of a liberal’s mouth.

This organization needs to be bipartisan. There are people just like you or me but they cannot see that their own party is working against their best interests. They’re going to vote for the candidate of their parent’s party no matter what. Many Democrats don’t realize their party supports NAMBLA, just as many Republicans don’t realize some of the corporations they work to protect also support NAMBLA. Perhaps they would change parties in some elections if a single issue were made crystal clear. Our organization could make a single reasonable proposition available to politicians each election. Examples might be: vouchers, immigration limits, prayer in school, limiting presidential executive orders to six annually, mandatory sentencing for rape, or life imprisonment for child abusers. None of these issues would be political suicide. They are something most politicians, in good conscience, could swear to enact. Our membership should be clear in their awareness of the issue selected.

Our organization should request from every Congressional and Senate candidate they will work to enact the single legislative issue we endorse, including working to override a presidential veto. If all the candidates sign an affidavit to that effect, we stay out of their race. We make the committed politicians known to our membership and to others. At first, we may only have enough strength to work in one or two districts where we need to oppose a certain candidate. But remember, we’ll have a central clearing house. We’ll know if we have 700 members in the state of Delaware. We’ll be able to call on people to be at a particular town to protest or attend a meeting with targeted politicians. We’ll be able to notify dedicated members in neighboring states. With sheer numbers and organization we can be a presence. This will force newspapers and television to cover why candidate X won’t support mandatory life sentences for child abusers. Perhaps we’ll even have enough members to send in ten dollars apiece so we can run an ad or two.

I’ve mainly addressed big issues in this article but each idea and suggestion needs to be completely thought through. When discussing how to bring a crowd to a specific rally it’s important to realize what a complete organization can achieve. We have to know what bus companies in each state are headed by conservatives. We need to work with those transportation companies. Many older people want to do something but have some difficulties. We need social leadership to ensure when people, young or old, are willing to travel to a demonstration someone is there to introduce them, make them feel welcome and know they’re needed. We may all want to show up to confront a Hillary Clinton but think how ready we’d be to make subsequent trips if people were organized to be leaders and make the trip smoother. Think if you’d prefer to drive how nice it would be if you could join a caravan of people with your very concerns. You’d know on your trip home you’d be eating at a restaurant with friends and allies and you’d have that camaraderie rather than traveling entirely solo. Consider the conservative and libertarians students on college campuses. Their liberal counterparts are organized to bring socialist students together and get them to rallies. We need that ability on all levels. These ideas of travel organizations and tour-type leaders are of far more importance than just to the politically active readers of magazines like Ether Zone. Once we have such organization and if we decided to gather somewhere to confront, for example, the Clintons over their subhuman assassination attempt of Billie Dale the real importance will be demonstrated. The older politically active person joining us may invite a normally Democrat voter along, the person deciding to join in a caravan may ask his politically moderate neighbor along and the college student may bring a friend along. Those extra people, of course, swell our ranks, but more importantly they have to say to themselves, “Hey, this is far more important than I imagined. It’s amazing this many people take the time for this issue. I better think about this issue, I had no idea the papers and television weren’t covering something this serious. I’ve wanted to stand up but had no idea there were so many people that think like me.” Yes, we’d bring people over. We’d awaken people to what is happening to their rights as Americans.

The importance of having a conservative organization willing to wage legal war became crystal clear during the recent election crisis. If we don’t bring justice back to America there is going to be blood in the streets. Based on increased ammunition sales and the wealth of e-mails concerning fighting in the streets after Al Gore pulled his spoiled kid routine to steal the vote, patriots were ready to fight.

I was thinking of how we’d organize our neighborhood and which politicians and liberals I would go after locally. Then three similar e-mails from readers arrived. Men ready to fight but wondering who they would follow. It won’t be a Trent Lott, nor would it be any of the Republicans who spent half their time looking for an open spot on Bill Clinton’s derriere to kiss. It might be a Ron Paul, Oliver North or a Gary Aldrich. In the meantime, we’d be fighting locally and waiting for a famous and well-known patriot to step forward as a rallying point. That won’t do. The organization I am proposing becomes doubly important as an entity so we can organize quickly when and if the fighting comes.

I’ve talked about the death of liberalism. This may sound harsh, but it is my belief. I anchor those beliefs on strong foundations. Our country sent too many boys to die in various wars in the past eighty-two-years. Every one of those boys died fighting against the tyranny, savagery, enslavement and horror now propagated by the owners of the major media. Hollywood, and many liberal professors and organizations functioning in the United States are reprehensible. They’re no different than the Nazi or Soviet. leaders responsible for killing our men. If inflicting great economic pain or worse on these people who would enslave us is wrong, then every soldier who shot a Nazi, an imperial Japanese troop, North Korean or North Vietnamese soldier was wrong. I wouldn’t spit on the regular troops representing those horrible dictatorships, but I’d spit on Fonda, Clinton and the other jackals betraying us from their positions of notoriety and power. And I want the opportunity to spit on vermin like the seven Florida Supreme Court justices who were willing to render all those solders deaths useless with their cowardice, partisanship and willingness to further destroy the Constitution. These are the type people who ensured the recent terrorist attacks. They must be stopped. Death To Liberalism.

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